Chapter 492 Discipline Committee

Chapter 492 – Discipline Committee

In the blink of an eye, Ye Zichen had already ascended to the Immortal Region for a month.

During that period of time, his strength did not improve all that much, but he was no longer the clueless kid in terms of his knowledge of the Three Realms.

At that moment, he was sitting obediently on the martial field, and listening to the teacher lecture. Although he was already at the Human Immortal level, and equal to the teacher who was teaching them, he merely had the spiritual energy for that level, but did not know how to use it. He would often waste too much spiritual energy. That was why he chose to listen in on the lessons on how to control the release of spiritual energy at will.

“I don’t remember you being such a hardworking person,” Zuo Mo appeared in men’s attire.

Ye Zichen glanced over to the teacher, who nodded, before taking her to the square pavilion in the courtyard.

“Has there been any progress?”

He had already asked Zuo Mo to help him search for the white pendant on the the day after he had found Yellow Hair. However, since white jade pendants were far too common, even after limiting the search area to those above human grade, the search still did not progress that much.

“Can’t we chat about anything else? Every time I come over, you would ask me how it is going. Can’t you care about whether I’m tired or something?” Zuo Mo looked over at Ye Zichen sadly.

Ye Zichen intentionally ignored her question, “Then what did you come here for?”

So dense. Zuo Mo wrinkled her nose, while getting a bit annoyed.

Just go out and ask around, when have I, the young lady of the Zuo family and the number one successor of the Treasure Tower, ever treated anyone like that?

I’ve been doing everything in person, and proactively come and meet you at least twice a day.

Anyone else would be beyond excited, but you…

Are just acting like a dead person. Aside from breathing and speaking, you really don’t care about anything else.

You’re really pissing me off!

Zuo Mo clenched her fist, then grabbed Ye Zichen by the collar and begun drag him out before he even realized what was going on. “Come shopping with this lady!”

“Ye Zichen, will you please buy this doll for me?” Zuo Mo shook Ye Zichen’s arm and asked him with an extremely coquettish tone.

With the Zuo Family’s fortune, or the fortune of the Treasure Tower, this lady might even be able to buy the Moon Palace.

However, she didn’t want to buy the doll herself, she merely wanted Ye Zichen to gift it to her.

Yet, she seemed to have forgotten that she was dressed as a man. It wasn’t hard to imagine how other people reacted to two men going out to buy a doll, and one of the men holding the other man and acting in a coquettish manner.

All of the other people turned to the side, and even the shopkeeper looked at them weirdly.

“Okay? Okay?” Zuo Mo continued to ask coquettishly as if she didn’t notice the gazes of the other people. The truth was that she did notice, but she still wanted to continue doing that…

Without her current attire, she was Zuo Mo, a famous and controversial person in the Eastern Continent.

When that happens, it was impossible for her to ask to be spoiled by any man, much less the one she was intrigued by. The news of that would be terrible for both her and the (un)lucky man.

Thus, she could only act like that to do something she wanted to do normally, but didn’t dare to.

“Alright, I’ll buy it!” Ye Zichen couldn’t stand the woman’s torture anymore, thus, he took out a few celeste to buy the doll, and gave it to Zuo Mo.

“You’re amazing.”


Zuo Mo tiptoed, hen kissed Ye Zichen on the cheek.

At that very moment, Ye Zichen, the surrounding people, and the shopkeeper were completely stunned.

Two men…

“Can you two men have some face. You’re actually showing this such of public display of affection in broad daylight. Don’t you know that it’s indecent!?” in the surroundings, a fatty couldn’t stand it anymore. Acting coquettishly was one thing, but these two actually kissed!

“We can do whatever we want. What does that have to do with you?” Zuo Mo held Ye Zichen’s face, then tiptoed and pecked his lips. “You see that? I didn’t kiss his face this time. What are you going to do about it?”

“Heh, kiss him again if you dare!”

Zuo Mo immediately kissed Ye Zichen again without any hesitation. During that, Ye Zichen merely stood still like a puppet. He looked at the robed fatty in shock, and Zuo Mo, who had begun to blush…

Are these two working together to take advantage of me!?

“Damn fatty, you actually want to control us? What right do you have!?” Zuo Mo snorted.

“Wow, you’re arguing with grandpa, huh? Grandpa had important business coming here, but as the chairman of the discipline committee, I feel so annoyed when I see the two of you!” with that, the fatty, who was several tens of meters away from Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo, turned into a bolt of lightning and appeared in front of them.

“You are causing damage to people’s decency, so you’re arrested!” Fatty raised his hand towards Zuo Mo and Ye Zichen.

The moment he made the move, the Treasure Tower guest chamberlains, who were protecting Zuo Mo in secret, also appeared, “Sir, stop right there!”

“Helpers? Puny Human Immortal… F*ck off!”


The fatty kicked away the two complete stage Human Immortal level experts with a few angry kicks.

Both Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo were stunned when he saw that.

Sky Immortal?

Could this fatty be a Sky Immortal?


Ye Zichen pointed towards the fatty, causing him to be frozen on the spot.

Then, using this chance, Ye Zichen grabbed Zuo Mo’s hand and began to run frantically.

“Can you contact the people from your Treasure Tower? Hurry up and tell them to come save us!” Ye Zichen shouted at Zuo Mo as he ran.

He kicked the two Human Immortals to a pulp so easily… This fatty is truly a bit outrageously strong.

However, at that moment, the Fatty, who had been frozen on the spot, appeared in front of Ye Zichan and Zuo Mo once again. “Brat, you’re from the Endless Beast Region?

“Run, and leave this place to me,” Ye Zichen pushed Zuo Mo behind him, then completely released the Human Immortal level spiritual energy from his body.

“Heh, you’re not even as strong as the two kids from earlier, yet you want to fight me?” Fatty snorted. “But it doesn’t matter if you are from the Endless Beast Region or not, you have to abide by the Immortal Region’s rules when you’re here!”


Ye Zichen wasn’t even able to withstand the fatty’s spiritual energy, and when Zuo Mo, who had just began to run, saw Ye Zichen’s situation.

“I, Zuo Mo, have never ran away in my entire life!” Zuo Mo shouted, and released the spiritual energy from her body.

The fatty raised his eyebrows, “You two youngsters, both of you are Human Immortals… You clearly have good talent, but why is your sexual preference abnormal? For the budding future of the Immortal Region, it seems like I have to turn you two straight!”

He slowly released a black mist from his body, which quickly engulfed Ye Zichan and Zuo Mo.

“Go, Path of Ten Thousand Reincarnations. If you two are still not straight, then… Heh, grandpa will call you daddy!”

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