Chapter 51 Dog Father

Chapter 51 – Dog Father

The young man with smoke color hair flattened his wrinkled clothes and smiled meaningfully at Ye Zichen’s back, then nodded.

“Young Master, are you okay!?”

The elder seemed to have walked rather slowly, but his speed was very quick. He walked the distance of ten-odd meters in a few steps.

“How could I not be?”

The corner of the young man’s mouth raised, while a hint of dissatisfaction flashed across the elder’s eyes.

“That brat truly did not appreciate your kindness.”

“Most powerful people would of course have a bit of pride.”

The young man indicated the elder to not mind Ye Zichen’s attitude and smiled faintly.

“Elder Hua, you might not know, but there’s a virgin ghost girl that had died before her time beside Ye Zichen.”

Hearing that, Elder Hua momentarily blanked out, then laughed happily.

“He deserves it. Virgin ghost girls specifically take male yang auras from men. No, wait, Young Master, you said one that died before her time?”

The young man nodded slightly and scratched his nose.

“Most importantly, that young man seems to be able to see this virgin ghost girl and can even communicate with her.”

Elder Hua’s expression suddenly changed, while his moving lips uttered not a sound.

After a long time, he asked in a testing manner.

“Could he have opened the Heaven’s Eye?”

 “I’m not sure whether he actually did or not, but this person isn’t normal. It seems like he might be the same as our Gu family, and is from that place,” the young man shook his head smiled lightly, then left.

 The elder immediately followed him. When they left, people would be able to notice that…

The grass they stepped on did not show any signs of being trampled.

After arriving at the Ye family mansion, Ye Zichen sat outside on the stone chair in the courtyard without saying anything.

He clenched his fist tightly. He just couldn’t understand why someone would set their eyes on him and even affect his family.

“Zichen, have some fruits.”

and chit-chatted with her. However, he continued to think about possible countermeasures in his heart.

If he specifically looked for bodyguards, Ye Rong would definitely worry, thus, it would cause the opposite effect. Most importantly, normal bodyguards might not be able to match up to those people.

At that moment, Lil’ White raised its proud head and walked out of the mansion. When it saw Ye Zichen, it laid beside Ye Rong with a tsundere look.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen’s eyes brightened.

Wouldn’t Lil’ White work just fine?

No matter what, that guy is a dog from the Heavenly Court, it just might have some special abilities.

“Lil’ White, come over.”

Ye Zichen squatted in front of Lil’ White and clapped his hands. Lil’ White looked at him in disdain and ignored him.

F*ck, this damn dog.

You’re not coming to me? Alright, then I’ll go over.

Ye Zichen walked in front of Lil’ White in a few steps and lifted it by the neck.

“Mom, I’ll play a bit with Lil’ White.”


Ye Rong smiled warmly in response.


Ye Zichen casually chucked Lil’ White onto the gravel road outside the courtyard. Lil’ White agilely flipped around and landed stably on the ground.

After that, it raised its head in a tsundere-like manner and tilted its head in disdain.

“This dog is so interesting.”

Liu Qing giggled in midair. Hearing that, Lil’ White lifted its head and bared its fangs towards her.

“It can see me?”

Liu Qing momentarily blanked. On the other hand, although Ye Zichen was rather surprised, it wasn’t as if he couldn’t understand.

Anything was possible for a species from the Heavenly Court.

Lil’ White once again nodded its head in a tsundere-like manner once again. It seemed like it could even hear Liu Qing’s words.

Liu Qing, who was in the air, instantly became interested in Lil’ White. She came down from the sky and squatted in front of Lil’ White in an attempt to pat it.

Umu… Woof, woof…

“You really can see me.”

 Seeing that Lil’ White didn’t want to let her touch it, Liu Qing retracted her hands and looked at it with a smile.

Lil’ White raised its paws and started to draw circles on the ground, causing Ye Zichen to slap its head.

“Stop getting pretentious with us, I have business with you.”

Woof, woof…

Lil’ White became angry, a mere mortal actually dared to hit this celestial dog’s prideful head.

It immediately leaped up towards Ye Zichen’s head.


It was met with another hand.

This time, Lil’ White became smarter, it merely bared its fangs at Ye Zichen before walking away towards the courtyard.

A smart dog doesn’t mind taking temporary losses, it is too young right now, when it grows up…

However, what it doesn’t know was that a poodle like it can’t grow much larger.

“Did I let you leave?”

Ye Zichen yanked it back by the tail and raised his eyebrows towards it.

“Lil’ White, actually I have something to request of you.”

Lil’ White instantly glared and bared its fangs towards Ye Zichen, before starting to bark.

It seemed like it was saying, you bully me even though you have something to request of me!

Ye Zichen chuckled, then reached out to touch Lil’ White’s head. Lil’ White instantly tried to bite him, but it was met with another slap.

“Stop getting pretentious with me. I’m telling you, you can’t beat me.”


Lil’ White wagged its tail and lowered its proud head.

Seeing that it submitted, Ye Zichen started to get into business.

“You’re a dog from the Heavenly Court, do you have any special abilities?”

It wagged its tail and nodded.

“Do you, or do you not?”

It wagged its tail and nodded!

“Do you believe that I’ll beat you up.”

Ye Zichen raised his hand as if he was going to hit it. Lil’ White immediately looked towards Liu Qing.

“I know what Lil’ White is saying.”

Liu Qing immediately stopped Ye Zichen, causing him to look at her in confusion.

“You know?”

“Yeah. I don’t know why either!”

“Then what did it say?”

“Lil’ White said to me that as a dog from the Heavenly Court, he naturally has special powers, but he’s still too young, so he doesn’t know how to do anything except getting pretentious.”

“Then what do I need you for,” Ye Zichen swore loudly in anger. This damn dog is truly strange, he pretends like he’s so fierce all the time, but he only knows how to be pretentious.

Woof, woof…

“What did he say now?” Ye Zichen turned his head towards Liu Qing.

“He said that when he grows up, he’ll become amazing, even normal heavenly soldiers would not be able to beat him,” Liu Qing translated.

Ye Ziichen’s expression tensed. Even heavenly soldiers could not defeat it, that’s pretty strong.

Although he didn’t know just how strong heavenly soldiers were, since they were people form the Heavenly Court, then they would be people that mortals cannot defeat.

The dog was even stronger than heavenly soldiers, then wouldn’t it he be invincible in this lower realm.

“How can you grow up!” Ye Zichen said once again.

Woof, woof…

“He said that he can’t absorb any energy eating the stuff from here, so he can’t grow at all. It would be good if you can get something from the Heavenly Court.”

“No problem!”

Ye Zichen’s eyes brightened, doesn’t he just want the food from the Heavenly Court.

Just how simple is that.

Don’t forget, his sworn brother is a major dog owner in the Heavenly Court.

Woof, woof…

“What did he say now?”

“He said you’re boasting.”

Liu Qing couldn’t help but resist laughing as she translated it, but her heart was filled with surprise.

This dog could see her, and she could understand what this dog was saying. Most importantly, this dog and Ye Zichen was actually talking about stuff like the Heavenly Court…

All of a sudden, she remembered the chat group that Ye Zichen showed her.

Were they really a bunch of deities?

Ye Zichen also got annoyed since he was looked down upon by a dog.

“Little bastard, wait until I bring you food from the Heavenly Court, when that happens…”

Woof, woof!

“What did he say now?”

“He said that if you can get it, then it would be fine even if he admits you as his father,” Liu Qing translated honestly.

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