Chapter 496 Stay

Chapter 496 – Stay

“Stop, stop, stop! STOP!”

On a piece of land filled with shattered rocks, Ye Zichen held Xuan-Yuan Sword in his hands as he smiled towards Lil’ White, who was tapping out in submission as he laid on the ground.

“You admit defeat?”

Ye Zichen let Xuan-Yuan Sword fall to the ground, while Lil’ White, who was lying on the ground, stood up in annoyance.

“You cheated!”

“How did I cheat?” Ye Zichen put on an innocent look. “We said to not use spiritual techniques. I don’t think I used any?”

“Your artifact spirit did!” Lil’ White raised his hand and tidied up the white hair on his head, then twitched his mouth.

“It’s fine as long as I didn’t. You didn’t say that artifacts weren’t allowed to use them either. You lost, stop trying to find excuses for yourself.”

Although Ye Zichen said all that, he did have a new understanding of Lil’ White after their spar earlier.

Mid stage Human Immortal.

This little fellow is the tsundere poodle who cheered everyone up while in the Modern Realm, but after living in the Three Realms for such a short length of time, he has already grown so much.

“Fine, I lost.”

The expression of Zuo Mo, who watched them fight on a nearby long chair, became even more strange as she looked towards Ye Zichen.

Divine artifact.

As the future leader of Treasure Tower, she could naturally tell a divine artifact from first glance.

The weapon Ye Zichen used was clearly a top item even amongst divine artifacts, since the artifact spirit knows how to use spiritual techniques to enhance the weapon. What’s more, judging from the weapon’s appearance, it seems to be Xuan-Yuan Sword, the one used by the Yellow Emperor during the primordial times.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Ye Zichen asked Zuo Mo as he returned Xuan-Yuan Sword to his arm.

Lil’ White walked over and said blatantly, “Perhaps Boss’s handsome image made her fall for you.”

“Keep speaking. Do you still want to get beaten up?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Lil’ White stuck out his chest and snorted, “Let’s go. This time, spiritual techniques are not forbidden.”

“Do you think I’m an idiot? Wouldn’t fighting you, who has Void Body, just be asking to get raped?”

“Chickening out, aren’t you?” Lil’ White rolled his eyes proudly.

Ye Zichen took this chance to smack Lil’ White’s head.

“Seriously, fine, you’re Boss. I accept you hitting me,” Lil’ White shrugged in submission.

Ye Zichen smiled, while his heart had completely calmed down.

Chatting with Lil’ White makes me feel like I’ve returned to the Modern Realm, but when I look at Lil’ White, who has already taken human form…

I suppose that peace is already history.

Beep. Beep.

The phone in Zuo Mo’s pocket rang. She instantly took out her phone to read a message, which caused a wry smile to appear on her face.

“I nearly forgot about this.”

“What happened?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Zuo Mo typed out a reply on her phone first, before responding, “My tribesmen were getting ready to save me. I just told them that I’m safe, so they have no need to worry, and can wait outside for me.”

“Your tribesmen care a lot about you!”

“Kind of. They might be more worried that if something happens to me, there won’t be anyone paying them a high salary anymore,” Zuo Mo merely skipped over the question with a joke.

Ye Zichen also nodded with a smile. Chatting with a person with high IQ and high EQ was sometimes full of pressure, but there was no doubt that it was very relaxing at times as well.

“Tell your tribesmen to help me speak to the Spiritual Breeze Villagers that I might not be returning in the near future,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“You’re not returning?”

“Mhmm, since I’ve finally met Lil’ White, I’m going to stay over here for a while. I can get Lil’ White to ask his people to send you back to the city if you want,” Ye Zichen smiled as he rubbed Lil’ White’s head.

Meanwhile, Lil’ White also repeatedly nodded, as if he was very happy for Ye Zichen to stay as well.

“I’m not going back if you aren’t,” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows, then sent the message.

When the tribesmen, who were waiting for her reply, saw the message…

“Tower Master, Young Lady said that she’s going to stay in the Endless Beast Region, but their relationship with us…”

“Let her!” the middle-aged man in the dragon carriage replied softly. “Since Lil’ Mo said that she doesn’t want to return, then don’t mind it. Do still leave some people here. If she runs into any trouble, then break in!”

“Understood!” the guest chamberlain nodded seriously. “Second Master just sent me a message as well, asking me about Young Lady’s situation.”

“Tell him the truth that Zuo Mo is in the Endless Beast Region.”

“Then wouldn’t that make the situation very dangerous for Young Lady?” the man holding the transmitter frowned.

The middle-aged man shrugged, “Don’t underestimate Lil’ Mo too much. She is the person who is going to inherit the entire Treasure Tower. If she can’t even deal with a situation like this, then what right does she have to inherit it all?”


After the man settled everything, the middle-aged man put down the curtains once again, “We’re going back.”

“Boss, just stay here in the future from now on,” Lil’ White pointed at a room with a chuckle. “There are two rooms here, just enough for the two of you to live together.”

“Together?” Ye Zichen was stunned.

However, the moment he said that, Zuo Mo pouted, “I didn’t even say anything yet, but why do I feel like you’re so unwilling?”

“No, I was just thinking that it would cause a negative effect on your reputation,” Ye Zichen smiled coyly.

Zuo Mo snorted softly, then walked around the room. “I feel like it’s fine. Give me in the room inside, and I’ll leave the room outside to you.”

“Yes, yes, yes. We’ll do what you say,” Ye Zichen didn’t dare to argue with her over it. Since she had already said that, then they’ll just do as she said.

Meanwhile, Lil’ White snickered on the side. It was obvious that he was in a great mood when he saw his boss hit a wall.

“Laugh, laugh your ass off!” Ye Zichen glared at him in annoyance.

At this moment, the Jail King also walked in.

During that period of time, Ye Zichen found out about the Jail King’s origin from Lil’ White. The Jail King’s original form is that of a Sky Swallowing Dog, and had been locked up in a cage by humans before he gained human form.

Since his childhood might have affected him too much, when he grew up, he began to enjoy locking people up as well.

He would never torture or force the enemies he captured to speak up. All he will do was just directly sealed the person spiritual energy, and lock him up in a dungeon.

Then, he would only go and meet the prisoner when the prisoner rings the bell, which signals their thinking everything through.

If the prison was stubborn, then the Jail King would just continuously imprison him. If one year didn’t work, then he would be locked up for two years; if two years didn’t work, then ten years…

Thus, the name of the Jail King was born.

“Young Master, the clan head has returned,” the Jail King bowed.

Lil’ White raised his eyebrows and smiled. “I understand, I’ll go over later,” then, he turned towards Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo. “Let’s go together. Even though you are my friends, I should tell him about you guys coming over here.”

“We’re both from the Immortal Region. Wouldn’t there be any issues after going over?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows in worry. Although the Immortal Region and the Beast Region did not get into any major conflict for a long time, the problems from the past still remained. What’s more, the spiritual beasts, who have existed since a long time ago, lacked any kind of good feelings towards the people of the Immortal Region.

However, Lil’ White merely smiled. “No, our clan head is different from that of those in the other beast clans. You’ll know after you go over with me to take a look!”

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Lil' White: Hmmph, I'll definitely beat you this time! Then I can be the boss. Muahahahahaha.

Ye Zichen: First things first, we're not allowed to use any spiritual techniques, got it?

Lil' White: Why?

Ye Zichen: Because Void Body's cheating.

Lil' White: Fine. No matter what, I'm a yao, I definitely have a stronger body than you.

Ye Zichen: Then let's start.

Lil' White: Take this!

Ye Zichen: Xiang-jie!

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