Chapter 507 You’re all trash

Chapter 507 – You’re all trash


All of the young men present didn’t even dare to raise their heads when the chill radiated out. All of them lowered their heads while trembling.

This is Su Liu’er, a peak existence in the Endless Beast Region.

Although Su Zhu said Su Liu’er was looking for a partner as well, anyone without sufficient strength going up would merely be seeking death!

Su Yan was extremely frantic as well. She stared at Su Zhu with wide open eyes…

After all, this older sister of hers knew that she has someone she loves.

“Second sis,” Su Yan silently pulled on the corner of Su Zhu’s robes. At that moment, Su Zhu was merely waiting for Yuan Hong’s grand entrance…

Why hasn’t he come yet?

“Second sis!” Su Yan yanked with a bit more force once again when she saw that Su Zhu did not notice.

“Huh? Ah!” Su Zhu instantly understood what Su Yan wanted to say when she saw Su Yan’s expression, so she merely raised her eyebrows. “Don’t be nervous, this doesn’t have much to do with you.”


“Do you not believe second sis’s words?” Su Zhu smiled.

At the same time, Su Liu’er also looked down emotionlessly at the audience, who were already frozen in fear.

“Huh, people like you actually want to wed me?”

At that very moment, a young man stood up with a tremble. Su Liu’er frowned when she saw him, causing the young man to nearly fall back onto the floor in fear…

“Clan-Clan Head Su, I want to ask for Su Yan’s hand in marriage.”

“Heh, no,” Su Liu’er snorted.

“Why not? I’m not asking for your hand in marriage, you should at least let me speak to Su Yan, right?” the young man replied with a frown.

His thoughts were very simple. Su Yan’s beauty was also excellent, and if he were able to wed her, then he would still be able to become related to the Nine Tail Fox Clan.

“Are you questioning me?” Su Liu’er stared.

The young man immediately sat down once again with a tremble.

Su Liu’er couldn’t help but snort when she saw that, “Heh, you actually want to marry someone of our Su family just like that. A bunch of wimps!”

“Aren’t Clan Head Su’s words a bit too much?” a young man suddenly stood up. “Yes, the Nine Tail Fox Clan is indeed the peak clan in the Central Continent, but isn’t insulting us, the other clans and races, like that a bit too much?”

“Too much? I don’t think so at all,” at that very moment, a playful snort sounded out from the sky.

When everyone looked up to see the source of the laughter, they saw Ye Zichen slowly descend and land in an extremely handsome manner. Then, he stood up straight and pointed at the audience with a chuckle, “I’m not targeting anyone, but I merely want to say that, you’re all trash!”

“Zichen-ge,” Xia Keke, who sat among the audience, suddenly giggled.

Lil’ White also couldn’t help but speak up, “My Boss is truly dominating.”

“Heh, merely a flamboyant show,” Zuo Mo bit her lips tightly. If there is no surprise, then Su Yan is the Susu that Xia Keke mentioned earlier.

“So it’s this kid…” Su Liu’er also couldn’t help but knit her eyebrows. However, she didn’t disagree with his words.

She felt the same thing as Ye Zichen from her perspective.

All of them here are trash!

“Ye Zichen,” the eyes of Su Yan, who stood on the side, lit up. Meanwhile, Su Zhu also smiled meaningfully.

From the looks of this young man’s clothes, he seems to be the one I saw in the kitchen. Since he has arrived, then Yuan Hong should be here soon, right?

Ye Zichen looked back and smiled towards Su Yan when he heard her voice, “I can’t let anyone take my woman.”

With that, he looked down at the enraged audience and snorted. “If you’ve got guts and don’t agree, then come up. I’ll show you whether you’re trash or not.”

“Heh, I do want to see whether your actual combat ability is as strong as you say,” a young man in a blue robe suddenly stood up. However, before he even managed to walk towards the stage…


A revolting stench diffused through the audience. The young man’s expression also drastically changed, then he held his stomach and ran towards a solitary place…

“What? Why did you walk halfway, then run? As I thought, trash is trash!’ Ye Zichen smiled playfully. However, he understood very well in his heart that, the laxative which he and Yuan Hong had poured into the food should have taken effect.

“Kid, don’t be too full of yourself,” another person stood up amongst the guests. However, he also ran away after taking a few steps towards the stage, just like the blue robed young man before him.

All of a sudden, all of the guests were stunned.

What kind of trick did this brat pull? Why did everyone who challenged him end up running to the toilet? Plenty of people were rather confused, but…




As if the thought triggered a chain reaction, all of the guests begun to run away while clutching their stomachs.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen stood on the stage and repeatedly shook his head and snickered, “Just what scared you guys so much? It’s so shameful! Never mind, this little lord won’t bully you guys. If you’re so scared of me, then I’ll give you all one chance. I’ll challenge every single one of you!”

However, none of the guests could even pay attention to what he said. They all hurried towards the Nine Tail Fox Clan’s toilets…

“What happened to them?” Lil’ White couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

Yet, at that very moment, Jail King also opened his eyes wide, “F*ck, someone drugged the food!”

With that, he also held his pants and followed the diarrhea army in search for toilets.

When Ye Zichen saw that most of the audience seats instantly became empty, he shrugged and let out a sigh, then twitched his mouth, “Experts are truly lonely.”

Then, he walked in front of Su Yan and held her hand with a smile, “I want to ask for your hand in marriage. What do you think?”

“I accept,” Su yan smiled sweetly.

Meanwhile, Su Zhu tried extremely hard to stop herself from laughing, because the entire crowd all getting diarrhea was way too rare, and she was also easily humored.

However, Su Liu’er looked at the empty seats coldly, then squinted her eyes towards Ye Zichen. “Aren’t your actions a bit too despicable?”

“Sis, don’t make outrageous claims. Just how are my actions despicable?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows as if he didn’t know what she was talking about. “I challenged them all by myself, but they didn’t dare to answer to my challenge. What can I do about it? If anything’s to blame, then blame it on my domineering aura, which scared them to the point of them shitting their pants!”

“Ha…” Su Liu’er smiled indifferently, then hooked her fingers towards the guests’ food.

A delicious looking and smelling of perfection flew over. Su Liu’er held the plate in her hands and sniffed it, then allowed it to fly back to its original position.

“There’s no problem with it,” Su Liu’er muttered with a frown.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen was chuckling hard in his heart.

The laxative Yuan Hong gave me cannot be seen or tasted. People wouldn’t even notice after ingesting it, so she naturally can’t smell it.

However, at that moment, one of the few people remaining in the audience seats stood up. He had a single strand of hair standing up on top of his head, which protruded out of his hat. He repeatedly fanned away the stench he smelled, and retorted, “F*ck, what sort of stench is this!?”

Just as he muttered, he suddenly noticed Su Yan, who stood upon the stage. He instantly reached into his pocket and took out a picture.

Tap, tap, tap.

He quickly ran onto the stage, then grabbed Su Yan’s ankle.


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