Chapter 501 How about teaching me pill refining?

Chapter 501 – How about teaching me pill refining?

Ye Zichen raised his hand and touched the snowshoe hare. Just like I thought, spiritual beasts are more or less the same as the animals in the Modern Realm. The only thing different is that the former has yao spiritual energy flowing within.

I suppose it’s all thanks to him being a spiritual beast. An animal in the Modern Realm would have died from these injuries already.

His meridians are all over the place, and his guts are displaced.

It seems like Zhen Yingjun really tried to kill him. The only reason this snowshoe hare could run over here might have been due to his iron will of wanting to tell his older sister to run.

“My little brother…”

“Wait a moment, I have to find an expert.”

With that, Ye Zichen told Lil’ White to stabilize the hare’s situation, and took out his phone to find Old Lord Taishang!

“Old Man, do you have the kind of special pill which can heal a yao? Give me ten vials!”

“You’re insane!” Old Lord Taishang replied instantly. “Did you really treat this old man as your medical storage, so you just coming running to me whenever you need some sort of pill?”

“What else am I supposed to do? You’re the only pill refiner I know,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “If I knew anyone else, then I wouldn’t come and find you! How about… You teach me how to refine pills?”

I heard that pill refiners are rather amazing in the Three Realms. If I can get Old Lord Taishang’s skills in pill refinement…

Then I’d be all set.

“You want to learn pill refinement?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Hehe, no way in hell,” Old Lord Taishang frowned, then typed out his reply on the screen. “All those who want to learn pill refinement from me goes through the proper ceremony of gaining a master. Then, they will be with this old man for three thousand years to ensure that their personality is alright, and only then will they be able to learn the art of pill refinement.”

“Oh, then I’m not going to learn anymore. I’ll leave it to you to supply me with pills!”

This geezer is so sinister. He actually wants me to be his disciple, and act as his lackey for three thousand years…

You’ve got to be kidding me!

“Kid, there aren’t any!” Old Lord Taishang also got annoyed.

Ye Zichen quickly replied, “Stop messing around. There’s life on the line here, hurry up and send me the pills. I’ll just get Yue Lao to gift you two sets of kinky lingerie for your woman.”

“Scram, scram, scram…”

A bunch of angry emojis instantly filled the screen, and at the same time, so did a red packet appear.


You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Yao Recovery Pill x1

Yao Recovery Pill: A level 3 earth grade yao pill refined from an earth grade yao’s inner core.


Ye Zichen sent a few kiss emojis to Old Lord Taishang, then withdrew the pill and stuffed it into the hares mouth.

“Help him absorb this yao pill. He should recovery after that.”

Approximately an hour later, the hare gradually transformed back into a handsome young man once again, and when he did, he still wore a long white robe…

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but muttered silently. Did their clothes transform from their fur?

If that’s the case, then it should shield them from the cold during winter pretty well, right?

“Sis…” the young man laying on the ground opened his eyes and called out weakly.

Lin Xue’s expression immediately brightened when she heard his voice.

After carefully asking the young man whether he felt any discomfort, she directly kneeled down in front of Ye Zichen, “My lord, you saved my little brother’s life. Lin Xue has no other way to repay you, so I can only…”

“Don’t think about repaying him with your body. He can’t have anymore women by his side,” Zuo Mo walked over with a pout.

“No, Lin Xue doesn’t dare to wish for that. Lin Xue merely wants to serve my lord in order to repay this aid,” Lin Xue repeatedly shook her head.

Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then helped her up with a smile, “It was just a small thing, don’t mind it too much.”

“How can that be okay?”

“Then follow me in the future,” Zuo Mo smiled. “I’ll be worried if you follow him. No one would dare to bully you if you follow me.”

“Then can my little brother come with me?”

“As for him…” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes. “I don’t like unfamiliar men around me. How about letting him follow Ye Zichen!”

Zuo Mo actually had a very selfish reason for saying that. If this young man follows Ye Zichen, then I’ll have more excuses to go and find him.

“Lil’ White, take care of this young man from now on.”

“No problem,” Lil’ White smiled, then walked in front of the white-robed young man, who didn’t understand what was going on with a smile. “You’ll be following Lord White from now on. You’ll have a great life, and if anyone dares to bully you, then tell Lord White. Lord White will definitely support you.”


Thus, the rest of the day passed by in the blink of an eye. Ye Zichen and co. stayed in the city for the night, before travelling over to the Nine Tail Fox clan’s location the next morning.

During so, Lin Xue and her little brother, Lin Lei, also became more familiar with the rest.

That was especially true for Lin Xue and Zuo Mo, who became like actual sisters. Of course, Lin Xue was not foolish enough to think that they were truly sisters, and so she did respect the hierarchy of mistress and servant.

At the Nine Tail Fox Clan.

The birthday of the clan’s Third Young Lady could be described as a celebration for the entire clan, and the main reason was because the newly ascended Third Young Lady was extremely favored by the two other young ladies of the clan.

The various clans of the Central Continent all hurried over with a red birthday invitation in their hands.

“Zichen-ge, we don’t have an invitation,” Lil’ White blinked. At that moment, they were standing and waiting outside of the Nine Tail Fox Clan’s city gates dumbly.

“We’ll get it soon. Don’t worry,” Ye Zichen had sent Su Yan a message when they had arrived, and Su Yan had told him that she would come out to get them shortly.

“I really didn’t expect you to have relationships with the Nine-Tail Foxes. Ye Zichen, are you really from the Immortal Region?”

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. It was one thing that Ye Zichen had contacts within the Tiangou Clan, since she did suspect Ye Zichen of being from one of the sacred lands, so it was understandable for someone like that to have contacts in the Beast Region.

But Tiangou, Nine-Tail Fox, and Phoenix…

These are all peak powers.

He actually knows all of them!

“Oh wow, the world really is a tiny place. We actually bumped into you here!” A mocking voice sounded out. Everybody turned their heads back, and saw Zhen Yingjun walk towards them with  a sneer.

He had already completely recovered from his injuries, since the Black Fox Clan was still one of the fox yaos.

“Look at how you look like you want a beating. Do you seek to get slapped?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Zhen Yingjun subconsciously took a step back, but he very quickly snorted coldly, “You still want to scare me in the lands of our fox yaos!?”

“Lil’ Bro, you met an acquaintance of yours?” Just as Zhen Yingjun was mocking Ye Zichen and co., a man with a shoe horn-shaped face appeared behind him.

The man wore a long black robe, and had a very hairy chest…

When coupled with his shoe horn-shaped face!


“Acquaintance? Big Bor, don’t mess with me. My arms ended up like that because of these grandsons,” Zhen Yingjun immediately complained as if he was a beaten up kid complaining to his parents.

“Retract your words, or else… die!” Jail King took a step forward, and his shocking aura caused both Zhen Yingjun and the man beside him to raise their eyebrows.

Then, the man smiled, and walked in front of Ye Zichen, before reaching out his hand. “Hey, I’m Zhen Niubi!”

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