Chapter 483 Shameless

Chapter 483 – Shameless

“Luo Zhi, you are too outrageous!” Xue Qi trembled and pointed at the man wearing a white robe with red sides. The clothes he wore represented his very identity.

An inner disciple of the Azure Sky Pavilion.

Two old men also followed beside him. They were two of the Azure Sky Pavilion’s guest chamberlains, and their purpose was simple – to protect Luo Zhi’s safety. In order to achieve that, they were permitted to use violence.

“Big Brother Xue, if you think that I’m being too outrageous, then I have nothing to say,” Luo Zhi, who had a hooked nose, smirked, while his dark eyes were filled with mockery. “It has always been the man divorcing the woman, when ever have you heard of it being the other way around?”

“Luo Zhi, there isn’t a need to act to this extreme, right? It’s not like you don’t know how much it’ll affect the girl if she gets her engagement cancelled,” Xue Qi’s squinted his eyes so much that all that was left was a slit. If it wasn’t because he wasn’t strong enough, he definitely would go up and slap Luo Zhi.

“Aren’t you being too selfish? If the man gets his engagement cancelled by the woman’s side, then it would be of an even greater effect, right? The Three Realms has never had a case of the woman cancelling her marriage with a man, if you cancel it, then what about my face?”

“Are you sure you still have face?” When Ye Zichen walked by Luo Zhi, he intentionally stopped in his steps for a moment, then checked Luo Zhi out. “You look like your kidneys are failing. Don’t blame me for not reminding you, but watch over your wife properly. Otherwise, you might end up with moss on your head[1]

After the mocking words, Ye Zichen directly walked past him and to Xue Qi’s side, while Zuo Mo also raised her eyebrows and twitched her mouth, before following suit.

“Kid, why do I like the way you speak so much!” Stone gave Ye Zichen a thumbs up.

Xue Qi also nodded, “You’re back.”

“How can I not come back when important guests have arrived at my home?” Ye Zichen smiled. The, he snorted when he looked at Luo Zhi’s face, which had turned bright red in anger due to all his mocking. “What did this grandson come to do? He came to cancel the marriage?”

“Spiritual Breeze Villager, I haven’t seen you before.” After a while, what was surprising was that Luo Zhi did not get angry at what Ye Zichen said, and still managed to reply in a sane manner.

It seems like this brat does have a bit of endurance. No wonder he managed to crawl onto an elder’s daughter’s bed.

“Don’t act like you’re very familiar with the Spiritual Breeze Village. What? You want to get intimate with us now? I’m telling you, it’s too late. Lil’ Lan is divorcing you for sure. Stop coming over with your retarded face, kay?” With that, Ye Zichen turned around. “Is Lil’ Lan here?”

“I told Lil’ Yu to chat with Lil’ Lan. She shouldn’t know that Luo Zhi has come over right now,” Xue Qi answered quickly.

Ye Zichen nodded.

I suppose her not being here is good either. No need for her to waste her tears for this scum.

“Get intimate? Are you dreaming?” Luo Zhi laughed loudly. As an inner disciple of one of the Six Pavilions, and the First Elder’s son-in-law, someone’s actually saying that I’m trying to get close to them…

He checked out Ye Zichen’s strength! False Spiritual Body level!

This sort of person isn’t even in the same world as me. There’s no need for me to get made at him, all he can do is throw a few insults.

I came here to cancel the engagement with Xue Lan, so that’s all I have to do.

Luo Zhi gave a cue to one of the guest chamberlains beside him, who took out the prepared divorce letter.

“I don’t want to waste my breath with country bumpkins like you. Here’s the divorce letter… Watch closely. I, Luo Zhi, divorce Xue Lan!”

“Luo Zhi, don’t you find your words hilarious? Didn’t you come out from the countryside?” At that very moment, Xue Lan walked over with a mocking smile. She picked up the letter from the ground and read it carefully. “Not bad, you truly learned quite a few more characters after going to the Azure Sky Pavilion.”

“Why did you bring her over?” Xue Qi yanked Lil’ Yu. This was the situation he was afraid of happening, and that’s why he got Lil’ Yu to accompany Xue Lan.

“What can I do? That girl noticed herself,” Lil’ Yu bit her lips.

“Luo Zhi, just treat it as if I, Xue Lan, was blind. Since you already have a wife now, you can just keep living your days. The engagement was just the decision of our parents, there is no need to make such a big deal out of it, right?” At that moment, Xue Lan acted extremely unnatural, and spoke both reasonably and resolutely.

Luo Zhi was stunned, as if he didn’t understand why Xue Lan said something like that. However, he quickly mocked, “It’s all your fault. You went to the Azure Sky Pavilion to find me.”

“Alright, it was my fault,” Xue Lan pursed her lips and smiled with a nod. “I really wonder who it was back then that was so excited that he couldn’t sleep for a few days straight after knowing that we got engaged. Luo Zhi, our engagement is voided, neither of us cancelled it. How about just leaving it at that!”

“No, Jin Hua said that I must divorce you. Xue Lan, since it’s been so long, just help me this once!”

The entire courtyard had already became their battlefield. When Xue Lan, who was remaining calm, heard that, her body trembled…

“Wow, someone can actually be so shameless,” Ye Zichen suddenly burst out laughing as if he couldn’t hold it in anymore. Then, he quickly walked forward and pulled Xue Lan behind him.

“Brat, you’re everywhere. It was extremely merciful for me to not make a move on you since I was giving face to Xue Lan,” Luo Zhi said sinisterly.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled, “You said that you were being merciful by not making a move on me? Then I really have to thank you, but I’m going to make a move on you now.”


Ye Zichen directly punched Luo Zhi’s face without any excess movements, and he had done it so quickly that the two guest chamberlains beside him were unable to react at all.

“Zichen-ge!” Xue Lan exclaimed.

At the same time, the two guest chamberlains also reacted, and noticed that the corner of Luo Zhi’s mouth was bleeding. When they were just about to make a move, Luo Zhi raised his hand to stop them.

“I made a move. Kid, what do you think?” Ye Zichen put his hands in his pockets and raised his eyebrows.

Luo Zhi used his finger to wipe away the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled sinisterly.

He actually hit me.

All of a sudden, he became extremely angry, causing the spiritual energy of the complete stage of the Spiritual Body level to be instantly released from his body…

“Ye Zichen, come back!” Xue Qi frowned. The strength of someone at the complete stage Spiritual Body level was not a False Spiritual Body level person like Ye Zichen could handle.

However, no matter how much he shouted, Ye Zichen continued to smile, and stood on the spot as if he was just watching a show.

“Seriously…” Xue Qi was anxious, and just as he was going to hurry over and yanked Ye Zichen back, a terrifying aura radiated out from Ye Zichen…

“Grandson, you’re very lucky. You successfully pissed off grandpa.”

  1. Moss is green, and when a man’s wife cheats on him, then it is said that he’s wearing a green hat in China.”

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