Chapter 508 I protect the Fox Yaos

Chapter 508 – I protect the Fox Yaos



Both Ye Zichen and Su Yan were completely shocked.

Ye Zichen immediately kicked the young man who was sobbing and calling Su Yan “Mom”. “Is there something wrong with you? I don’t have such an old son.”

Su Yan blushed profusely upon hearing that.

The young man also looked up after being kicked, and when he saw Ye Zichen… “Boss Ye.”

“Gou Yuzhan!” Ye Zichen was stunned, but he immediately smacked the back of Gou Yuzhan’s head without greeting him. “What’s wrong with you? Look at her carefully, this is your sis, not your mom!”

“Is she not?” Gou Yuzhan was shocked upon hearing that. Then he took out a portrait from his pocket. “See? Is the person in the portrait is her?”

Ye Zichen received the portrait then examined it carefully. The portrait in the woman indeed looked a bit similar to Su Yan, but she also looked a bit similar to Su Zhu and Su Liu’er…

“Let me take a look,” Su Zhu reached out her hand. Ye Zichen handed it over, then not long later, she called out. “Isn’t this Liu’er-jie?”

“Who is Liu’er-jie!” Gou Yuzhan’s ahoge wobbled as he shouted.

Su Zhu pointed at Su Liu’er, who was standing off to the side with a shocked expression.

“Mom!” Gou Yuzhan immediately leapt over to Su Liu’er’s side, and hugged her ankles in tears. “Mom, you can’t be so heartless as to toss dad and I away. My dad only loves you, how can you not want us anymore!?”

As he wiped away his tears, he could occasionally open his palm, which was covered in dense text…

It’s script notes!

“Mom, the life of my dad and I have been too hard these years. They saw that the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl can meet once a year, but my dad haven’t seen you for some ten-odd years. Look, I’ve already grown up from a baby waiting for milk into an adult. Just think about how long we haven’t met.”

“Let go of me,” Su Liu’er shook her leg.

However, Gou Yuzhan held on tightly as if he didn’t feel anything, “I’m not letting go!”

“You letting go or not!?” Chilling air instantly radiated out from Su Liu’er’s body. Then she laughed coldly. “Yuan Hong, this is your doing, right? If you don’t want to stay a few years in a block of ice, then hurry up and take this kid away.”


Yuan Hong instantly appeared awkwardly in front of everyone, while he held Gou Yuzhan in his hands.


Yuan Hong smacked Gou Yuzhan’s head, then couldn’t help but curse, “Just what were you doing? It was such a great plan, but you ruined it by hugging the wrong person from the very beginning.”

“Why are you blaming me for this? It’s not like you don’t know I’m short-sighted,” Gou Yuzhan glared back. “Also, your drawing skills are too terrible, would I have hugged the wrong person if you drew the portrait better!?”

“You still dare argue with me?” Yuan Hong raised his hand to slap Gou Yuzhan, but Su Liu’er stopped him.

“Yuan Hong, don’t be in such a hurry to shift the blame. Shouldn’t you give me a good explanation for all this?”

As Su Liu’er spoke, Su Zhu also silently started to run away, only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of a wall of ice.

“Lil’ Zhu, where do you think you are going?”

“Hehe, I feel a bit uncomfortable, so I want to go to the bathroom,” Su Zhu chuckled like an idiot.

Su Liu’er merely nodded her head as she listened, “Oh, I see. But don’t go. Even if you go, there probably wouldn’t be any space for you to go, so…”


An ice house suddenly shot up from the ground.

Su Zhu’s face immediately turned stark white upon seeing it.

This was the little room which Su Liu’er had shut her in whenever she was disobedient when she was young.

“If you’re feeling uncomfortable, then go in the bathroom in there. Nobody will see you.”

“Big sis…” Su Zhu shook Su Liu’er’s arm coquettishly and pouted. “I know my wrongs. I just felt like it would be fun, but I didn’t expect the amazing scene Yuan Hong talked about to be so low level!”

“Fun. So you sold your older sister out for fun,” Su Liu’er frowned, then knocked Su Zhu on the head. “It would’ve been much better if you told me beforehand. I occasionally felt a strange aura around our Nine Tail Fox Clan. I thought it was someone who held ill intentions towards us.”

“Occasionally?” Yuan Hong frowned. “Su Liu’er, when did you notice that aura?”

“It wasn’t you all?” Su Liu’er raised her eyebrows. “It’s been here the entire time, I felt it starting from when the sun rose up to just now!”

Ye Zichen and Yuan Hong looked at each other in shock. We were at Mount Huaguo just now…

“Su Liu’er, that aura wasn’t mine,” Yuan Hong raised his eyebrows. “I was at Mount Huaguo with Brother Ye just now. We stayed there for at least an hour!”

“Then…” Su Liu’er was stunned as well. This isn’t right, I’ve been feeling that strange aura the entire time.

At that very moment, an explosion reverberated at the back of the Nine Tail Fox Clan’s city.

“Crap!’ Yuan Hong was the first to rush out, followed by Ye Zichen, Su Liu’er and the rest.

Xia Keke, who was sitting amongst the audience, raised her eyebrows and turned to Lil’ White and co., “Let’s go and see what’s happened together.”

A huge spatial rift tore at the space surrounding it at the origin of the explosion. Countless slime monsters and huge abyssals crawled out from within the rift.

“All fox yaos with over five hundred years of cultivation, attack!” The head of the fox yao guards gave his orders, while the weaker women, youngsters and elders, all retreated under their protection.

“As expected of a Formation Grandmaster. You could actually open the door to the Three Realms,” a black-skinned man sat on top of the rift and smiled excitedly.

The white robed man merely smiled as he stood beside him, “I’m alright, but I’m not of at the Grandmaster level yet.”

“Yiyun, there is no need for you to be so humble. You are the true number one person in the Demon Realm when it comes to formations. The title of Grandmaster will be yours sooner or later,” the black-skinned man smiled, then pointed towards the abyssals with a shout. “Work harder! The more you guys eat, the happier the higher ups will be.”


At that very moment, all of the advancing abyssals were all frozen into ice sculptures. Then, countless stick images fell down from the sky and smashed them into smithereens.

“The Clan Head is here. Everybody, retreat!” the guard captain immediately gave the signal of retreat.

There was one such tradition in the Nine Tail Fox Clan.

Everybody retreats when Su Liu’er acts!

All of the fox yaos hurriedly left the battleground while covering each other.

Meanwhile, the person sitting on top of the spatial rift squinted his eyes, and wanted to suppress all of those fox yaos…


“You still dare to act so outrageously with me here!?”

Su Liu’er frowned, then punched towards the man without any hesitation.


The moment her fist connected with the man, he flew back several hundred meters and fell to the ground.

Su Liu’er glared at him, while her body radiated a chilling aura. “I protect the fox yaos, understand?”

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