Chapter 509 Come and Die!

Chapter 509 – Come and Die!

All of the fox yaos smiled when they heard that huge sound. They truly believed from the depths of their hearts that their Clan Head could not be defeated by anyone.

Su Liu’er had never disappointed her clansmen either. She looked indifferently towards the man who fell to the ground, and caused dust to scatter through the air, while the cold air around her fingertips became even colder.

“I’ve met an expert,” the man twisted his neck and stood up. It seemed like he didn’t take any damage at all. He merely smiled, then walked back to the spatial rift and looked forward.

“Do not challenge my patience. The land of the fox yaos is not a place for you to come. Scram!” Su Liu’er continued to gaze forward indifferently, but the temperature of the surroundings dropped even further.

The black-skinned man smiled. He nodded towards the person standing beside him, then large amounts of purple mist began to flow out from the spatial rift.

The mist diffused outwards, and the moment any fox yaos came into contact with the mist, they immediately fell to the ground.

“Damn it!” Su Liu’er bit her lips and cursed softly. Then she raised her hand in order to freeze the air around her. However, the mist was diffusing too quickly that the space of her freezing was unable to keep up with the rate at which the mist spread.

Ye Zichen, who chased after her, also saw the swirling purple mist and the collapsing fox yaos.


From the looks of it, the poisonous effect of the mist has become stronger than before, otherwise, there was no way the yaos would have collapsed in the mist, since they do have a bit of yao spiritual energy as well.

“Engulf the World!”

At the same time, Gou Yuzhan squinted his eyes and roared, then begun to suck the purple mist into his mouth.


The mist did eventually disperse, but Gou Yuzhan sat down heavily on the ground while wearing a terrible expression.

“Gou Yuzhan!” Ye Zichen cried out.

“Don’t mind me, my situation isn’t too bad,” Gou Yuzhan covered his mouth with his right hand, then raised his eyebrows. “They’re the people from back then, right? Boss, hurry over there.”

Ye Zichen nodded, then turned towards Su Zhu, “This purple mist is demonic energy from the Demon Realm. Weaker people would turn into abyssals if they inhale too much demonic energy. Hurry up and get the stronger people of your clan to cover the weaker ones’ retreat. Then at the very least, stop letting the demonic energy spread further.”

With that, he licked his lips, and ran towards the mountain in the back.

“Damn it, damn it!” Su Liu’er continuously cursed. She understood very well that as long as she destroys the spatial rift, she would be able to stop the demonic energy from surging in. However, she could feel a spiritual formation protecting the spatial rift.

Even her and Yuan Hong attacking together was unable to have any effect on it.

Both Yuan Hong and her were already amongst the top brass of fighters in the Endless Beast Region. The ability of the person who set the formation would be at least at the level of a Grandmaster if they even they were unable to destroy the spiritual formation together.

Since the black-skinned person spewing trash didn’t look like a formation master, it was very clear that the hooded man beside him was the formation master.

“Worried?” the dark-skinned man mocked them.

At that very moment…

“Su Yiyun!” A thunderous roar of anger sounded out in the mist-filled rear mountains. Suddenly, a white figure shot towards the spatial rift like a bolt of lightning.

The man under the hood raised his head with a bit of surprise in his eyes.

However, his expression was soon replaced by a mocking smile. He peeled back his hood.

“You’re actually here as well. Long time no see,” Su Yiyun’s hair had already turned silver. His face that had been that of a twenty-something years old also turned ancient, with wrinkles crawling all over his forehead.

Ye Zichen momentarily paused when he saw Su Yiyun’s appearance. However, he soon smiled coldly.

“Hehe, Xuan-Yuan…” Ye Zichen raised his right hand as he dashed over. Xuan-Yuan Sword, which had been getting nurtured in his right arm immediately came out and landed in his hand with a brilliant light.


Ye Zichen held the sword with both hands and swung down. Since he had already fought Su Yiyun several times, he naturally knew that there was a spiritual formation in front of him.


A small crack appeared on the unperceivable spiritual formation. Ye Zichen caught the sound with his ear, then straightened his posture and sliced horizontally with Xuan-Yuan Sword.



The spiritual turned into glittering light and dispersed.

The dark-skinned person, Su Liu’er and Yuan Hong all raised their eyebrows.

The spiritual formation broke!

Yet, only Su Yiyun smiled, “You’ve grown.”

“All thanks to you,” Ye Zichen replied coldly. Xuan-Yuan Sword suddenly glowed brightly…

“Die!” A blinding light shot out from the sword.

However, Su Yiyun merely raised his hand and flicked the ray of light.


The ray of light shattered.

“In the end, you’re still too weak,” Su Yiyun squinted his eyes and looked forward. “I told you to live in anger and hatred, but it seems like it didn’t really do its work on you.”


Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly, then looked up and stared straight at Su Yiyun’s face, which had turned slightly ancient…

“Tell me, where did you hide Yumei!”

“Didn’t she die? Didn’t you see it then?” Su Yiyun snickered.

“Tell me the truth. Where is Xiao Yumei!?” Ye Zichen roared angrily like a madman.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang also took the chance to absorb his anger, causing Xuan-Yuan Sword to emit an eerie feeling.

“How did you know?” Su Yiyun’s expression turned cold as well. Then, a cold laugh surfaced on his face. “She’s in my manor right now. To tell the truth, that woman of yours… really isn’t half bad!”

Before Su Yiyun finished, Ye Zichen waved his sword towards him.

Su Yiyun retreated as fast as he could, but the sword still sliced him across the abdomen and drew blood. He used his hand to quickly stop the bleeding, then looked up and snorted, “Angry?”

“Die!” Ye Zichen hacked at Su Yiyun with Xuan-Yuan Sword once again, but this time, Su Yiyun was ready for it.


A spiritual formation instantly covered his entire body.

He also chuckled, “You can’t do anything to me. Ye-zi, you’re too weak.”


Yet, at that very moment, the spiritual formation covering Su Yiyun suddenly cracked. He turned around in surprise, and saw the scattered ice crystals on the floor, then saw a person appear beside Ye Zichen.

“I told you already, I protect the fox yaos! Are you ignoring me by acting so out of line on my turf?”

Bang, bang, bang.

At the same time, countless images of sticks fell down from the sky.

Su Yiyun’s pupils contracted, then quickly retreated several tens of meters.

The images fell onto the ground.

A myriad of deep craters appeared on the ground.

At that moment, Yuan Hong had changed into his golden armor, and roared with his huge avatar. “Puny demon scum, come and die!”

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