Chapter 488 Acquaintance

Chapter 488 – Acquaintance

Ye Zichen was left all alone in the room after Zuo Mo left.

He put his phone onto the table, then supported his head with his hands, “It’s all been dealt with.”


The moment he said that, the phone on the table rang, and a system notification popped up on the screen.

System Notification: That’s correct. You dealt with it very well. It seems like it won’t take long for the entire Eastern Continent to know of your existence.

“Are you sure that they will really come and find me after doing that?”

Actually, Ye Zichen did have some selfish reasons for causing havoc at the Azure Sky Pavilion.

He had gotten separated from everyone else after ascending to the Immortal Region. Thus, if he wanted to find everyone else in that ocean of people, not only was it too inefficient, the chances of him even being able to do so were too low.

No matter what, the Azure Sky Pavilion was one of the peak powers, by causing havoc there…

The others should be able to hear about him, and come over!

System Notification: At the very least, it’ll be a lot easier to find you compared to when you were completely nameless.

“That’s true,” Ye Zichen smiled. At the same time, the system also sent another notification.

System notification: No need to think about so much. Those allies who favor you will appear by your side in the end no matter what. However, your actions just now are going to cause trouble a bit of trouble for you. Pay attention to that.

Ye Zichen had already anticipated what the system just mentioned.

However, one wasn’t worried about more trouble when already surrounded trouble. He was trouble himself, and if he was afraid of people causing trouble for him, then Ye Zichen might as well just directly tell the system to kill him.

Thus, he merely returned his phone to his pocket, then left the restaurant.

The moment he walked out of the restaurant entrance, a voluptuous woman wearing a white flowery dress walked up to him.

“You’re looking for me?” Ye Zichen looked around, and noticed that there wasn’t anyone else around him.

“Didn’t you tell me to come and find you? Why are you so shocked? Do you think that I could eat you?” the way the lady spoke was of a huge difference to how she appeared.

Ye Zichen stared at her in shock for a while…

“Stone Fairy?”

“Shhh,” the lady quickly covered his mouth. “What Stone Fairy, I’m called Blue Lotus Fairy now.”


So basically, she is Stone Fairy!

As the two wandered on the streets, since Blue Lotus Fairy was a fairy of the Heavenly Court, when it coupled with her nice figure and looks, plenty of men turned their heads to look at her.

However, Ye Zichen, who was chatting with her did not think so much. Seriously… this fairy…

“What did you say? You want me to be the teacher for the makeup lesson for those fairies? Stop kidding me. How could I have time when I have dates all the time!” The moment she spoke, her rough personality was immediately revealed.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but facepalm and sigh.

Yet, at that very moment, three or four lecherous looking men surrounded them.

“Beauty, interested in coming to play with us?” the man with huge eyebags asked.

Ye Zichen was completely speechless.

Seriously, why are people like this everywhere. If this was in the Modern World, they would literally just be delinquents and rascals! However, Ye Zichen was not going to make a move. Blue Lotus Fairy was of the Sky Immortal level herself, and the men only barely reached the Spiritual Body level…

They’re going to get beaten up so quick!

Yet, Blue Lotus Fairy did not actually make a move immediately. She quickly put on the appearance of a frightened girl and looked around in a way that sought help.

“Can anyone help? There are bad people here.”

The surrounding people did want to help, but they all trembled and stopped in their tracks when they saw the four people. Those four people were famous bad people in the city, and were named the “Four Evil Men.”.

The four of then didn’t have great power, but they did have people backing them.

Their big boss was the greatest bandit leader just outside the city, and his people would do all sorts of atrocious acts.

“Hey, beauty, don’t be scared. We aren’t bad people,” the rascals all thought that Blue Lotus Fairy was scared, so they immediately smiled and walked closer while displaying their yellowed teeth. At the same time, they also snorted towards Ye Zichen with frowns. “Grandson, don’t interrupt this lord’s business. F*ck off.”

“F*ck, am I not charming enough? Why is no one coming to help even after shouting for so long? The Immortal Region is really no good, why are there just a bunch of pussies here,” Blue Lotus fairy cursed. She raised her hand and ripped the sides of the bottom of her skirt, then kicked the four bad people with her white legs. “If you want to pick me up, then at least brush your teeth, ya’ know?”

The sudden change in attitude turned everyone speechless. Ye Zichen also gulped silently. No wonder this woman could arm wrestle Yang Jian, she’s definitely a female tyrannosaur!

“You youngsters actually aren’t doing good, and want to take advantage of good peasant women on the streets… You guys are definitely unlucky since you met me. This time, treat it as me eradicating evil!”


She easily broke then men’s legs, then grabbed the collar of one of them.

After throwing him out by ten-odd meters with a shoulder throw, she did the same to all of the others.

“You actually dared to bully the subordinates of I, Yellow Hair Bro. Speak up your name, who are you!” an angry shout sounded out behind them.

Blue Lotus Fairy rubbed her nose, then tilted her head, “I did it. Skinny, what do you want to do!”

However, the young man immediately smiled in excitement, and ran over when he saw the Blue Lotus Fairy and Ye Zichen.

Seeing that, Blue Lotus Fairy immediately thought that he was attacking her.


She easily dislocated the Yellow Hair’s arm, then kicked him down so that he kneeled on the ground.

“You want to attack me? Heh…”

“Ouchie ouchie, it hurts!” Yellow Hair bared his teeth and shouted. “We’re on the same side. Sis, don’t attack me, we’re on the same side!”

“Who’s on the same side as you!? I've never seen you before,” Blue Lotus Fairy frowned.

Yellow Hair immediately tuned towards Ye Zichen, “Boss!”

That completely shocked Blue Lotus Fairy. She quickly glanced towards Ye Zichen with raised eyebrows. “You know him?”

“I don’t think so?” Ye Zichen replied in confusion.

Hearing that, Yellow Hair immediately shouted out, “Boss, it’s me! Super Saiyan, transform!”

That instantly caused Ye Zichen to recall who he was.

How did this kid get over here? And he actually has the strength of a False Earth Immortal.

“Release him, I do know this brat.”


Blue Fairy immediately re-attached the kid’s arm. Then, Yellow Hair scrambled up, then ran into Ye Zichen’s arms and sobbed, “Boss, I finally found family!”

“You can cry, but don’t rub all your snot on me,” Ye Zichen tried to push him away, but he still did as he pleased.

“Hey, you aren’t listening, right? Blue Lotus… Teach him another lesson!”

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