Chapter 5 Great Sage Sun’s Fiery Eyes of Truth

Ye Zichen crawled out of his dormitory bed and rubbed his throbbing head.

Thanks to Su Yiyun, he'd gotten terribly drunk last night. He'd been so drunk,  he couldn’t even remember how he'd gotten back to the dorm.

He quickly picked up his phone. The chat group was full of deities. It was only a coincidence that he, a mere mortal, could even enter it. It would be terrible if he got kicked.

He was fortunate that the chat group was still there. The deities were still chatting tirelessly. Ye Zichen scrolled up and saw that they'd sent a few red packets in the middle of the night. However, since Ye Zichen had been drunk to the point of unconsciousness, he naturally hadn't managed to snatch any.

Ye Zichen felt a slight pang of sadness about that, but he still smiled.

There were still plenty of days left in the future. The red packets were sent every day. Did he need to worry about not getting any?

Just as he finished washing up, a bunch of people in police uniforms appeared at the dorm.

“Who is Ye Zichen?”

“I am.”

Ye Zichen was confused. He didn’t do anything bad. Why had the police come looking for him?

Could something have happened to Commissioner Liu?

F*ck, that was a Great Recovery Pill from Old Lord Taishang! There shouldn’t have been any issues!

“We received a report about you. You've been accused of fraud. Come with us to the station.”

Yao Yue sat on the police station's sofa. She was the one who'd reported him.

She had crazily snatched up all the joss paper. The scratch-marks covering her body were proof of how hard she'd fought. 

She thought that she'd finally manage to prosper, but when she examined at the money, she discovered it was actually just joss paper.

It was fair to say she'd completely wasted her time. 

Since she was unable to accept that, she'd called the police.

“I guessed it was you.” Just when Ye Zichen walked through the door, he couldn’t help but arch his eyebrows.

Yao Yue stood up from the sofa and screamed with a sullen expression. “Ye Zichen, you actually tricked me!”

“Aiya, that’s weird, what did I trick you out of?”

“You actually tricked me with two boxes of joss paper.”

“Girl, be more careful when you speak. I did smash you with joss paper, but I merely smashed you. What did I get from you? Did I take any cash away from you?”

Ye Zichen revealed a cold expression. The sort of woman who was so obsessed with money yet couldn’t even tell the difference between underworld money and real money......

He'd been truly blind before.

“The police station is no place for you two to argue. Come with us.”

The policemen led Ye Zichen to the interrogation room. Yao Yue followed after them. 

Just after entering the building with the interrogation room, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Officer Zhang, how have you been?”

“Comrade Little Ye, why are you here?”

Officer Zhang was actually a pretty nice person. Yesterday, it was just that he didn’t want Commissioner Liu to take any risks. That's why he seemed a little aggressive.

When Ye Zichen had saved Commissioner Liu. Officer Zhang wanted to thank him, but he'd just never found the opportunity.

Just at this moment, Yao Yue also walked in from the outside. Officer Zhang instantly blanked and asked. “You’re the swindler?”

“Officer Zhang, don’t make fun of me. Do you think I look like a swindler?” Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly.

“He is a swindler, he is…” Yao Yue got so worked up, it was as if she were about to eat someone. 

Officer Zhang frowned and slammed his hands down on the table. “Shut up.”

His actions freaked Yao Yue out. She instantly no longer dared make a scene. She simply sat quietly down on a chair.

“Tell me the situation…”

Ye Zichen explained the entire situation, including the relationship between him and Yao Yue.

Hearing that, Officer Zhang’s gaze towards Yao Yue turned a bit hostile. When Ye Zichen finished, he added. “Officer Zhang, smashing someone with money is my mistake, but it doesn’t reach the level of fraud, right? Look, can I leave now? If you can’t solve this, then I’ll just call Commissioner Liu?”

“Don’t bother him, Commissioner Liu is still resting. I can handle this.”

Thus, Ye Zichen walked out of the police station unharmed. As soon as he walked out the doors, he saw a red Ferrari 458 parked at the entrance. Su Yiyun was pacing with his head down just outside the door.

“Ol’ Three, why are you here?”

Su Yiyun immediately looked up and ran to Ye Zichen’s side, then patted his shoulders. “You alright?”

“Tsk, can something small like them trouble me?” Ye Zichen smiled in contempt. Yao Yue and co. were a bit too immature in trying to deal with him.

“I knew that you would be fine,” As Su Yiyun spoke, he took out a bank card from his pocket. “There’s two hundred thousand in this card. It’s my dad’s thanks for you.”

“I can’t accept the money.”

“Stop pretending. My dad said that your pill was definitely worth more than that. We're already at the advantage just giving you two hundred thousand. Just hurry and put it away. Don’t you like to rip off rich people? My dad is one.”

“Then, I suppose it would be rude of me to decline.”

 Su Yiyun only smiled when Ye Zichen put the card in his pocket. “Come, your big bro wants to show you something." 

As Ye Zichen sat in Su Yiyun’s sports car, he kept an eye on the chat group.

It was strange; nobody had sent any red packets all morning. They were all chatting about the reformation of the Heavenly Court or something. 

Ye Zichen couldn’t understand it so he just put his phone away and checked out the car.

“Ol’ Three, what exactly does your family do?”

“My dad just a little bit of trading.”

“Little bit of trading?” Ye Zichen showed an expression of disbelief.

Su Yiyun shrugged and smiled, “Believe me, I’m going to bring you somewhere later. Everyone there is super-rich.”


When Ye Zichen’s phone suddenly rang. He whipped out his phone as fast he possibly could. 

Su Yiyun smiled and said, “girlfriend?”

“It’s not like you don’t know we just broke up.”

“Then couldn’t you have gotten a new one?” Su Yiyun didn't comfort Ye Zichen like the others in the dorm. The main reason was that they had different ways of living, so they also thought differently.

Ye Zichen ignored him and focused on watching the chat group.

Just now, the Immortality Peach Fairy[1] had sent out a red packet, and obviously, when Ye Zichen went to snatch it, they were already gone.

He clicked to see everyone else's luck and found that the Monkey King did best. 

At the same time, the group was chatting about this too. 

Immortality Peach Fairy: Great Sage, you snatch red packets every single time, but I haven’t seen you send any. That isn’t good, right? <smirk>

Monkey King: Why should Old Sun send any?

Zhu Bajie: Senior Martial Brother, don’t be so stingy. Even the fairy sent some. It’s not good if you don’t.

Erlang Shen: This monkey is so stingy.

Without saying anything, there was a ring as he sent a red packet. It was as if Erlang Shen’s words had angered the Monkey King.


Fiery Eyes of Truth Secret Scripture Level 1 x1

Fiery Eyes of Truth.

Ye Zichen momentarily froze, then felt his heart clench. 

This can’t f*cking be Great Sage Sun’s Fiery Eyes of Truth, right? The godly ability that can identity demons and monsters?

When he glanced at everybody else’s results, he found that they'd all gotten peaches.

Did I get the grand prize?

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but laugh idiotically. Hearing his maniacal laughter, Su Yiyun couldn’t help but chuckle.

He’s still saying that it’s not his girlfriend?

But this is good as well. Ye Zichen can soften his heartache with a girlfriend, so he doesn’t need to go and find one for him.

Ye Zichen, who was still fantasizing about having Fiery Eyes of Truth just like the Monkey King, suddenly found a new friend request in his contact list.

Monkey King.

When he saw this friend request, Ye Zichen’s hands shuddered, causing his phone to nearly fall out of his hands.

Crap, was he about to be found out?

 [1] The Immortality Peach Fairy guards the Immortality Peach Garden in the Heavenly Court.

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