Chapter 500 Black Fox Zhen Yingjun

Were a good girl…

Lin Xue smiled wryly from where she sat on the ground as she held her little brother. She bit her lips tightly and looked up reluctantly.

Her original form was that of a snowshoe hare, one of the races at the very bottom of the Endless Beast Region’s hierarchy. Before they were able to take human form, they even had to face the danger of being eaten.

Thus, she cultivated relentlessly while she was still a hare.

After she finally cultivated to the pointed of being able to take human form, she had thought that her hard work managed to change her destiny. However, little did she know that her dark future had only just begun.

Due to her humble origins, she had to listen to the words of the major clans.

When someone became interested in her, she had to willingly become their mistress.

She just couldn’t accept that.

Yet, so what? She resisted, she tried to run away… But didn’t I still get found by this man?

I don’t blame my origins, I can only blame fate…

“Now, just be a good girl.”

Due to the futility of her previous attempts, Lin Xue finally gave up. She lowered her head, and smiled wryly in submission…

“Wouldn’t it have been better if you were like this ages ago? Your future as a mistress in the Zhen family is going to be so much better than having this shitty stall,” the young man smiled, then reached his fingers towards Lin Xue’s chin.


All of a sudden, Zuo Mo moved and kicked the young man away Lin Xue.

“You dare!?” the men beside the young man knitted his eyebrows and cursed.

Zuo Mo glanced at them, causing chills to run down the fighters’ spines, completely shocking them.

Then, she ran over in front of Lin Xue and frowned, “How can you just submit like that? What are you going to do in the future if you give up right now?”

Sometimes, women were the only ones who understood women the most. All Ye Zichen and co. felt after seeing Lin Xue’s expression was pity, and due to that pity, they might have helped the girl deal with this trouble.

However, Zuo Mo was different. She saw more than the men did.

“It’s impossible for you to gain happiness from marrying a man you don’t like. Since he disgusts you, then you cannot agree to his terms. So what if he has strength and status? It’s not like he attained it himself. He’s just relying on his family. Your background is from when you’re born, but you hold your own destiny. Girl, be strong when you should be. Why should you give up right now!?”

“Well said,” the young man walked over. Then, when he saw Zuo Mo, he immediately raised his eyebrows and smiled. “I wonder which family this lady is from? This one is called Zhen Yingjun! A mid-tier divine beast of the Black Fox clan!”

“I don’t care whether your truly handsome or not[1]. F*ck off before this lady uses violence!” Zuo Mo’s eyes were completely cold. The kind of people she hated most in her life were men who bullied women.

“Wow, so sassy. I like,” Zhen Yingyun smiled darkly, while the men beside him also whispered something into his ear.

He quickly nodded towards the man and smiled, “Human, I thought you were the Young Lady of some family, but it’s easy when you’re a human…”

With that, the fighters behind him instantly surrounded Zuo Mo. “This is the Endless Beast Region, it isn’t a place for you humans to act out of line. I’ll give you a choice, either go back and make this little lord feel good; or die here, and this little lord will play with you until I’m sick with your body, before feeding you to the wild beasts.”

“Bro, you have such heavy tastes,” Ye Zichen walked over with a smile, and put his hand on Zhen Yingjun’s shoulder with a snort. “Can’t you tell that they’re annoyed with you? So, stop being a nuisance here.”

“And who are you!?”

“Me? I’m a human too!” Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile.

Zhen Yingjun immediately revealed a look of disgust, then knocked Ye Zichen’s hand away with a snort. “I was wondering why there are so many high-level divine beasts here. So you’re human merchants. You’re with that woman?”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Then I’m sorry, you won’t be able to take this woman away. If you don’t want your entire merchant group to be unable to exit the Central Continent, then you’d better run with your tail between your legs.”

“Is that so!”


Ye Zichen suddenly reached out and grabbed Zhen Yingjun by his throat while he was caught off guard. The fighters around Zhen Yingjun were completely shocked, then quickly reacted and surrounded Ye Zichen instead.

“You dare to kill me? The Central Continent is the land of our fox yao. If you dare to do anything to me, then don’t even think about walking about of the Central Continent alive,” Zhen Yingjun threatened Ye Zichen with a trembling voice.

He wasn’t sure of whether the person in front of him would kill him or not. He had once heard from the elders of his clan that that the human merchants that came to the Central Continent either had a “get lucky” attitude, or were truly fierce people.

“Threatening me? The thing I hate most in this life is other people threatening me.”


Ye Zichen instantly twisted Zhen Yingyun’s arm repeatedly, causing the latter to scream out in a heart-rending manner.

The surrounding fighters immediately wared Ye Zichen, “Release Young Master Zhen.”

“If I release him just because you guys told me to, then don’t I lose a lot of face?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

However, the fighters spoke up once again, “I know you guys want to help the girl out, but if you dare to do anything to Young Master Zhen, don’t then blame us when we make a move on the girl’s family.”

“So despicable!” Ye Zichen glared at the men furiously.

Zhen Yingjun instantly smiled upon hearing that. “Yeah, if you dare to kill me, then I’ll kill all of Lin Xue’s family, no, I’ll kill her entire clan! If you don’t want anything to happen to them, then hurry up and release me!”

“Then how do I know you won’t do anything to them after I let you go?”

“I can swear in the name of East Monarch Taiyi, the Yao ancestor, that if you release me right now. I will never cause any trouble for Lin Xue, or her family and clan.”

Ye Zichen looked towards Lil’ White, and saw that Jail King nodded.

Only then did he release Zhen Yingjun, but not before twisting his other arm into shambles. “F*ck off. If I see you once again, then you’re going to be in for a treat.”

“I’ve remembered you now! Let’s go!” Zhen Yingjun hurriedly left with his people, while his two arms dangled by his side.

Lin Xue wanted to thank Ye Zichen, only to see that her little brother had started to cough intensely. What’s more, each cough also caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Lin Xue’s face became drowned in tears when she saw this. It was very clear just how much of a beating Zhen Yingjun gave the young man, since he looked like he wasn’t going to be able to survive too much longer.

Lin Xue’s heart was in complete chaos. Her little brother was the only one accompanying her in this foreign land…

She subconsciously wanted to take her little brother to a nearby hospital, but whenever she tried to help him up, the young man would cough up a mouthful of blood.

The young man’s body gradually shrank, until he finally turned into a snow-white hare.

That was the signs of a yao’s spiritual energy having dispersed, and was about to pass on. When she saw that Lin Xue cried even harder.

However, at that very moment, Ye Zichen walked over, “Let me take a look!’

No matter what, Ye Zichen had studied veterinary science in university!

  1. Zhen Yingjun (甄英俊) is homophonic with “truly handsome” (真英俊).

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