Chapter 490 Han Ba

Chapter 490 – Han Ba

We’re all screwed!

It’s that serious?

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine when he heard Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s words, and saw how serious her expression was.

“Just what is that jade pendant for? Is it really that serious?”

“You want to know what that jade pendant is for?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang squinted her eyes and raised her eyebrows. “Han Ba is sealed inside.”

Han Ba!

One of the four zombie progenitors.

And the Yellow Emperor’s daughter.

Rumor had it that after Han Ba died in a battle, she absorbed the corpse energy from the battlefield, and became the first zombie.

“Han Ba had died in a battle before I even appeared with the Yellow Emperor. I only had found out about it from the Yellow Emperor after the dragon race created me. I only heard the Yellow Emperor mention just how strong Han Ba was. Back then, the demon realm’s Chiyou called upon the Heavenly Court’s Count of Wind and Lord of Rain, but neither of them were able to do anything to Han Ba!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s expression was filled with solemnity.

Hearing her words, Yellow Hair didn’t even dare to breathe. Even though he didn’t understand what she and his boss were talking about, he knew that he had done something horribly wrong.

“Why would the jade pendant appear with him?”

“Lin Meng was proficient in sealing techniques, so the Yellow Emperor left the jade pendant with him. But this brat is great, he actually went and sold it. You actually dared to sell it for a measly ten celeste. Even that sky graded white jade is priceless, seriously…” Xuan-Yuan Xiang repeatedly shook her head as she snickered.

Yellow Hair lowered his head and muttered, “I didn’t know. Why are you so mean! Why are all the women beside Boss so scary!”

“You actually dare to retort to me?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang really wanted to slap Yellow Hair. He actually lost such an important thing. The fact that I can control my emotions, and haven’t quartered him is already very lucky.

“Alright now. Don’t think pessimistically all the time. Although the jade pendant was lost, it doesn’t mean that other people know that Han Ba is sealed within it, right?” Ye Zichen smiled and comforted her.

However, Xuan-Yuan Xiang pursed her lips, “What if I tell you that the seal would eventually loosen, I wonder…”


Ye Zichen directly slapped Yellow Hair’s head without letting Xuan-Yuan Xiang finish. If Han Ba comes out during this period of time without anyone reinforcing the seal…

Then everyone is well and truly screwed!

“You didn’t keep it, and instead sold it for a bite to eat. Seriously, are you a pig!?”

“Never mind, stop getting angry with him,” what made Ye Zichen even more speechless was that Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who was just going to murder Yellow Hair, actually told him to not get angry at Yellow Hair…

“The one to get angry first was you!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, but then I thought about it. Getting angry is useless. Call that Zuo Mo girl over tomorrow. Isn’t she rather capable around here? Ask her to help us search for it.”

“I suppose we can only do that!”

Ye Zichen knocked Yellow Hair on the head. It seems like I’m going to have to cooperate with Zuo Mo again.

I wonder what I payment I need to offer up this time. I used Barrier Breaking Pills last time, do I have to give her Barrier Breaking Pills this time as well?

When Ye Zichen returned to the manor, he saw smoke slowly swirl up from the courtyard.

Even though the Spiritual Breeze Villagers had moved to the city, they still maintained the simple atmosphere they had while they were in the village. Although they weren’t living a life of farming and sewing, their habits did not change all too much.

Four round tables were placed in the pavilion in the middle of the courtyard. All of the villagers gathered at them, and chatted about Xue Lan’s cancellation of her engagement.

“Kid, you went out for an entire day again!” Stone, who was chatting with the villagers, laughed loudly and stood up.

Xue Qi yanked Stone’s arm after hearing the way he addressed Ye Zichen, as if he was telling Stone not to act so recklessly.

Ye Zichen, who noticed that, wrapped his arm around Stone’s shoulder, and walked in front of Xue Qi.


“Village Chief Xue, just treat me as that little miner I was before. Otherwise, I feel really awkward by your differential treatment. If you continue like this, then I’m not staying with the Spiritual Breeze Village anymore,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Xue Qi smiled, “But we can’t exactly disregard our manners.”

“What manners,” Stone rolled his eyes. “Brother Ye Zichen isn’t someone who cares about so much. Just act like how you’re supposed to. Why are you acting like a woman… Look at me and him, we’re still the same as before!”

“Big Brother Stone is right,” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Then… alright!” Xue Qi nodded after a brief hesitated, then set his gaze upon Yellow Hair.

“This guy is a subordinate of mine before I ascended. Give him a place to stay!”

False Earth Immortal subordinate!

Xue Qi couldn’t help but gasp silently. Human Immortal level experts are truly different, even False Earth Immortal level experts can only be his subordinates.

Yet, just a subordinate-level person made the Zhou family have a wonderous life.

However, that was already history. The situation of the Victorious Village compared to Spiritual Breeze Village was now like heaven and earth.

Ignoring Victorious Village, even some normal families and clans might not be in as good of a spot as Spiritual Breeze Village currently was.

Right now, the entire garden was filled with spiritual herbs, all of the people had earth grade spiritual reassures as weapons, and were able to cultivate any attribute they wanted. All of that made them seem like a mid to large sized family.

The person who brought all that, was the ascender Xue Qi had only taken in reluctantly only as an act of kindness.

“Although, then I’ll settle this brother beside Brother Ye’s room. I wonder how I should address this brother?”

“My name is Wang Meng, but Boss and my bros all call me Yellow Hair,” Yellow Hair pointed at his yellow colored hair and chuckled.

“Brother Wang!” Xue Qi answered courteously. Ye Zichen dared to call him Yellow Hair, but Xue Qi didn’t. No matter what, Wang Meng was a False Earth Immortal level expert, so Xue Qi felt like he should be more respectful.

“Hehe, it’s meal time,” Xue Lan walked over with a chuckle, while the Spiritual Breeze Village’s women followed behind her.

When she saw Ye Zichen, she immediately put down the dishes, and wrapped her arms around him, “Zichen-gege, when did you come back?”

This intimate gesture caused quite a few different reactions from people. Stone and his wife both nodded with a little nod.

On the other hand, Xue Qi raised his eyebrows, but didn’t say anymore.

“Zichen-gege, hurry up and sit,” Xue Lan pulled Ye Zichen and told him to sit town.

Yellow Hair quickly sat down beside Ye Zichen as well, but Xue Lan glared at him with a pout, “Who are you, why are you sitting beside Zichen-gege.”

“Wh-What’s wrong with me sitting beside Boss.”

“Little Yellow Hair, you don’t get it. Come side beside your Big Brother Stone,” Stone patted the space beside him.

Yellow Hair blinked, then quickly ran over. At that moment, Xue Lan also chuckled, then sit down beside Ye Zichen.

The meal completely stuffed Ye Zichen, mainly because Xue Lan continuously put food into his bowl, and put on an expression like “I’m going to cry if you don’t eat it”.

Thus, Ye Zichen could only forcefully eat three large bowls of rice.

Then, after dinner, Ye Zichen went to a place without anyone else to smoke.

However, at that very moment, a dark figure walked out behind him.

“Do you have time? Let’s chat.”

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