Chapter 503 I’m Your Third Sis

Chapter 503 – I’m Your Third Sis

The moment the Zhen brothers saw her, they immediately revealed looks of joy on their face. During the entire time they laid on the floor, they were merely waiting for the woman’s arrival.

“Clan Head Su, you finally came!” Zhen Niubi sobbed. The brat was damn dirty when he hit me, it truly made me want to die.

However, since Ye Zichen’s side had tough people as well, he didn’t dare to say anything else at the time. Now that he also got a tough person on his side, he definitely had to get even.

“It was this guy, he didn’t take us, the fox yaos seriously at all. I already said that I’m a fox yao, but look at how he hit me.”

The two brothers immediately started complaining like tell-tale children who were complaining to their parents.

Then, many of the other clansmen looked over when they saw that the foxy woman began to descend.

The lord of the land was here, it was time for the show!

“You said they hit you?” the woman squinted her eyes. Even though her actions radiated endless coldness, she was still extremely alluring.

“Yes!” The Zhen brothers lowered their hands. They did not dare to meet her gaze at all in fear of having other thoughts when they saw her face.

“Heh,” the woman snorted softly, then threw the invitation back in front of Zhen Niubi. “Take the invitation and hurry up in. Stop losing face for us fox yaos.”

Nobody else expected the lady in the blue dress to do that. Thus, the Zhen brothers were also momentarily stunned. However, when they returned to their senses, they did not dare to argue, and merely picked up the invitation, and hurried into the Nine Tail Fox’s city.

“You’re Ye Zichen?”

The lady in the blue dress walked over, while her eyes were filled a sharp cold look.

“Yes,” Ye Zichen answered seriously.

The woman merely glanced at him and laughed.

“If it wasn’t for lil’ sis, then you would have already died. Since it’s your first time in the Central Continent, I’ll let you off once. If you repeat this offense, then I will definitely punish you severely,” with that, she turned around and snorted. “Come on in!”

Then, she began to walk back into the city without turning around once again. However, when he took a few steps forward and noticed that no one else was with him, he could only look back, and saw that the people behind him were all mesmerized.

“Pretty Sister,” Lil’ White repeatedly muttered.

“That woman is truly so beautiful,” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but say as well, while enthrallment filled her eyes.

“That is the Nine Tail Fox’s Clan Head, Su Liu’er. They say that the Endless Beast Region’s Nine Tail Fox Clan is filled with beauties, and the two Clan Heads are beautiful beyond comparison. After seeing her just now, I truly think that she is one of a kind, it really is understandable why one of the Four Spiritual Monkeys actually caused such a commotion for her,” the Jail King couldn’t help but shake his head and praise her. Every single one of Su Liu’er’s actions radiated allure. That was the mesmerization technique that fox yaos were born with. However, since the fatty was pretty strong, and Su Liu’er did not focus on that art, he naturally did not fall for it.

However, from the looks of both Lil’ White and Zuo Mo, they were most likely affected by it. The same could also be said for the guest chamberlains who accompanied them.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen found it rather interesting. Why was I not affected?

“Hurry up, I don’t have too much time to waste on you guys,” Su Liu’er frowned.

However, when she saw that Ye Zichen was completely unaffected at all, she was rather confused as well.

Hearing her words, ye Zichen hurriedly patted Lil’ White and Zuo Mo on their backs in order to return them to their senses before following Su Liu’er.

When Su Liu’er saw Zuo Mo, who walked beside Ye Zichen, she snorted softly, “This is the man lil’ sis fell for. Hmmph…”

When Ye Zichen and co. entered the Nine Tail Fox Clan’s city, they found it to be just like any other ones. Rows of shops filled the streets in the outer area, while a huge ancient tree towered over everything else at the utmost center of the city, which represented the place that the Nine Tail Fox Clan lived around.

Su Liu’er had already disappeared after guiding them into the city, and just as Ye Zichen was going to go over with the people from the other clans, someone suddenly covered his eyes.

“Guess who!” Due to the intentional changing of the voice, it appeared rather coarse. Yet, despite that, the coarseness was still unable to hide how cute the voice was.

“Keke, stop messing around,” Ye Zichen pulled the pair of hands away from his eyes, and looked back, only to see Xia Keke pout unhappily.

“How did you guess it right away?”

“Do you think that I’m retarded?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

At that very moment, Zuo Mo squinted her eyes and walked near them with a hostile gaze, “Who is she!?”

“Who is she!?” Xia Keke also asked at the same time.

“I’m asking you, who are you? What right do you have to cover his eyes!?”

Zuo Mo continued to act as strong as she always had, and Ye Zichen could only sigh and think to himself that it was just like Zuo Mo to act that way.

“Oh, I get it. You’re the new concubine that Ye Zichen got, right? Heh, you’re still so cocky even though you got with him later? I’m telling you, if we’re going in sequential order, then I’m your third sis. C’mon, smile for third sis,” at the same time, Xia Keke’s answer was just like her as well.

The atmosphere instantly became extremely tense the moment they two women met. Ye Zichen could only sigh and scratch his head. He had expected such a situation already, but he still patted Xia Keke’s shoulder, “Don’t just say stuff. She’s different from you guys. She’s a rather good partner for cooperation that I found after coming to the Three Realms.”

“Oh,” Xia Keke pouted, then shrugged. “So she isn’t even a concubine. Then why is she still so cocky?”

Then she turned towards Zuo Mo and snorted. “Be more obedient from now on, especially since you haven’t even married over. Even after you do, Susu and I are still your seniors, so if you don’t act obediently, then I’ll get Zichen-ge to divorce you!”

Xia Keke raised her head in a tsundere manner, then wrapped her arms around Ye Zichen’s with a giggle, “Zichen-gege, let’s go and see Susu.”

Thus, she begun to drag Ye Zichen away.

All of the dragon attendants following Xia Keke were shocked. They never knew that their Young Lady was actually the mistress of someone else.

What’s more, from the sound of it, it seemed like the third young lady of the Nine Tail Fox Clan had an ambiguous relationship with the man as well.

However, they quickly shook their heads to forget about the conversation. They did not dare to know too much gossip as attendants.

At the same time, Zuo Mo also clenched her teeth in anger due to Xia Keke’s words.

She walked over to Lil’ White with clenched fists.

Lil’ White immediately knew that something was wrong, so he quickly looked up towards the sky, “Oh wow, the sky here at the Nine Tail Fox’s place is truly blue!”

“Little fellow, stop pretending. Tell me the truth, just how many women does Ye Zichen have?” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes with a frown.

Lil’ White immediately raised his hand when he saw her expression…

“Five?” Zuo Mo glared.

“Ahem, that’s a safe bet!” Lil’ White replied carefully. However, when he noticed Zuo Mo’s expression, which made her seem like she was about to explode, he quickly chuckled. “I didn’t say anything. Jail King, let’s go…”

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