Chapter 511 Su Yiyun and Gu Li

Chapter 511 – Su Yiyun and Gu Li

A spatial rift appeared in an area filled with dense demonic energy, then Su Yiyun walked out of the spatial crack with a tired expression.

“Lord Su, you’ve returned,” the patrolling captain ran over with a flattering smile.

His humanoid figure, dark skin and black eyes without any sclera were absolute proof that he was of pure demonic heritage.

“Mhmm,” Su Yiyun nodded.

The patrol captain took a glance behind Su Yiyun, “Didn’t Lord Balor go with you? Why didn’t I see him return with you?”

“Don’t ask about what you shouldn’t,” Su YIyun’s expression turned serious.

The patrol captain immediately gulped, then smiled coyly, “I understand, this puny one will not ask anymore! Lord Black Dragon is waiting for you in the hall, do you need this puny one to take you…”

“No need,” Su Yiyun interrupted the patrol captain’s words coldly, then walked forward.

When he had finally left the sight of the patrol members, one of them twitched his mouth and snorted, “Isn’t he just a human? What’s he acting so full of himself for?”


The guard captain smacked his subordinate’s head, then put his finger on his lips and said vigilantly, “Don’t just spout things. Lord Su isn’t just any common person.”

“I know that, but isn’t he just a Formation Grandmaster? Yet he’s way too proud. No matter what, I don’t like him,” the team member muttered unhappily.

“Do you think that you’re the only one who doesn’t like him? Plenty of people don’t like him, but just who would actually dare to do anything to him? Don’t think about it so much, let’s patrol properly. Those high up existences are not people we can chitchat about,” with that, the patrol captain begun to walk forward once again.

The dark palace appeared rather sinister. Yet, the moment Su Yiyun stepped into the hall, the fires around the palace begun to burn, completely illuminating the previously pitch-dark palace.

“Lord Black Dragon, this subordinate has returned.”

“You’ve came back so quickly? I thought I would have to wait a bit longer,” a black robed man suddenly appeared on the throne in the empty palace. He looked around Su Yiyun for a moment, then raised his eyebrows. “Why didn’t Balor come back as well?”

“Balor died in a fight,” Su Yiyun replied indifferently.

“Fight? Balor is one of the commanders of the Swirling Gates, he had strength which is equivalent to the Twelve Demon Sovereigns. He actually… died in the fight?” the man on the throne squinted his eyes, then asked in a judging manner. “Master Su, shouldn’t you give this king a good explanation?”

“I already felt very tired while forcefully opening the spatial gate. Unfortunately, there were a few peak powerhouses where we landed. Since we were unable to match them, we could only retreat… Balor… died while fighting to protect me!” Su Yiyun revealed the wound on his chest as he spoke.

Lord Black Dragon glanced at the wound, then raised his eyebrows as he nodded. “Mm, since that was the case, then Balor did contribute to our Demon Realm trampling the Three Realms. I will go and comfort Balor’s tribesmen in person later.”

“This subordinate graciously thanks Lord Black Dragon on the behalf of Balor,” Su Yiyun cupped his hands. “According to what we detected, the Three Realms cannot be compared to the Modern Realm. Forcefully opening the gate causes too much damage to me. I fear that I am unable to activate any spatial gates in coming times.

“No worries, Master Su’s health is more important,” Lord Black Dragon waved his hands with a frown. Then, a pile of spiritual items appeared in front of Su Yiyun. “This king has noticed that Master Su’s lifeforce has been draining at a very fast pace. You must be doing your best in order to come up with new formations. Here are some spiritual items to show my goodwill.”

“Thank you for your care, Your Highness,” Su Yiyun picked up all the spiritual items calmly. “This subordinate is a bit tired, so I wish to ask for my leave.”

“Take care, Master Su,” Lord Black Dragon smiled.

Su Yiyun only looked more and more tired when he left the palace. Yet, at the very moment he walked out of the palace doors, a sinister chuckle sounded out beside him, “You’re finally going to reveal your true self?”

Su Yiyun looked back and saw Gu Li looking at him with a mocking expression, while he held a strand of crested dog’s-tail in his mouth.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Stop pretending. Do you think you did it perfectly?” Gu Li stretched lazily. “You definitely did not pledge your allegiance sincerely, and that can be seen from your actions ever since you arrived in the Demon Realm.”

“Oh?” Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows.

“You have achieved plenty for the Demon Realm, but you’ve never gotten any real results. What’s more, it’s not like you don’t know about the grudge between the Demon Realm and the Yellow Emperor. There were several times when you opened the gate that you could have killed the Yellow Emperor or brought him back to the Demon Realm, but you didn’t. Even though you’re acting like the bad guy, you’re acting training him, aren’t you?”

“That is merely your assumption,” Su Yiyun smiled, then turned around to leave.

However, Gu Li leaped in front of him, “Even if those are merely my assumptions, then what do you have to say about that woman?”

“A few days ago, I saw Ye Zichen’s woman appear in your manor by chance, but the manor lacks any demon guards or attendants. You are also going to your manor more and more frequently. How are you going to explain yourself?”

“You’re keeping tabs on me,” Su Yiyun’s expression darkened upon hearing that.

Gu Li quickly took a step back with a smile, “Master Su, don’t get angry. I wouldn’t dare to keep tabs on you. I merely saw her by chance.”

“What exactly are you trying to say…”

“Lord Su, don’t be so nervous, I actually just wanted to remind you that since a small fry like me noticed it, do you really think that Lord Black Dragon doesn’t know? Don’t pick up a rock and hit yourself on the foot. I will feel pity if Lord Black Dragon were to execute you. No matter what, we’re both from the Modern Realm,” Gu Li’s smiled in an even more sinister manner.

However, Su Yiyun merely smiled softly, “There’s no need for you to worry about that, but since you were so nice as to remind me, let me also remind you about something.”

“Lord Su, please speak,” Gu Li smiled and acted as if he was truly waiting intently for Su Yiyun to enlighten him.

“The idea of absorbing demonic energy from abyssals isn’t that bad, but it will cause your spiritual energy to become impure.  What’s more, it is something strictly forbidden within the demon race. Be careful, don’t let yourself get caught!”

“Ha…” Gu Li’s expression clearly turned for the worse when he heard the words. However, he forced himself to nod calmly and smiled in a self-mocking manner. “It seems like Lord Su was smarter in the end.”

“We’re about the same. Who doesn’t have any hidden cards when you want to survive in a place like this?” Su Yiyun smiled. “I’m a bit tired, I wonder if Lord Gu can allow me to leave?”

“Please,” Gu Li immediately made way.

Su Yiyun snorted, then walked off at a distance.

“Su Yiyun, let’s see how long you can hide it for,” Gu Li smiled in a mocking manner, then disappeared from his spot as well.

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