Chapter 506 Seeking a Husband

Chapter 506 – Seeking a Husband

The Great Sage walked over in shock. He could not understand how Ye Zichen actually appeared on Mount Huaguo.

“Didn’t your third little bro already explain it once? He brought me over?”

“You two already know each other?” Yuan Hong was completely confused when he heard what was going on. The random ally I found at the Nine Tail Fox’s place is actually bros with my big bro.

“He’s the same Sky Sovereign Nameless I told you about,” the Great Sage pointed over at Ye Zichen.

Yuan Hong was stunned.

Yuan Hong had held a good impression of the Sky Sovereign ever since Ye Zichen had just entered the Heavenly Court’s chat group and got to know the Great Sage.

That was all because… He was a Wahaha fanatic as well.

He had always wanted to see Sky Sovereign, and he had hoped to get on good terms with the latter so that… he could be given the discount the next time he buys Wahaha.

“Sky Sovereign, so it’s actually you,” Yuan Hong’s face was covered in smiles. He then rubbed his hands with a chuckle. “It really is fate for us to meet at Su Liu’er’s. What’s more, your relationship with big bro is also beyond great… So, I wonder if I can make an unreasonable request?”

“Please ask away.”

“Can you give me a discount on Wahaha? Yue Lao’s pricing is truly too expensive!”

Ye Zichen’s expression instantly became strange. He scratched his nose, then thought about it after taking a glance at Yuan Hong’s anticipatory gaze, then couldn’t help but chuckle, “Alright, then I’ll tell Yue Lao the next time you go and buy stuff from him.”

“Then add me on WeChat?”

After adding Yuan Hong on WeChat, Ye Zichen stared at the surrounding fruit trees with great interest. Mount Huaguo’s fruits are all spiritual fruits. Although they were not as amazing as the Peaches of Immortality, it was still able to strengthen people’s bodies and lengthen their lifespans.

If I steal a bit back…

But it definitely is going to be hard with the Great Sage here.

I had to send so many bottles of Wahaha to him just for a single peach. If I want to pick a few fruits, I definitely have to avoid him.

Just as Ye Zichen thought about that, the Great Sage left as if he had just thought of something…

“Yuan Hong,” Ye Zichen shouted towards Yuan Hong.

He immediately ran over, “Sky Sovereign, what is it?”

“Your fruits here are quite nice…” Ye Zichen’s meaning was already very clear, and since Yuan Hong was a smart person, he nodded with a smile, and hooked his finger at a nearby fruit tree…

All of the fruits on the fruit trees immediately flew over, and not long later, they had already piled up into a huge pile.

“Sky Sovereign, put them away quickly. We’re screwed if my big bro comes back and discovers this.”

“Understand,” Ye Zichen took out his phone to scan all the fruits, and stored them into his phone’s Treasure Chest in mere moments.

He couldn’t help but smirk when he stared at the spiritual fruits sitting in the Treasure Chest.

I truly didn’t come over to Mount Huaguo for nothing!

At the same time, the Great Sage also hurried over. However, he did not notice that the fruit trees themselves were already bare.

Instead, he merely asked, “Aren’t you guys going to steal the girls’ hand in marriage. Are you going to be in time if you just stay here?”

His sudden appearance caused Ye Zichen to jump, thus causing him to put on a strange expression.

Meanwhile, Yuan Hong continued to mutter silently. “It’s getting late. Big bro, then Sky Sovereign and I are going to return!”

“Go on, go on. I’ll be waiting for your good news at home,” the Great Sage smiled and waved towards them. After watching them leave, he walked over to a nearby stone chair and hooked his finger at the fruit trees…

No response.

“Hmm? That is strange.”

He leaped over to the fruit trees.

The Great Sage immediately cursed when he saw the bare fruit trees, “You really are my good bro. You didn’t even leave a single one for me, Old Sun! Never mind, since there isn’t any here, then I, Old Sun, will just steal it from the Heavenly Court.


Yuan Hong and Ye Zichen suddenly appeared in the Nine Tail Fox’s kitchen once again, completely shocking every single one of them.

“Huuuu,” Yuan Hong was not worried at all. He merely raised his palm and blew towards it.

Bang, bang, bang.

The Nine Tail Foxes all fell down onto the floor once again like the first time they had arrived in the kitchen.

“It seems like it has already begun. We have to hurry.”

“Everyone, thank you for coming to my little sister’s birthday, regardless of the length of the journey,” Su Zhu wore a long purple dress and smiled towards the masses.

The splitting of tasks for the Nine Tail Fox Clan was very clear between Su Liu’er and Su Zhu.

Su Liu’er was in charge of battles. She would dominate anyone who dared to challenge the position of the Nine Tail Fox Clan with violence, personally.

Meanwhile, Su Zhu was in charge of external relationships, including and not limited to things such as their alliance with other clans.

One example of such was Su Yan’s birthday party.

“Lil’ sis,” Su Zhu waved towards Su Yan.

The figure, who sat on the chair and looked around for Ye Zichen, walked over. However, she continued to search for Ye Zichen’s position amongst the crowds.

“I believe that this is the first time a lot of you have seen the Third Young Lady of the Nine Tail Fox Clan. Allow me to introduce her to you all. She is Su Yan!”

Many of the young men gulped. As expected of someone from the Nine Tail Fox Clan, her beauty…

“I believe that all of you have already gotten some news about it. It is as you all have heard. Lil’ Sis will be twenty-one with this birthday, so as the older sisters, we wish so help her seek a good partner. The method of competition is very simple, all it requires is for lil’ sis to like you. Of course, you will get extra points if you can move Liu’er-jie and I,” Su Zhu smiled towards the audience.

However, Su Yan was completely shocked, “Sis!”

“Shhh,” Su Zhu put her finger on her lips, then rubbed Su Yan’s head, before turning back to the audience. “Of course, we’re not only just marrying our little sister off this time… Su Liu’er is also part of the prize.”


The entire audience was dumbfounded, then a round of commotion broke the silence.

Both Su Liu’er’s strength and beauty were amongst the best. Anyone who can get her to marry them would cause the entire Three Realms to feel envious of them.

However, there was a single question that required answering first – Who dares to marry her!

Yuan Hong had caused a huge commotion while pursuing Su Liu’er. Since he was one of the top existences of the Endless Beast Region, no one would even dare to fight over a woman with him.

“Lil’ Sis!” Su Liu’er couldn’t stand it anymore. She instantly stood up in surprise.

“Big sis, don’t be like this. I’m just saying. Who would dare to pursue you outside of Yuan Hong? I merely said that to…”

“Hehe…” Su Liu’er smiled, then nodded. “I understand. I’m actually just a sideshow, right?”

With that, her body released a shockingly freezing air.

This cold air not only chilled the audience’s bodies, but also any interest they had in Su Liu’er.

“Men, who wants to come and try?”

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