Chapter 485 Causing Havoc at the Azure Sky Pavilion.

At the Azure Sky Pavilion.

As one of the top powers of the eastern continent, the interior of the Azure Sky Pavilion of the Six Pavilions was naturally decorated very glamorously.

The Pavilion itself was situated on a slope of a tall mountain that reached high into the clouds.

When the earth dragon carriages slowly stopped in front of the gate, the patrolling Azure Sky Pavilion’s patrolling outer disciples also walked over. However, when they saw that it was actually an earth dragon carriage, they did not dare to put on an arrogant front at all, and merely placed their hands in front of their stomach and bowed as appropriate for people of their status.

“This is the Azure Sky Pavilion?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows after getting off the dragon carriage. While he was in the Modern Realm, he would often imagine how the gates to the peak forces in television and novels were like.

Now that he took a look. It’s nothing special.

There was definitely no denying the Azure Sky Pavilion’s strength, since it should have its capabilities even though it was merely at the bottom of the Six Pavilions. Ye Zichen took a glance at the setup of the Pavilions itself, and judged that it should have been located there after someone had chopped off the top half of the mountain.

Someone who can do that was definitely not normal.

“I wonder what have you all come to our Azure Sky Pavilion for?” an outer disciple dressed in a blue robe with black trims asked kindly. An earth dragon was an extremely valuable manner of transport in the Immortal Region, and those who can use it to pull a carriage were either rich or powerful. Although he and the others were disciples of the Azure Sky Pavilion, they were merely outer disciples, so they didn’t dare to act pretentiously with those kinds of people.

“We came to cause trouble!” Ye Zichen smiled. While the outer disciples were shopped, he yanked out Luo Zhi, who was like a dead dog.

“Senior Brother Luo Zhi!’

At the same time, Zuo Mo and Xue Lan walked out of the carriage.

“Xue Lan?” the outer disciple frowned, then shouted at the junior brother behind him. “Hurry up and notify the guest chamberlains and elders, those villagers from Spiritual Breeze Village came to cause trouble!”

The other outer disciples hurriedly ran towards the inner areas of the pavilion. However, a large hand, which appeared out of nowhere of the sky, directly captured all of them.

“No need to report. I like to give surprises for other people.”

Bang, bang, bang.

All of the outer disciples were suppressed onto the ground by Ye Zichen. Then, Ye Zichen dragged Luo Zhi behind him with his left hand, and caressed Xue Lan’s head, “Scared?”

“No!” Xue Lan shook her head and smiled. “I’m not afraid of anything when I’m with Zichen-gege.”

“Don’t lower your heads, no matter what happens. Zichen-ge is definitely going to help you cancel this engagement.” Ye Zichen smiled, then slowly walked towards the gate to the Azure Sky Pavilion. Right after entering, he looked up at the large characters of “Azure Sky Pavilion”.

“Azure Sky Pavilion…”


Ye Zichen punched one of the huge stone pillars, then walked in. The moment he left, cracks spread through the stone pillar before it cracked, leaving a pile of shattered rocks onto the ground.

Along the way in, Ye Zichen had to step over countless people.

However, what was surprising was that even after being there for nearly ten minutes, Ye Zichen did not even see a single guest chamberlain or elder.

“Who are you, to actually dare to act so outrageously at the Azure Sky Pavilion!?” At that very moment, a middle-aged man with triangular eyes a small patch of beard shouted out. He wore a crimson daoist robe, while his black and white hair fluttered in the sky, making him seem rather like a daoist immortal.

“Ninth Elder, save me,” Luo Zhi had already awakened, but because his spiritual energy had been completely sealed by Ye Zichen, he was no different from a normal person.

He had been dragged over the entire way, so his legs and feet were already a bloody mess from rubbing against the ground.

His face was also stark white, making him look like he was going to pass on at any moment.

“Luo Zhi,” the triangular-eyed man was stunned. He then set his gaze upon Xue Lan. “You’ve got guts. The puny Spiritual Breeze Village actually dared to come and act so outrageously at our Azure Sky Pavilion. Release Luo Zhi, then kowtow three hundred times towards the gate of the Azure Sky Pavilion. If you do that, then I can have mercy on you and let you live!”


The man released a powerful aura, causing the spiritual energy in the surrounding air to increase in weight.

Xue Lan was never strong, so her face instantly turned stark white when the man released his aura.

Ye Zichen noticed this and patted her shoulders, while injecting a stream of pure spiritual energy into her body. At the same time, a barely visible light shield also covered her.

“Kid, you’re still not kneeling!?” the triangular-eyed man frowned.

Ye Zichen raised his head slowly, then smiled.

Bang, bang, bang.

Nobody knew what happened during that split second. The only thing that the surrounding outer disciples saw was that when they noticed what had happened, Ye Zichen stood where the triangular-eyed man stood, while the cocky man was being stepped on by him, and was unable to move at all.

“I can’t even be bothered with a small fry like you,” Ye Zichen mocked, then kicked him ten-odd meters away. The man coughed up a large mouthful of blood, while a deep wariness could be seen through his eyes.

Human Immortal.

As the Ninth Elder of the Azure Sky Pavilion, he was already at the late-stage of the Human Immortal level. The only way that this person in front of him was able to defeat him without letting him counterattack at all was that the person in front of him had already reached the Human immortal level.

However, he was unable to understand why the person in front of him was actually so young.

“Stop watching there like an idiot. Go and inform all of the management level people in the Azure Sky Pavilion. Tell them that, we, the people from the Spiritual Breeze Village, have come to cancel the engagement!”

With that, Ye Zichen stood straight within the Azure Sky Pavilion, and stopped speaking.

“First Elder, this is terrible.”

A frantic shout sounded out outside a room filled with the smell of burning candles. A curse of annoyance sounded out in response. Not long later, a square-faced elder in messy clothing walked out from within, while sweat covered his forehead.

“What’s terrible?” the First Elder knitted his eyebrows and cursed as he tied up the knots on his clothes. Meanwhile, the figure of a woman could still be seen walking around his room.

Not long later, a young lady walked out from within. “Daddy, since you have other things to deal with, I’m going to head back. Luo Zhi might come back later!”

“Go!” the First Elder nodded his head with a smile.

The woman pushed her long hair back behind her ear, then left the room.

Meanwhile, the heart of the disciple, who went over to report to the First Elder what had happened, was filled with disdain…

Anyone can easily guess what had happened just now!

“Do not mention what you have seen today to anyone. Understand?”

“This disciple understands,” the outer disciple quickly nodded.

“Say, what kind of huge deal made you act so frantically. You should know about the consequence of finding me for some puny matters!” the First Elder snorted darkly.

The disciple gulped, then replied, “Someone’s fought their way up the mountain. They claim to be people from the Spiritual Breeze Village, and came to… cancel the engagement!”

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