Chapter 497 Bai Sha

Chapter 497 – Bai Sha

As Ye Zichen and co. walked through the Tiangou clan, they easily felt just how high Lil’ White’s position in the clan was. Everyone around them would call out “Young Master” respectfully wherever he walked past.

It was very clear that Lil’ White had gotten used to it as well. He merely nodded with faint smiles towards the people, while carrying a faint might of someone in power.

“Lil’ fellow, is your original form that of a Tiangou? Then how was it possible for the Heavenly Court to have eliminated you?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise the question as they walked.

Lil’ White quickly covered his mouth, “Don’t mention the Heavenly Court around here.”

Ye Zichen was very confused when he saw Lil’ White’s nervous expression.

Lil’ White put his hands behind his head and shrugged, “My original form is not that of a Tiangou. This Tiangou clan is not only made out of Tiangous. It is merely a clan full of canine spiritual beasts. If everyone here were a Tiangou, then the Three Realms would have been united since a long time ago.”

The three of them eventually arrived at the Tiangou Clan’s meeting hall.

At the center of the hall, a tired looking man was chatting seriously with the clan elders. When he saw Lil’ White’s group walk over, the man smirked and raised his eyebrows, “How does Lord White have time to come over here?”

“Ha, I have some friends over. Since you’re the clan head, I naturally have to give you some face and report it to you,” Lil’ White chuckled with no regards to courtesy at all.

“Then, thank you, Lord White,” the man also replied with a smile.

He was approximately a hundred and seventy or a hundred and eighty centimeters tall, and had a moderately sized body. However, his arms were very long, to the point that the sleeve of a normal black robe only managed to reach his biceps, kind of similar to how it was for Liu Bei.

His pupils and hair were both of a faint violet color. When he smiled, one could see his teeth were slightly pointy just like shark teeth would be.

“These two are our Lord White’s friends? This humble one is Bai Sha. You can call me Clan Head Bai,” the man stood up from his chair and walked over.

Both Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo bowed, “Clan Head Bai.”

“We haven’t had visitors from the Immortal Region in so long. From what I recall, the last time was over ten thousand years ago,” Bai Sha said with a smile.

Ye Zichen was shocked…

He could actually tell that we’re from the Immortal Region.

However, neither the elders nor guest chamberlains revealed any expressions of disgust when the Immortal Region was mentioned. That was certainly different from what Xuan-Yuan Xiang said about the people of the Beast Region.

“It seems like the Immortal Region’s people have a bit of misunderstanding about our Endless Beast Region,” Bai Sha smiled when he noticed Ye Zichen’s expression. “Not all clans have grudges against the Immortal Region’s people. If we’re being honest, there are only a few clans. The main issue is that the humans from the Immortal Region always captures spiritual beasts as their mounts or spiritual pets. That’s where the origin of the grudges lay. But as for us, the Tiangou tribe… Haven’t you heard that dogs are man's best friends?”

“I see,” Ye Zichen nodded.

“You guys can stay here permanently. Just go to Lord White for anything us. His position in the clan is no lower than ours.”

“Geezer Bai, your words truly please this little lord,” Lil’ White walked over with a chuckle, then patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder. “Boss, let’s go. Since Geezer Bai said that as well, then we have nothing to worry about.”

“Clan Head Bai, then we’ll be off.” Thus, Ye Zichen and co. left the hall humbly.

When they walked to the door, a man and a woman walked in as well.

“Why are you here?” the young man frowned when he saw Lil’ White.

However, Lil’ White blatantly disregarded him, and instead waved towards the girl, “Xiao Ying.”

“Mhmm,” the girl nodded softly. “Older brother and I heard that father’s back, so we came over to see him.”

“Yeah, he came back. Gee… Clan Head Bai is inside. Hurry up and go in!” Lil’ White nodded repeatedly and made way.

The girl nodded, while the young man snorted, then shoved Lil’ White’s shoulder before entering.

During the entire time, Lil’ White’s gaze was still fixated on the girl.

Ye Zichen chuckled when he saw that, “You like?”

“Hehe…” Lil’ White scratched his head with a coy smile, but his expression exposed his true thoughts.

“The guy who isn’t on good terms with you is the girl’s older brother?”

“Mhmm,” Lil’ White nodded. “That guy was actually originally on pretty nice terms with me, but he’s Old Bai’s son, and Old Bai gave the Young Master position to me. Ever since that happened, he hasn’t liked me much. Ah, let’s stop talking about all this and go back.”


At that moment, Ye Zichen opened up the Treasure Chest in his phone.

Diting’s qilin legs had been stored in there for quite a while. Since the system didn’t say what was its purpose, it was kind of a waste just storing it here. I might as well give it to Lil’ White and let him give it to those who needs it around him.

Ye Zichen withdrew the qilin legs, which instantly released the remaining pressure of a sacred beast.

Although Zuo Mo did not recognize them as qilin legs, she was able to tell how amazing it was.

“Boss, you…” Lil’ White was stunned as well. He understood very clearly just how valuable the qilin legs were.

“I’ll give these to you. I got them for you in the first place, but since you aren’t going to use them, then give it to the person you want to gift them to,” Ye Zichen handed the qilin legs over with a smile.

Lil’ White quickly waved his hands, “No. This is too much.”

“Is there a need to act so foreign between the two of us?” Ye Zichen stuffed the qilin legs into Lil’ White’s hands, then stretched lazily. “Let’s hurry back. I still have a lot of things I want to chat with you about.”

Ye Zichen ended up chatting with Lil’ White until the night-time, talking about what they had gone through after ascending to the Three Realms.

Ye Zichen sat on a stone chair in the courtyard and looked up into the starry sky. The night was very blurry, as if the pitch dark night sky had been covered up by a veil.

Ye Zichen smoked a cigarette, then returned to his room and took out his phone.

Su Yan and co. are in the Endless Beast Region, we might be able to take this chance to meet up.

“You asleep?”

Ye Zichen send a message in a testing manner.

Not long later, a response came with a video call invite.


On the screen, Su Yan was wearing a nightgown. Her hair was completely wet, as if she had just taken a shower. At that moment, she was laying on her bed, with softness in her eyes.

“Do you think I’m asleep or not? Why did you suddenly think of finding me? You aren’t busy anymore?”

“You might not believe it, but I’m in the Endless Beast Region right now,” Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile.

Su Yan immediately exclaimed joyously, “Really?”

“Yes, really! I was thinking that if it’s okay, I want to come over and see you.”

“Yes, of course it’s okay,” Su Yan smiled brightly. “The day after tomorrow is my birthday. If you can come, then I would be so happy!”

“Birthday?” Ye Zichen was surprised. It seems like I came just in time!

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