Chapter 487 Resolved

Chapter 487 – Resolved

Due to the master of one of the Six Pavilions using a requesting manner to resolve the issue at hand, everyone thought that Ye Zichen would just leave it at that.

“What can you do to me if I say no?” Ye Zichen smiled.

“I can’t do anything to you with Lady Zuo Mo here. What’s more, I can’t exactly do anything to you due to your own strength,” Ruan Qingtian smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “The reason you are doing this is just to cancel the wedding for this girl. Then I will satisfy you. After you leave, I will announce to the public that this girl cancelled her wedding with an inner disciple of the Azure Sky Pavilion. You should be satisfied with that, right?”

“Yes,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips, then nodded towards Ruan Qingtian.

“Then I wonder if you can stop?”

“Xue Lan, do you think that’s okay?” Ye Zichen turned around.

Xue Lan was momentarily stunned, before she smiled with a nod, “Let’s leave it at that.”

“Okay,” Ye Zichen patted her head, then kicked Luo Zhi over to Ruan Qingtian, before turning around to leave without saying anything else.

The moment they turned to leave, Zuo Mo also smiled, then took out a jade tablet, which she threw into the air.

The jade tablet instantly turned into a scene in front of their eyes. The scene itself was none other than the First Elder and Luo Zhi’s wife…

“Deal with your relationships properly. The father and daughter are truly close.”


The First Elder’s and his daughter’s face instantly turned stark white, while Luo Zhi opened his eyes wide in shock.

“Ruan Qingtian, if you want to keep your position within the Six Pavilions, then open your eyes, don’t just put anyone onto the council of elders. Do you need me to reveal a bit more information to you? Of course, you’ll need to purchase the information using celeste!” Zuo Mo smiled.

However, Ruan Qingtian shook his head with a smile, “Never mind, I, Ruan Qingtian, don’t have so much money. Lady Zuo, thank you for your reminders. I will deal with it accordingly later.”

“Never mind. I thought I could close a huge business deal with you!” Zuo Mo shrugged, then left with her people and chased after Ye Zichen.

Ruan Qingtian stood on the spot and watched Ye Zichen’s back with a meaningful smile.

When he watched them disappear from site, Ruan Qingtian also turned around.

The First Elder hurriedly crawled over to him, only to hear his chuckle.

“Take the First Elder and Luo Zhi to be healed. Then, chase them out of the Azure Sky Pavilion, never to be accepted again. After that, announce to the world that Luo Zhi, one of our inner disciples had his engagement cancelled by Xue Lan of the Spiritual Breeze Village. I never expected the first cancellation of engagement from the female side on the Eastern Continent to be in the Azure Sky Pavilion. Seriously…”

“Pavilion Head!” the First Elder and the others repeatedly called out loudly, but Ruan Qingtian merely floated away as if he didn’t hear anything.

When Ye Zichen and co. returned to the manor, they say the villagers gathered together in deep discussion. However, the moment, the villagers saw that Xue Lan and the rest return, they immediately went over…

“Lil’ Lan, you cancelled the wedding!”

“You are the first one to cancel the wedding from the female side, aren’t you!”

It wasn’t hard to tell from everybody else’s tone that they already heard the news about Xue Lan’s success in cancelling the marriage. That was something that Ye Zichen did not expect at all. They had only just returned from the Azure Sky Pavilion, and the news had actually travelled even faster than them.

“Oh, you’re back! Wow, you actually managed to succeed in cancelling the marriage at the Azure Sky Pavilion. Kid, I heard you even destroyed their gate?” Stone also walked over with a chuckle, while Xue Qi followed in tow.

In comparison to Stone’s roughness, Xue Qi did acted in a different manner to how he used to.

“You’ve worked hard!”

“It’s alright,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Stone turned towards Xue Lan, “Your Zichen-ge helped you cancel the engagement. Zeze, this is the first time the female’s side cancelled the engagement. How was it? Do tell your Big Brother Stone how it feels like.”

“I don’t know!” Xue Lan pouted.

Stone immediately laughed, “You’re trying to hide your thoughts from your Big Brother Stone? You can’t feel more amazing, right?”

“No!” Xue Lan rolled her eyes, then ran towards her room.

Ye Zichen glanced over at Zuo Mo, who was smiling without saying anything, then said to Stone and co., “I have a bit more stuff to discuss with her. Let’s leave the discussion till when I get back.”

“Go, go!” Xue Qi nodded.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a sigh, but did not say anymore, when he saw how differently Xue Qi acted. Then, he left the manor with Zuo Mo.

“What? You don’t know how you’re going to act with them in the future?” Within a room of a restaurant, Zuo Mo smiled and asked Ye Zichen, who was sitting in front of her with a frown.

“Kind of,” everything was great, but ever since I revealed my level as a Human Immortal, everyone else aside from Stone looks at me differently.

“That is normal. The reason they would treat you differently is due to their living environments,” Zuo Mo smiled. “You will find out in the future that those who are beside geniuses are always geniuses, and the ones beside the strong are always strong… You are not from the same world as them.”

“Why does it feel like you are trying to rope me in?” Ye Zichen looked up at her slightly vigilantly.

“Oh? You noticed. Amazing,” Zuo Mo praised. “But it’s normal isn’t it. You’re such a young Human Immortal, and have the force of a pill refiner backing you. You… are worthy of me doing so.”

“Perhaps,” Ye Zichen smiled with a shrug, then raised his eyebrows. “What I didn’t expect was that the Azure Sky Pavilion actually announced the news so quickly. That guy is actually a man of his words!”

“Ruan Qingtian is unusual,” Zuo Mo’s expression suddenly turned serious. Her calling him “unusual” was definitely a high praise for that person.

When Ye Zichen noticed her expression, then thought back to the way he acted…

He really is different from normal people.

“He has that sort of personality that doesn’t like to fight over things. He isn’t extremely ambitious either. However, since he was able to inherit the position as the Pavilion Head, then he naturally has some strengths about him. Yet, I still haven’t noticed what that is!”

“You might find out if you two get married,” Ye Zichen teased.

Zuo Mo did not get annoyed at all, and instead returned the favor. “Compared to him, I’m more interested in knowing what are your strengths.”

This woman…

I clearly acted proactively, yet she actually completely nullified my jabs, and retorted.

Ye Zichen quickly took out a jade vial and placed it on the table, then shrugged his shoulders, “Here you go. This is your payment. Take it and leave!”

“If there are any business deals like this one in the future, then remember to call for me,” Zuo Mo smiled, then stood up from the chair after putting away the Barrier Breaking Pill. Then, she stopped in front of Ye Zichen, and poked his shoulders. “I await our next cooperation.”

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