Chapter 495 Young Master Lil’ White

Chapter 495 – Young Master Lil’ White

As long as one wasn’t a complete idiot, they would be able to detect the white haired young man’s anger.

When Zhuge Hong saw that, she immediately began thinking about trying to create an opportunity to capture the white haired young man in order to exchange for Ye Zichen’s and Zuo Mo’s right to leave.

She had no other choice. In a fight, her chances of defeating the Jail King was fifty-fifty, but it was rather difficult for her if she wanted to get her people out.

“Sorry,” Zhuge Hong reached forward with a manifested hand, but the white haired young man knitted his eyebrows and faded away.

However, Zhuge Hong was only able to grab the white-haired figure’s afterimage. When she realized what had happened, she saw that the young man had already reappeared beside the Jail King.

“Void Body!” Zhuge Hong was stunned. That is an extremely high-leveled spiritual technique of spiritual beasts. From what I recall, only the Four Sacred Beasts, and the famous divine beasts know that technique.

The situation just became troublesome.

It was at that moment that she gradually got worried in her heart. She licked her lips, then walked over in front of Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo, “If it doesn’t go well later, then I will directly turn into a fire cage to trap them. Take that opportunity and run.”

“How could we? What about you?”

“I can use Nirvana as a last resort,” Zhuge Hong knitted her eyebrows. That was naturally her thinking of the worst-case scenario. As long as she was not pushed into a situation of despair, she definitely would not use a spiritual technique like that.

She turned to look at the white-haired young man. At that moment, he was looking in front of him with a frown, while the Jail King had a look of worry on his face.

“Young Master, are you injured?”

“How is that possible?” the white-haired young man rolled his eyes. “What’s with these two?”

“They were indecent people that I captured and imprisoned while I was on my way to the Immortal Region. That fire bird is the helper they called over.”


The young man smacked the Jail King’s head, then repeatedly cursed. “Looking indecent. What the hell let you capture them!? Capture them!? Capture them!?”

Every single time the young man said a sentence, he would smack the fatty’s head once, causing the fatty to scramble away, until he finally ran to a corner of the dungeon and answered with a troubled look, “Young Master, what are you doing? Didn’t you make me the chairman of the discipline committee? Didn’t you tell me to capture whoever is acting indecently!?”

“You still dare to talk back?” the young man smacked the fatty’s head, causing the fatty to immediately look down and stop speaking.

For some reason, Ye Zichen felt the scene to be rather familiar. This tone used, and the actions he’s doing… It’s clearly like when I was teaching Lil’ White a lesson.

“You know who that guy is? He’s my f*cking boss! I told you to go to the Immortal Region to invite him over as a guest. You actually dared to lock him up in the dungeon,” the white-haired young man cursed, then raised his hand high. “I really want to smack the crap out of you!”

With that, the young man immediately ran towards Ye Zichen excitedly.

Zhuge Hong still wanted to capture him, but the young man merely smiled.

“Pretty sister, don’t think about catching me. You can’t!”

Zhuge Hong stopped for a moment when she heard his reply. That is true. I really can’t do anything to a divine beast with Void Body.

The white-haired young man also ran in front of Ye Zichen with a laugh as she hesitated.

“Boss, sorry. Fatty’s simple-minded, so much offense was caused just now!”

“Lil’… White?” Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner.

The white-haired young man immediately nodded excitedly, “Yes, yes, yes, it’s me.”


The young man, who was in human form, instantly turned into a white poodle, who wagged his tail beside Ye Zichen. Not long later, he turned back into human form once again with a smile.

“It’s really you, little fellow,” Ye Zichen’s face lit up, and knocked Lil’ White on the head. “You kiddo. It seems like you’ve got a pretty good life in the Endless Beast Region. You can actually take human form now!”

That was already an interaction that Ye Zichen and Lil’ White had gotten used to, but the Jail King immediately got angry when he saw what had happened.

“You brat, you actually dared to knock Young Master’s head.”

“Why are you still not understanding? Can’t you tell what’s going on?” Lil’ White knitted his eyebrows and smacked the fatty’s head, then cursed. “This is my f*cking boss. Do you want me to explain it to you once again?”

Both Zhuge Hong and Zuo Mo were stunned. Boss?

What’s going on?

After Lil’ White taught the Jail King another lesson, he ran back excitedly, then glanced towards Zuo Mo, “This is a new sis?”

“Don’t randomly say things,” Ye Zichen glared.

Normally speaking, Zuo Mo would not speak to Lil’ White before understanding the situation clearly, but when she heard his words…

“You said new sis. Did this guy have any other women before?”

“I made a mistake,” Lil’ White quickly covered his mouth, then nodded with a blink. “I didn’t say anything. My boss is so pure. You made a mistake!”

“Stop acting like an idiot here,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Lil’ White, then frowned. “Hurry up and get me out of here. It’s so damn uncomfortable in this shitty dungeon.”

Thus, Ye Zichen and co. finally left the dark dungeon under Lil’ White’s lead, and saw daylight once more.

The moment they got out, Zhuge Hong also said that she was going to leave first since she wasn’t needed anymore.

Ye Zichen naturally expressed his thanks towards her, while she floated away after telling Ye Zichen to “Stop by the Phoenix race when you have time”.

When they arrived at a square pavilion, the Jail King stood behind Lil’ White like a bodyguard, but he still maintained the disgust in his eyes when he looked towards Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo.

It wasn’t due to them, but rather, it was due to their ‘impure relationship’.

“Zuo Mo, just take off that hat.”

The fatty really seems a bit dumb. Even at this moment, he still didn’t realize that Zuo Mo’s a woman.

Zuo Mo could only take off her hat unwillingly. However, when the Jail King saw Zuo Mo’s long black hair fall down, his eyes became wide open.

“A woman!”

“Heh!” Zuo Mo snorted coldly.

Lil’ White also rolled his eyes, “Just how blind do you have to be to treat her as a dude? What’s more, my boss is a guy with late-stage straight cancer. Him… gay? If he was truly gay, then I would have been done in ages ago!”

“Why didn’t you say you’re a woman earlier? I thought that you two…”

“Hehe!” Zuo Mo maintained her cold attitude. As someone with the heart of a queen, she naturally could not hold any good feelings towards the fatty after being put through so much.

“Boss, the girl you found this time doesn’t seem to have too good of a temper,” Lil’ White said carefully when he noticed Zuo Mo’s expression.

“I told you to not speak recklessly. Do you want to get beaten up?” Ye Zichen raised his hand to knock Lil’ White’s head.

However, Lil’ White did not let him succeed. He merely put his hands on his waist and laughed, “You still want to hit me? I’m telling you, if we fight properly right now, the victor is definitely not guaranteed!”

“Oh?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows with a smile. “Let’s give it a try?”

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