Chapter 499 Arrival at the Central Continent

Chapter 499 – Arrival at the Central Continent

A group of people stood outside the Tiangou clan. Out of them, Lil’ White stood sleepily beside Ye Zichen and yawned continuously.

“Boss, why are you going over to the Nine Tail Fox clan’s territory so urgently? Can’t you let me sleep a bit longer!?”

Ye Zichen had woken Lil’ White up very early that morning in order to ensure that he wouldn’t miss Su Yan’s birthday. When Lil’ White finally woke up due to Ye Zichen’s assault, he immediately went over to Bai Sha to tell him that they were going over to the Nine Tail Fox clan’s territory…

Bai Sha immediately called over ten-odd guest chamberlains to ensure their safety.

“Why are you asking so much about it? Just take me over there,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then set his gaze upon Zuo Mo and knitted his eyebrows silently.

I thought I departed stealthily enough, but this woman has actually found out.

Then, no matter what Ye Zichen said, Zuo Mo was insistent on following him.

Although nothing seems wrong now, I really wouldn’t know how to explain it to Su Yan when we arrive there. What’s more, I’m worried about this queen-like woman picking a fight…

“Young Master, the wormhole has been set up.”

A spatial rift like opening appeared behind the guest chamberlain, which continuously drew in spiritual energy from its surroundings, while showing signs of collapse.

“What is this for?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Lil’ White shrugged with a coy smile. “It’s more or less the same as a teleportation gate. We aren’t on the same continent as the Nine Tail Fox clan, so the quickest way is through this spatial rift.”

“Alright, but it’s safe, right?” Ye Zichen was still a bit worried. He didn’t to just die randomly within a strange rift.

“What are you afraid of? Even if something happens, there’s still all of us here accompanying you,” With that, Lil’ White walked into the spatial rift with his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulders.

The rest of the people soon followed. Only when everyone all entered the rift, did the spatial rift begin to gradually disappear.

As the center of the five continents, the Central Continent naturally took upon the role of the economic center. At the same time, it was also the most chaotic region.

A spatial rift suddenly appeared outside of a towering city, and soon after, Ye Zichen, Lil’ White and the others walked out side by side.

Although the rift actually looked rather dangerous, as if it was about to collapse, it felt a lot safer once you were inside.

“This is the Central Continent?” Lil’ White looked around curiously. Although he acted like he was rather familiar with everything when Ye Zichen had told him to bring him over, it was still Lil’ White’s first time leaving the Tiangou clan and venturing out into the outside world.

“Yes, Young Master” a nearby chamberlain answered respectfully.

Hearing that, Lil’ White smiled and quickly ran towards the city.

The cities in the Central Continent were different from Maple City. They had no need to pay an entrance fee. What’s more, plenty of shopkeepers on the streets shouted and advertised their wares, while half-beastmen walked around.

“You guys have some free time for now. I’m going to wander around with Boss for a moment!”

“Uhm…” the guest chamberlains hesitated. Clan Head Bai had clearly ordered them to protect the Young Master properly and never leave his side.

“Alright, then only Jail King follow me. The rest of you don’t need to follow. Otherwise, we’ll end up attracting even more attention with so many people!” Lil’ White knitted his eyebrows.

Jail King nodded as well, “Young Master is right, you guys don’t need to follow us. If you are still worried, then you can protect him in secret, but with me here, nobody will be able to harm Young Master!”

Since Jail King had already put it that way, the guest chamberlains beside him only hesitated for a brief moment before nodding.

When Lil’ White saw that all the troublesome people had left, he pursed his lips and began to wander around the city to satisfy his curiosity.

Originally, Ye Zichen had wanted to hurry and go over to Su Yan’s place.

However, when he noticed that there is still sufficient time before the party, and both Lil’ White and Zuo Mo were very interested in walking around, he didn’t say anything else.

Approximately one hour later, Lil’ White began to carry a bunch of snacks around, while a scarf made out of the fur of an unknown animal hung around Zuo Mo’s neck.

“Wow, this doll is so cute,” Lil’ White ran over excitedly with a meat skewer in his hand. The shopkeeper was a girl around thirteen or fourteen years old, and was approximately at the Spiritual Body level. What’s more, she had a pair of snow-white ears on her head.

“Shopkeeper, how much is this doll?” Lil’ White stopped and smiled.

When the girl saw Ye Zichen and co. hurry over, she quickly lowered her head and replied respectfully, “Two spirit marks[ The currency in the Endless Beast Region.], my lord!”

The reason the girl acted so respectful was not because Ye Zichen and co. were being aggressive. The main reason was because of them appearing in human form. In general, the yaos who were able to take fully human form were only extremely esteemed yaos.

There were people from the lower class everywhere, especially in places like the Central Continent.

Thus, if one wanted to survive, they have to live very carefully.

And if they were businessmen from the Immortal Region, she would even dare less to offend Ye Zichen’s group.

The businessmen from the Immortal Region would always be followed by plenty of experts. If they wanted to rob her, then she wouldn’t dare to resist at all.

“Did you make this little bunny yourself?” Lil’ White pointed at a little bunny doll sitting on the table.

The girl quickly answered, “Yes, my lord!”

“Jail King, give her a hundred spiritmarks!’ Lil’ White picked up the doll, then muttered. “I’m going to bring it back for Lil’ Ying. She’d definitely like it.”

“Here,” Jail King took out a hundred spiritmarks from his pocket and handed them to the girl.

The girl revealed a troubled look at that, “My lord, I can’t give you any change!”

“No need, that one hundred spiritmarks is how much I’m paying you for the doll,” Lil’ White chuckled and put the doll into his spatial bracelet.

The girl stared at the coins in her hand in shock.

Seeing that, the Jail King smiled softly, “Since Young Master gave you so much, just keep it.”

“Thank you so much,” the girl repeatedly thanked Lil’ White. Although the amount of money was nothing much for Lil’ White, it was truly a huge sum for a yao like her, who has to work hard to earn even a small amount of money.

“You’re too courteous,” Lil’ White smiled.


At that very moment, a crying voice could be heard from behind everyone.

The rabbit girl, who was grasping the spiritmarks in her hand, looked up. When she saw the incoming person, the spiritmarks clattered to the ground.

Ye Zichen and co., who were just about to leave, also saw what was going on. A young man, who had two snow-white ears on his head like the shopkeeper, had bruised eyes, while the corner of his mouth and his entire body was covered in blood.

At the same time, a well-dressed young man also walked out from behind him.

He smiled softly at the girl, who was hugging the young man and raised his eyebrows at the sight.

“Heh, Lin Xue, did you really think I couldn’t find you after you ran here?” he smiled sinisterly and twitched his mouth. “He was being stubborn and not telling me where you were. Didn’t he still come running straight to you after getting beaten up by me? But, this is all your fault. If you were a good girl then your little brother wouldn’t have gotten beaten up so badly.”

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