Chapter 502 Honor Cannot be Violated

Chapter 502 – Honor Cannot be Violated


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but blink when he heard the other person’s self-introduction, while Lil’ White laughed loudly.

Zhen Niubi.

This name is seriously awesome[1]!

“Big Bro, what’s there to know about them?” Zhen Yingjun’s expression turned for the worse when he saw that his older brother actually went to introduce himself to the others instead of getting revenge for him.

“Yingjun!” Zhen Niubi squinted his eyes. These are clearly not people to easily offend.

The ability to take human form symbolized both status and identity. From what he recalled about his little brother, his little brother was not such a brainless person.

“Big bro, don’t you understand yet? These people are actually human merchants. Why else would they be standing here? It is clear that they want to get into contact with us, the fox yaos, but they aren’t able to enter without an invitation,” Zhen Yingjun snorted. The yaos from powerful races such as theirs really did not care about human merchants at all.

That feeling that felt was exactly the same as how locals would look towards foreigners who had settled down. No matter how strong they are, they are still foreigners.

“Humans?” Zhen Niubi was momentarily stunned when he hear that, before the disdain became clear on his face.


Then why am I bullshitting with them!?

“So you’re actually human merchants. I thought you were from some large family. Since you’re humans, then we have to have a nice long chat,” Zhen Niubi cracked his neck, then raised his eyebrows. “What are you going to do about hitting my little brother?”

The sudden change in attitude made Ye Zichen and co. completely speechless.

Ye Zichen merely shrugged, “I hit him, so what? What do you want to do to me?”

“What? I, Zhen Niubi am rather awesome in the Central Continent. The honor of the Black Fox Yaos cannot be violated. I heard that you human merchants are rather rich. Compensate my brother fifty million spirits marks, then kneel down and apologize to him.”

“Mwahahahahahaha…” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Zhen Yingjun raised his eyebrows, “Big bro, why is he laughing?”

“They’re definitely shocked by my kingly aura,” Zhen Niubi chuckled proudly. “There isn’t anyone on the Central Continent that dares to act cocky with me, Zhen Niubi. Big bro will help you take revenge later. Not only will I make him compensate you with money, I’ll make him lose face as well!”

Then, he walked forward with his hands on his hips, then snorted cockily with his chin raised, “Brat, don’t think that I’ll let you off just because you put on a pitiful look.”

“Ai, you came to crack jokes, didn’t you?” Ye Zichen raised his hand and cracked his neck, then looked towards Zhen Niubi and co. “I haven’t been able to loosen up too well over since I arrived in the Three Realms. Since you guys are so shamelessly asking for a beating, then I’ll satisfy you!”

Ye Zichen hooked his fingers towards them.

Zhen Yingjun immediately walked over to his older brother… “Big bro!”

“Heh, getting pretentious with me!? Get him, you guys must beat this brat to submission, and make him understand that the honor of the Black Fox Clan cannot be violated!” Zhen Niubi and Zhen Yingjun immediately rushed over.

Ye Zichen merely stood on the spot with a smile.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Zhen Yingjun and Zhen Niubi ended up on the floor with swollen faces alongside their clansmen in mere moments.

“Was that fun?” Ye Zichen put his hands in his pocket, then squatted in front of the two brothers. He slapped Zhen Niubi. “You still awesome or not?”

“Brat, you tricked us!” Zhen Niubi cursed angrily on the floor. They had thought that the one who would fight the was Ye Zichen, but the one who truly attacked was Jail King and the guest chamberlains who came with Lil’ White.

Every single one of them were experts of the complete stage Human Immortal level, or the Sky Immortal level.

No matter how awesome Zhen Niubi was, he would be beaten up until he wasn’t awesome at all!

“I never said that I would fight you guys by myself, right?” Ye Zichen smiled, then patted Zhen Niubi’s face. “Don’t be called Zhen Niubi from now on, and call yourself Bu Niubi[1], get it?”

“This is the land of the fox yaos, you dare…”


Ye Zichen kicked Zhen Niubi in his stomach, then squinted his eyes and placed his hands by his ear, “What did you say? My hearing isn’t that good, so I couldn’t hear you that clearly.”

“I said this is the fox yaos’ …”


“What did you say?”

“The fox yaos…”


“What did you say?”

That was something which repeated for six or seven times, and only when Zhen Niubi finally shut up about them being in the land of the fox yaos did Ye Zichen stop bullying him.

Instead, Ye Zichen merely chuckled, “You still awesome?

“No, not anymore!” Zhen Niubi repeatedly shook his head.

Ye Zichen then squinted his eyes and chuckled, “Can the Black Fox Clan’s honor be violated?”

“Any time!” Zhen Niubi replied with a coy smile.

Ye Zichen nodded in satisfaction, then lifted his foot off Zhen Niubi’s back, and slowly walked in front of Zhen Yingjun.

“Big bro, I’m not Bu Yingjun[1]! Not handsome at all. Just look at my face, it’s already like this…” Zhen Yingjun did not want to get beaten once again, and when he saw his older brother get beaten up so harshly, he instantly gave in.


The only thing which answered him was a merciless kick.

“Did I ask you anything? You immediately speaking is you trying to show off how smart you are, right? You learned to answer quickly now, haven’t you?”

“No, no,” Zhen Yingjun shook his head repeatedly with a forced smile.


Ye Zichen kicked him again.

Zhen Yingjun muttered in a troubled manner, “I didn’t say anything special. Why did you kick me again?”

“I just want to kick you because of your damn looks. You got a problem with that?” Ye Zichen put his hands in his pocket and asked with a smile.

Zhen Yingjun quickly shook his head with a tearful look, “None at all.”

Despite saying that, he still silently waited for the people from the Nine Tail Fox Clan to come.

The Black Fox Yaos were a vassal clan of the Nine Tail Foxes. Although they didn’t have a particularly high status, they were still fox yaos, so it was impossible for the Nine Tail Foxes to just ignore them.

Plenty of people from other clans who have come to the birthday party also noticed the situation over there. When they saw that it was actually the Black Fox Yaos getting bullied, they all became rather surprised.

Beating up the subordinate in the territory of the boss was definitely face smacking!

But the Nine Tail Foxes haven’t arrived. I wonder how the situation is going to change.

“That’s right,” Ye Zichen smiled, then reached his hand towards Zhen Yingjun…

Zhen Yingjun thought that Ye Zichen was going to hit him once again, so he quickly covered his face with his hands, then hid it.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw how funny Zhen Yingjun looked, then kicked him a little.

“Don’t cover your face. I don't want to hit you right now. C’mon, give me your invitation.”

“You won’t be able to enter even if I gave it to you,” Zhen Yingjun complained.

Ye Zichen frowned when he heard those words, “Why do you have so much bullshit? Do you want to get beaten up?”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. Here…”

With that, Zhen Yingjun handed the invitation over.

Just as Ye Zichen reached his hand over to grab the invitation, it directly flew up. Then, when everybody looked up, they saw a foxy lady in a blue dress smile as she walked towards them.

  1. Zhen Niubi (甄牛敝) is homophonic with the slang “seriously awesome”(真牛逼
  2. Bu Niubi (布牛敝) is homophonic with “not awesome”(不牛逼).
  3. Bu Yingjun (布英俊) is homophonic with “not handsome” (不英俊).

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