Chapter 49 The Great Sage’s Life-Saving Monkey Hair

Chapter 49 – The Great Sage’s Life-Saving Monkey Hair

Liu Qing’s expression turned more and more unnatural. She stared closely at Ye Zichen for a few moments.

Then, she reminded him of treating the issue properly before returning into the Dragon Eye.

Ye Zichen only felt that Liu Qing was a bit weird, but he didn’t think too much into it.

At the same time, with in Bingcheng’s Xiao family home.

“Dad, your body condition does not allow you to mess around like this.”

Su Qihu frowned as he sat on the sofa, while looking at Elder Su, who was grabbing the gourd tightly.

“I know my body the best. There is only benefits and no drawbacks for me to drink this wine.”

“You can’t be like this…”

“Stop bullshitting, just who’s the father here!”

Old Man Su straightened his back, causing Su Qihu to instantly give up and shrug.

“Dad, I’m doing this for your own good.”

“Heh, stop saying useless stuff with this old man. I must keep the monkey wine.”

Su Qihu could only show a helpless expression as he looked at Elder Su, who was not backing down. After a long while he finally let out a long sigh and said.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. But you definitely cannot be greedy. You truly can’t drink too much wine with your body.”

Seeing that Su Qihu gave in, Elder Su showed a satisfied smile and nodded.

“This old man knows this. I still want to live to the day that my darling granddaughter gets married!”

Su Qihu also nodded slightly. At this moment, Old Man Su put the gourd to the side, then leaned forward.

“What do you think about that lad?

“Which one?” Su Qihu asked in confusion.

“The one that saved Lil’ Yan and I today,” Old Man Su reminded.

“Nothing special,” Su Qihu shook his head. When he saw Old Man Su’s dark expression, he momentarily blanked and said, “Dad, you can’t be wanting Su Yan to go out with that sort of person, right? I’m telling you. I definitely will not agree!”

“Why are you not agreeing, Lil’ Ye is a great kid. What? Do you want to use Lil’ Yan in a political marriage?”

Old Man Su glared, Su Qihu did not intend to give in at all.

“Dad, this is definitely impossible. Even if I don’t use Lil’ Yan in a political marriage, I won’t put her in the hands of those sort of people.”

“That means you want to?”

“Don’t care about whether I want to or not. I said no, so it’s no!”

With that, Su Qihu turned around and walked outside.

Su Yan walked down from the second floor, she had heard Elder Su and Su Qihu’s entire conversation.

“Grandpa, will my dad truly use me for a political marriage? I don’t want to. I don’t want to live the kind of life where a single word makes me spend the rest of my life with someone I’ve never even met.”

Elder Su patted her head when he saw his darling granddaughter’s sad eyes.

“Grandpa will not let you become a sacrifice. What’s more, your dad won’t do that sort of thing.”

“But what he said just now…”

“He was just mad at me,” Old Man Su smiled. Then he looked at the green gourd on the side, “Since you don’t want a political marriage, what do you think about being with Lil’ Ye?”

“I…” Su Yan hesitated for a long time, then murmured. “I don’t dislike him.”

“Not disliking is liking,” Old Man Su chuckled and picked up the green gourd. “Alright, go back and rest. Just leave the rest of the stuff for grandpa to handle.”




Ye Zichen was woken up from his sweet dream by the sound of WeChat. He blurrily found his phone.

Ever since he had brought Liu Qing, this little ghost girl back, she would wake him up at seven o’clock sharp every day.

She was even more accurate than an alarm.

For once Liu Qing didn’t wake him, his phone, his phone just had to ring.

He picked up his phone and unlocked the screen.

F*ck, no wonder Liu Qing didn’t call him yet, it’s only f*cking six thirty.

Who the hell sends him a message so early in the morning.

Ye Zichen, who was still sleepy, looked at his phone…

“You finally live, my great sage.”

All of a sudden, he was completely devoid of sleepiness.

Ye Zichen gulped and sat up from the bed and opened the chat with the Great Sage.

Monkey King: Haha, I’ve returned!

Monkey King: This trip truly tired I, Old Sun, out.

Tired out?

He went to work?

Ye Zichen thought about it a while, then sent a message in a testing manner.

“Great Sage, where did you go to work?”


Instant reply!

Monkey King: You should also know that us deities are not like mortals. Our lives are extremely long. Recently, the Heavenly Court has been a bit crowded, that old brat, the Jade Emperor, told I, Old Sun, to clean up the barbaric places and expand our land.

So he went to take over territories.

Ye Zichen smiled understandingly, then started chatting with him.

Ye Zichen: Who went to expand the land? I saw that none of the celestial friends seemed to have gone.

Monkey King: He, there’s no need for that many people to clean up the barbaric lands. I, Old Sun, with a Jingu Bang is enough. Oh yeah, Erlang Shen wanted to steal Old Sun’s job, and so I beat him up.


No wonder Erlang Shen didn’t take the initiative to find him recently, it seems like he got beaten by the monkey king, so he had to tend to his wounds.

However, that Erlang Shen was his sworn brother, so he did feel a bit bad.

Yet, in Ye Zichen’s heart, he still wanted to become sworn brothers with the Great Sage.

He was definitely the number one existence in the Heavenly Court since he could beat up Erlang Shen!

He definitely had to get on good terms with that person.

Ye Zichen rubbed his hands and looked around the room. He noticed that there was a cup noodle that Zhu Yubai had left from when he was playing games the previosu day.




Monkey King received your red packet.

Monkey King: Hehe, what treasure is this now?

Ye Zichen: This is something that this little deity received in a secret location. Since the Great Sage has been troubled having to fight in the barbaric lands, this little deity does’t have much to give to Great Sage. Thus, I can only use a cup noodle to express my thoughts.

Monkey King: Cup noodles?

Ye Zichen’s heart leaped.

He actually accidentally said the name out. But no worries, he could save it.

Ye Zichen: This is the name this little deity had given it. It is called cup noodle…

Ye Zichen blabbered a bunch of stuff to the Monkey King. He was clear about the monkey’s personality, this sort of knowledge was like Xuanzang reading scriptures.

Monkey King: Alright, just tell Old Sun how to eat it.

Ye Zichen: Soak it in water.

Monkey King: Alright, Old Sun understands.


Your intimacy level with Monkey King increased by 5. Current intimacy level: 175. It is 25 away from Trusted.

The Intimacy Level increased again.

Although the increase was a bit little this time, it was still better than nothing.

Not long later, the Monkey King replied with an awkward emoji.

Monkey King: I, Old Sun, doesn’t have anything nice on hand to give you.

Ye Zichen: No worries, it’s fine with the Great Sage’s intention.

Monkey King: That’s no good. I, Old Sun, is not that kind of person that likes to take advantage of people.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but twitch his mouth. Did the Great Sage not take much advantage of people in Journey to the West?

He would just pocket whatever nice stuff he saw. The people at the Heavenly Court were unable to do anything about it.


Ye Zichen momentarily blanked, he didn’t think that the Great Sage really would send something.

He clicked open the red packet.

You received Monkey King’s red packet.

Life-Saving Monkey Hair x1

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