Chapter 498 Little Prince

Chapter 498 – Little Prince

Su Yan’s expression couldn’t help but to turn for the worse when she saw Ye Zichen’s look of confusion.

“Do you not remember…”

“Kind of,” Ye Zichen scratched his head with a coy smile. “I did forget, and I’m also surprised that I came at such a coincidental time.”

“Seriously, would it have killed you to have answered that you didn’t!?” Su Yan rolled her eyes. Then, when she saw that Ye Zichen continued to smile coyly, she couldn’t help but sigh. “Alright, I’m not blaming you. But, you must come the day after tomorrow. If you don’t, then… Hmmph!”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but to nod with a smile when he saw Su Yan’s cute wrinkled nose, then promised with certainty, “I’ll definitely be there.”

“Good, Keke will definitely be very happy then. But poor Lu Lu, she snuck over to Maple City to look for you.”

“What did she go over there for?” Ye Zichen had a confused expression.

Su Yan said with a hint of jealousy, “To give you a surprise.”

Thus, the two continued the video chat for a long while until Su Yan was beyond sleepy. Since she had to prepare to be the birthday star of the day after tomorrow, she chose to rest first.

However, she still repeatedly reminded Ye Zichen that he had to be there at her birthday party.

Naturally, Ye Zichen promised he would be there. Only after he had done so did Su Yan end the video chat to sleep without worries.

If I want to head over to the Nine Tail Fox clan’s place, I definitely have to trouble my dear comrade Lil’ White…

Otherwise… Since I don’t know my way around here at all, god knows when I would actually find them…

I might even be captured and treated as a pet before I get there.

Ye Zichen turned his gaze to the Heavenly Court chat group. It could be said that he had witnessed the flourish and downfall of the group in person.

The chat group, which could have reached 99+ messages in mere moments, actually hadn’t even had 99 new messages in a month.

When Ye Zichen took a look at the members list, the number of members decreased from the initial several hundred people to less than a hundred people.

As for where all these people went…

Red Packet Server.

It had already become the second Heavenly Court chat group. All of the deities would chit-chat. Wait, they don’t seem like they’re chit-chatting…

Yue Lao: Huge bonus at a new business. @everyone, our Heavenly Court’s clothing store has officially opened. Everything will be twenty percent off for this month. Those who spend ten thousand will be given a three hundred coupon. There are also lottery events at the end of each month. Don’t miss this chance! We await your arrival…

That message alone was sent a total of ten-odd times.

Then, when his advertisement finally stopped, Blue Lotus Fairy suddenly popped up.

Blue Lotus Fairy: Makeup lessons are officially starting. Do you want your skin to be pure white? Do you want to be the center of attention like Chang’e? Scan the QR code on the screen and join our Makeup & Cosmetics group. Women, actually, you’ve always been beautiful!

Not long after she sent the message, it was already pushed off the screen by various post. Despite that, there were still plenty of people who requested to join the group.

God of Thunder has entered this group by scanning the QR code.

Canopy Marshal has entered this group by scanning the QR code.

God of Fortune has entered this group by scanning the QR code.

Barefoot Immortal has entered this group by scanning the QR code.


It’s all men…

God of Thunder: Why did you guys all come…

Canopy Marshal: Shouldn’t the ones coming here all be girls? What did you animals enter for?

God of Fortune: Bullshit, we came to look at girls as well!

The men in the group immediately started arguing, but as that happened, another person entered the group by scanning the QR code.

Little Prince has entered this group by scanning the QR code.

God of Thunder and co. all laughed when they saw a new member enter the group. If there was no surprise, then this person calling himself the Little Prince probably entered to look at girls as well.

God of Thunder: @Little Prince, bro, you got tricked as well. There are only guys in this group so far.

God of Fortune: Everybody was screwed over by Blue Lotus.

Canopy Marshal: Ai…

Thus, everyone in the group starting complaining about how they were tricked.

Then, only five minutes after the Little Prince entered the group did he finally send a message.

Little Prince: Why are you guys here chatting and wanting to look at girls instead of doing your job properly? Do you not want your year-end bonuses anymore?

The scolding tone completely stunned God of Thunder and the rest, and only after a long while, did God of Fortune break the silence.

God of Fortune: Is this brat scolding us?

Canopy Marshal: You’ve got guts. You actually dare to scold us? Look at his name, it’s a fake name as well. I just took a peek at his Moments and they’re closed off to public.

God of Thunder: You came to act cocky, and is pretending to be some kind of bigshot? Year-end bonus… Can you decide whether we get our year-end bonus?

Barefoot Immortal: Interesting.

Little Prince: Do you guys know who this sovereign is? You actually dare to speak to me like this!

Canopy Marshal: Go and show off somewhere else. Are you even more amazing than my Monkey Bro? He even dares to beat up the Jade Emperor. Tell us your celestial position if you dare…

God of Fortune: Yeah. Little bro, look at big brother’s celestial position. It’s the God of Fortune! All of your salary is from me. You actually dare to scare me with year-end bonus.

God of Thunder: Agreed.

Little Prince: Zhao Gongming, do you not want to be the head of the Five Gods of Wealth anymore? Leizhenzi, did you have enough of being a general? Do you need this sovereign to retract your command over the military?

God of Fortune: … You’re insane! You’re actually pretending to be the Jade Emperor now? Even though I don’t know who your main account is, I definitely will have to screenshot this and report it to the Jade Emperor!

God of Fortune: Ignore this retard. He just came to get attention. Bros, let’s ignore him and go play cards.

Then, the members of the team left the group one by one. Even though God of Fortune and them spoke rather mercilessly, they all held important positions in the Heavenly Court, so they really weren’t afraid.

All of a sudden, the group turned silent.

Ye Zichen thought about it for a moment, then decided to send a message to calm the Little Prince down.

“Don’t take it to heart. They didn’t actually mean what they said.”

However, when Ye Zichen saw that the Little Prince didn’t reply, he thought that the guy went off to get angry on his own. Yet, the moment he left the group chat, he noticed that someone had sent him a friend request.

Little Prince has sent you a friend request.

Although Ye Zichen didn’t know what the Little Prince sent him a friend request for, he still accepted all the friend requests he received from the Heavenly Court people. After all, didn’t the system tell me to earn quite a bit more in intimacy levels?


Ye Zichen took a look at their initial intimacy level, and to no surprise, it was Friendly as usual.

“Only Idealism. Your name is called Only Idealism?”

Although Little Prince had sent a text message and not a voice message, for some reason, Ye Zichen could still feel the arrogant attitude from just the words.

“What about it?”

“Who told you to name yourself that!?”

Is this guy insane?

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the question. What in the world does my name have to do with this brat? What’s more, I didn’t even say anything when I saw the name Little Prince…

“How’s that any of your business? Seriously, no wonder God of Thunder and co. scolded you. You were born with such a big head.”


Ye Zichen deleted Little Prince from his friend list and quit WeChat.

I can’t be bothered with that sort of retard!

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