Chapter 505 Mount Huaguo and the Water Curtain Cave

Dong, dong. All of the people in the Nine Tail Fox Clan’s kitchen randomly fell down, and two people with their faces covered in red veils climbed in through the window.

“What do we do now that you took them all down? The two of us aren’t going to be enough!”

“What are you getting worked up for? I naturally have my plans.”

“Then hurry up and give me the drugs!”

The two of them carefully ran over in front of the stoves, which were cooking food for the people the Nine Tail Fox clan had invited for the birthday party. “Be swift, and hurry up. Pour twenty bags in each.”

“This isn’t poison, right?”

“What poison? This is just laxative. Hurry up and pour it all in.”

“Where did this villain come from? You actually dared to poison the food within the Nine Tail Fox clan,” a playful chuckle suddenly sounded out in the kitchen. The two people pouring laxatives into the food stiffened…They turned around slowly, then, when they saw the person who had appeared, one of the two people let out a long sigh before yanking his mask off.

“Lil’ Zhu, you scared me to death.”

The person who spoke up was the man who had suggested to cooperate with Ye Zichen. Their plan was also very simple, it was merely to “poison” the food. When all their competitors end up with diarrhea, then both he and Ye Zichen would achieve victory without any combat! More importantly, Ye Zichen was also very willing to witness his competitors suddenly rush over to the bathroom just as they are showing off.

“You’re just acting guilty,” Su Zhu twitched her mouth, then raised his eyebrows towards Ye Zichen. “Who is this person beside you? You actually found yourself an ally?”

“Uhm, this little brother is someone with the same interests as me.”

“It really is rare to find someone who share your unique interests,” Su Zhu twitched her mouth in a mocking manner, then raised her eyebrows. “Then, please, do continue. I’m looking forward to your show.”

“Watch us carefully!” the man chuckled, then waved towards him. 

Just as Ye Zichen and him were going to continue the “poisoning”…“Liu’er-jie, why did you come over?”

The two people who were doing the “poisoning” froze once more. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen also looked towards his partner in confusion. What to do!? Now we’re caught! 

At the same time, outside the kitchen…“Why are they so slow? It’s nearly time…” Su Liu’er frowned slightly.

“I took a look just now, it’s more or less done,” Su Zhu smiled nervously. Just as she started to reach out to yank Su Liu’er away…Or even if she couldn’t, she at least had to buy time for the people inside!

“No, I still have to remind them,” Su Liu’er ignored Su Zhu’s words and forced her way into the kitchen.Su Zhu was extremely nervous. However, when they arrived at the kitchen…The staff in the kitchen rapidly worked as normal. From the looks of things, it was as if they had no idea about what just happened.Only then did Su Zhu let out a long sigh. As I thought, nothing would go wrong when it comes to that monkey. Su Zhu raised her eyebrows, then left the kitchen.

Su Liu’er also frowned, “Hurry up. It’ll be bad if we miss the auspicious hour.”After repeatedly hurrying the staff, she turned around, only to find that Su Zhu had already departed, causing her to mutter, “When did Lil’ Zhu leave…”

“Keke, why isn’t Ye Zichen over here?”Su Yan, who went over anticipating to meet up with him, immediately looked a little depressed when she saw that Ye Zichen wasn’t there. 

Xia Keke also frowned, then shrugged, “I don’t know either. He left with a very strange uncle. The two of them were acting very mysterious. I have no idea what they went off to do.”

“Uncle?” Su Yan frowned. “Also, I had snuck away to come visit. Since Zichen isn’t here, then I’ll go back first, then come and find you again after the birthday party ends.”


The man who had grabbed Ye Zichen by the shoulder suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his nose, then let Ye Zichen go, spoke while shaking off the last remnant of his fear. “Thank god I left a spatial drop-off point. Otherwise, we definitely would have been caught by that woman.”

At the same moment, Ye Zichen also looked up and around in confusion. If there was no surprise, then they aren’t in the Nine Tail Fox’s city anymore. Suddenly, he saw that in front of him…A group of monkeys were messing around and playing with each other. All sorts of fruit trees could be seen all around them. What was even more eye-catching was that there was also several bags of… spicy gluten near a fruit plate! Then, Ye Zichen looked around in confusion a few more times.Water Curtain Cave.

Oh my god, is this Mount Huaguo!?

“Hey, is this Mount Huaguo?” Ye Zichen blinked in shock. 

The man paused for a moment, then nodded, “Yes. I’m telling you, thank god I was intelligent, otherwise, both of us would have been caught by Su Liu’er.

That isn’t the point, alright? The main point is just how did you bring me to Mount Huaguo? Isn’t this the Great Sage’s place? To Ye Zichen’s surprise, just as he was thinking about the Great Sage, an armor-wearing monkey with a cup of cup noodles in his hands walked over to greet them. It was the Great Sage himself!

“Ol’ Three, didn’t you take your son to go for a marriage interview alongside Ol’ Four? You’re already back?”

“There’s no way that was over so quick. I haven’t even made my move yet,” the man rolled his eyes showing his annoyance. “I nearly got caught by her just now when we were drugging the good. I just came back to take a breather before going back.”

“Oh, I see. Here, noodles that big bro just heated up. Want a taste?” With that, the Great Sage handed the cup of cup noodles over. At the same time, he also noticed Ye Zichen, who stood at a distance not far away. “And who is this?”

The man gulped down the entire cup of cup noodles, the smacked his lips and placed the cup off to the side.“A small ally I met when I was going over there. We’re going to snatch two of the sisters of the Su family. I’m going for the big sis, and he’s going for the third sis.”

“Interesting. I, Old Sun, have heard that they have a second sis as well. How about I, Old Sun, come and join in the fun as well?” the Great Sage immediately got interested when he heard that. 

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen was already shocked completely speechless…Mount Huaguo and the Water Curtain Cave. What’s more, this man is actually the Great Sage’s third lil’ brother. Then, doesn’t that mean that, according the Baidu baike[1] pages I’ve read in the Modern Realm, this slightly evil monkey in front of me is actually Yuan Hong, the Long Armed Ape!?

What made Ye Zichen even more speechless was that the Great Sage actually wanted to join in on the fun as well.“You’re better off not going. You’re already a Buddhist, and you’re still thinking of snatching women…” 

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort.The Great Sage was stunned, “Who are you? You actually dare to tell me, Old Sun, off? But this is very strange, why does your voice sound a bit familiar?” 

Yuan Hong, who was currently allied with Ye Zichen, couldn’t help but frown. He knew his big brother’s personality very well. He has a shitty temper.“Little brother, don’t just randomly say things. I can’t help you if my big bro wants to bully you,” Yuan Hong couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

To his surprise, Ye Zichen merely chuckled, “How could I not sound familiar to you. Look at who I am!”Ye Zichen raised his hand and yanked the veil away from his face.When the Great Sage saw Ye Zichen…“Bro, how did you get here!?”

  1. Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia.

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