Chapter 510 - Scourge


He’s huge!

Ye Zichen looked up at Yuan Hong, who had already transformed into his avatar, then went over and compared himself to the side of his foot…

Mhm, I’m exactly as tall as his foot.

“Don’t move around recklessly like that. He can’t see a little ant-like you after taking the form of his avatar. My little sister’s heart will hurt a lot if he steps on you,” Su Liu’er grabbed Ye Zichen by the collar and leaped backwards bringing him along.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “Who did you call a little ant? Say it again if you dare.”

“So what if I say it a hundred times more? Would you attack me? Don’t forget, I’m a woman, and a woman capable fighting at that. More importantly, I’m your older sister-in-law.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen instantly submitted.

He couldn’t retort at all!

After landing at a safe position with Ye Zichen, Su Liu’er looked up at Yuan Hong, “I’ll leave it to you.”

“Leave it to me. If I help you deal with this problem, then can I try courting you?”

“Never mind the courting, but I can give you a chance to go on a date with me,” Su Liu’er smiled softly.

“Deal!” Yuan Hong answered with a low voice, but he was beyond happy in his heart.

The price of activating his avatar was quite huge, but it was worth it if he got a chance to go on a date with Su Liu’er in exchange. Yuan Hong very quickly stopped smiling. This is the best chance to display my manly charm, an opportunity like this doesn’t come very often.

“Formation Master, I do want to see just how capable is a Formation Grandmaster!” Yuan Hong roared as he smashed down with the stick in his hands.

At that moment, Su Yiyun’s face no longer showed any kind of relaxed expression.

Then, he turned his gaze towards Ye Zichen…

“Actually, I was just kidding. I have no interest in that woman, Xiao Yumei, but her situation in the Demon Realm isn’t so good. Ye Zichen, come and snatch her back if you can!”

A spatial rift instantly appeared in front of him, and he snuck into the rift the moment the stick landed at where he had been.

“Su Yiyun, take me with you!” the black-skinned man ran quickly towards the rift.

However, Su Yiyun ignored him and snorted, “Grandpa isn’t going to play with you guys anymore!”


The rift disappeared, and the stick also landed on the ground.

The black-skinned man frantically dodged the attacks of the sticks, but when he finally reached the spatial rift, which Su Yiyun had opened up, he could only watch as the spatial rift disappeared in front of his eyes.

“Su Yiyun!” the man shouted with bloodshot eyes.

The humongous Yuan Hong snorted softly, as if he was very unhappy with Su Yiyun running away. But at least there’s still one left.

“Stop shouting, couldn’t you tell that he intentionally left and discarded you?” Su Liu’er snickered.

The man bit his lips with his bloodshot eyes, and purple blood begun to flow out from the tear on his lips…

“Let’s die together!”

With that, his body begun to swell.

“Yuan Hong, retreat quickly, he wants to self explode!” Su Liu’er shouted worriedly.

Yuan Hong also understood the demon’s intentions, so he retracted his avatar as quick as possible, but the dark-skinned man laughed maniacally.

“Haha, die, let’s die together!”

His veins popped up, and his skin exploded.

“F*ck, it’s too late!” Seeing that he was unable to avoid it, Yuan Hong clenched his teeth…

I’m going to gamble!

He dashed to where Su Liu’er was as quick as he could and used his own body to shield her. This way, at the very least, the self explosion wouldn’t hurt Su Liu’er.


Even after a good thirty seconds, there was still no explosion.

They looked back slowly and saw that a daoist elder had suddenly appeared beside the dark skinned man alongside a cocky looking young man.

“We, the Immortal Region, want to take this person away. I wonder if the Master of Fox Yaos and Lord Long Arm Ape can agree to that?” the elder touched his beard and smiled.

Yuan Hong also retracted his avatar with a frown, while Su Liu’er knitted her eyebrows. “You’re from the Immortal Region?”

“Yes!” the elder nodded. “We have been investigating the Demon Realm, we want to take this demon back for interrogation.”

“Geezer, you really do know how to take advantage of things,” Yuan Hong raised his eyebrows and snorted. “I fought so hard, and you actually want to bring him away just like that?”

“Commander Yuan really knows how to joke. You didn’t seem to have done all that much have you? In fact, it was the young man beside you who had an intense fight with the demons’ formation master,” the elder continued to smile softly and pointed towards Ye Zichen.

“He’s my bro, so it’s the same,” Yuan Hong replied shamelessly.

Yet, at that very moment, a pile of spiritual items suddenly appeared on the grassland on the hills.

“This is the compensation for Commander Yuan activating your avatar. I wonder if we can bring him back like this?”

“Ahem…” Yuan Hong was slightly moved after seeing all that. However, he still didn’t feel right being the one to make the decision, thus, he could only rub his hands and look towards Ye Zichen and Su Liu’er. “What do you guys think?”

“I have no interests in demons. Since the Immortal Region wants to take him away, then let them,” Su Liu’er continued to reply using the ice-cold tone.

“I don’t mind,” Ye Zichen also replied softly.

“Heh, scourge,” as Ye Zichen spoke, the cocky young man who arrived with the elder suddenly twitched his mouth and snorted.

Ye Zichen’s gaze instantly turned dark.

The elder also smacked the young man on the back of his head, “Stop talking, go and apologize.”

“I refuse,” the young man snorted stubbornly. “Was I wrong? He is the scourge, if it wasn’t for him…”

“Shut up. You’re being locked up for half a year after we return!” the elder raised his eyebrows and scolded angrily. Then, he immediately smiled apologetically. “My disciple is rather young, and doesn’t quite know how to speak. I hope you take no offense to that. This old man will be bringing the demon back now. See you.”

Thus, the elder and the cocky young man disappeared with a leap.

Yuan Hong frowned at the place they left from and said coldly, “That grandson was insulting my bro just now? F*ck, if he didn’t run so quickly, I would’ve given him the stick.”

“You? Don’t kid me!” Su Liu’er snorted in disdain. “Couldn’t you tell how strong the elder was? If it was your big bro, then he might have been able to fight him.”

“Hehehe…” Yuan Hong scratched his head with a coy smile. However, that was merely because it came from Su Liu’er, he would have just smashed anyone else who said that.

“But it is strange. Didn’t the Demon Realm get demolished a long time ago? Why are there still demons? What’s more, this spatial gate was opened in the land of us fox yaos. It seems like I’ll have to check all of the surrounding seals.”

“Then our date…”

“The date’s going to be reinforcing the fox yaos’ seals. You got a problem with that?” Su Liu’er raised her eyebrows coldly.

Yuan Hong was naturally unwilling. In the date of his dreams, there was definitely a bit of romance, and a bit of adult actions.

However, he didn’t dare to say anything.

“No problem, no problem,” Yuan Hong forced a smile.

Only then did Su Liu’er nod in satisfaction.

Yet, Ye Zichen continued to stand on the spot with a pondering look…


Was he talking about me?

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