Chapter 494 Zhuge Hong of the Phoenix Race

Endless Beast Region.

That damned fatty actually took us to the Endless Beast Region!

“Damn it!” Ye Zichen cursed silently, then threw the phone back into Zuo Mo’s hands before taking out his own phone out from his pocket.

I would be able to contact Su Yan and the others if I have connection here…

“It would be very troublesome for people from the Rogue Immortal’s Immortal Region to come over to the Endless Beast Region. Even if my tribesmen forcefully break through to take me back, it would have to wait until all the Sky Immortal level experts gather together,” Zuo Mo smiled. That was when she noticed the phone in Ye Zichen’s hand. “Why do you have one as well?”

“You talking about this?” Ye Zichen lifted his phone. When he saw Zuo Mo’s nod, he merely replied. “By chance!”

Talking about the Modern Realm’s situation would cause her to ask a lot of questions.

At that moment, he wasn’t in the mood to answer any of them. He merely wanted to escape from the dark dungeon.

“Just what can help us leave this place…” Ye Zichen opened up the Treasure Chest in his WeChat. There was no need for him to think about the Treasure Store since he was only able to buy stuff when there was internet. Thus, all he could do was to hope for there to be something within his Treasure Chest.

Marriage Strings.

Ghost Controlling Sigil x1.

Thousand Li Tracking Sigils.

None of those were of any help to Ye Zichen. Thus, he subconsciously thought of asking the system for help. Yet, no matter how much he called out, he didn’t get any reply at all.

“Just wait. My tribesmen definitely won’t make me stay in the Endless Beast Region for too long. They will definitely try to find a way to save us,” Zuo Mo answered with certainty.

However, at that very moment, Ye Zichen suddenly noticed a jade tablet.

This jade tablet…

I think it was left by Zhuge Kongming’s mom when she came to take him back when we were in the Modern Realm after I took him in.

She had told me back then that I can break this tablet when I’m in danger, and she’d definitely come to save me.

But all of the situations that came afterwards were either ones that I could deal with, or ones that nobody would be able to.

Thus, the jade tablet had been left lying within the Treasure Chest.

What I need right now is a person who can get me out of here, but would this jade tablet actually work?

“I can do nothing but try it!” Ye Zichen clenched his teeth, then withdrew the jade tablet and shattered it!

“I thought you would never use this jade tablet in your life,” a soft chuckle suddenly was heard in the dungeon.

Not long later, Zhuge Hong, who was wearing a red dress, appeared within Ye Zichen’s jail room with a smile.

It’s actually of use!

Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up.

“Lady Zhuge.”

“You actually got locked up in a jail cell. This seems to be the territory of the Endless Beast Region?” Zhuge Hong raised her eyebrows, then grabbed Ye Zichen’s shoulder. “Since I promised to help you once, then I’ll take you out right now.”

“Wait,” Ye Zichen raised his hand, then pointed towards Zuo Mo, who was in the jail cell opposite him, under the confused gaze of Zhuge Hong. “Two people!”

“This is a really good deal for you isn’t it? Buy one, get one free?” Zhuge Hong chuckled, but didn’t say anymore. She merely raised her hand and melted the jail doors that Ye Zichen nor Zuo Mo wasn’t able to do anything about, and let them both out. “Let’s go!”

Just as Zhuge Hong was about to take the two away, a loud sound rang out at the entrance to the dungeon.

“Who dares to act outrageously on the Jail King’s turf!” Fatty held a chicken leg with his oily hands. From the looks of it, he seemed to have went out to get a good meal.

When Zhuge Hong saw him, she also let Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo go before smiling, “I wonder these two youngsters did to anger Lord Jail King? You actually imprisoned them here…”

“These two kids were acting immorally. I must imprison them till they’re acting proper, and make them realize their own mistakes,” the fatty wiped away the oil at the corner of his mouth and chuckled. “But you seem to have heard my name, yet you dare to come and grab someone from me?”

“Who doesn’t know the Jail King who is one of the Three Kings of the Endless Beast Region. But this lady owes it to these two youngsters, so I must bring them away today,” Zhuge Hong smiled, then pushed Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo behind her, while her warm gaze turned sharp.

Her body emitted a red light, which gradually turned into scorching flames.

“Phoenix!” the fatty was stunned. However, he didn’t say anything more. The authority of the Jail King was not to be challenged. Those indecent people must be imprisoned.


The fatty let out a howl that was both like that of a wolf’s and a dogs, while Zhuge Hong’s hair and pupils turned red.

She began to sing out with the voice of a phoenix, while a transparent figure of a phoenix began to solidify behind her.

“You actually know the Endless Beast Region’s Phoenix race. They are nobility in the Beast Region!’ Zuo Mo covered her mouth and exclaimed. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched… Zhuge Hong is at least of the mid stage Sky Immortal level, but someone like her actually stayed in the Modern Realm…

If she had the ambition to conquer the Modern Realm, then the demon race wouldn’t have been able to do anything against her!

“Phoenix, if you retreat now, then this king can allow you to leave. If you continue to act foolishly, then don’t blame this king for not caring about our connections with the Beast Region!” the fatty’s body began to turn thin, and an incomparably sharp aura radiated out from his body.

“After taking these two children away, I will go over to the Tiangou[1] race and turn myself in for my crime!” Zhuge Hong’s expression turned more serious, as a ball of scorching flames flew out from her body towards the fatty.

The fatty had nowhere to dodge in such a tiny area…

He forcefully blocked the ball of fire, only to find a huge heat wave surging towards him.


At that moment, the door to the dungeon was kicked open, and a white-haired young man in a white robe appeared. When he felt the temperature of the dungeon, he took a step back and cursed, “Fatty, what the heck are you doing? How is the thing Lord White told you to go and do going?”

The young man frowned, while Zhuge Hong noticed…

A chance!

She raised her hand and sent a flaming hand towards the young man.

The fatty frowned in anger, “Don’t you even think about hurting Young Master.”

He forcefully shattered the flaming hand, and punched Zhuge Hong, before quickly taking a few steps back and blocking the way in front of the young man.

“What’s going on? You’re in a fight!” the young man raised his eyebrows as if he was watching a show.

The fatty knitted his eyebrows, “Young Master, it’s dangerous here. It’s better if you don’t stay here!”

“What’s dangerous about it? Won’t you protect me? Fight, do continue fighting. I’m going to watch here,” the young man disregarded the fatty’s advice, and walked forward a few more steps with a chuckle.

However, when he saw Zhuge Hong and co. who were in the dungeon after walking down the steps…

“Fatty, get the f*ck over here right now!”

  1. Tiangou (天狗) are dogs capable of eating the sun or the moon.

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