Chapter 481 Cancelling the Engagement

Chapter 481 – Cancelling the Engagement

Xue Lan.

When Ye Zichen saw the girl standing in his doorway, he thought that he was hallucinating.

Ye Zichen rubbed his eyes, then after confirming that the girl was truly Xue Lan, he immediately jumped off his bed and walked over.

“Why did you come back? Isn’t the wedding going to be soon?”

“It’s been cancelled!” Xue Lan continued to smile, while Ye Zichen felt like his head exploded.

They cancelled the engagement?

“Hehe, actually, I don’t mind so much. I’ve never even seen him before, so just cancel is fine, but my older brother is rather angry. He was the one who brought it up.”

It was cancelled by that guy?

Ye Zichen was rather confused, but he still patted her girl’s shoulder with a smile, “So what, big bro will find a even better person for you. The heck is the Six Pavilions, big bro will find you someone from the sacred lands.”

“Mhmm, I know Zichen-gege is nice to me,” Xue Lan forced a smile. However, she then suddenly cried. “Isn’t it just cancelling the engagement? It’s no big deal. He doesn’t like me anymore, so I won’t like him either.”

From Xue Lan’s mutterings, Ye Zichen felt like there was actually a story behind it!

It doesn’t seem like they haven’t met before like Stone said. It seems like Xue Lan has seen that guy before, and she actually likes the guy a lot.

“Lil’ Lan, tell big bro the truth…”

“What truth? Hehe, I just came to see you. Okay, I’m going back to sleep,” Xue Lan choked.

Ye Zichen grabbed her arm and shook his head, “Don’t try to trick Zichen-ge. Tell me the truth!”


Tears instantly flowed down uncontrollably from Xue Lan’s eyes as she leaped into Ye Zichen’s arms and started to cry.

“That guy clearly said that he would marry me. He said he would take me away gloriously. He said, he said it all! But when I went over, he already married another woman. Liar… He’s a liar!”

When Xue Lan’s tears had completely drenched Ye Zichen’s clothes, he raised his hand and slowly patted her shoulder.

As Lil’ Lan sobbed, she seemed to have turned extremely tired from all the crying, causing her to fall asleep in Ye Zichen’s arm.

At that moment, Xue Qi, Stone and Lil’ Yu all rushed over.

Xue Lan finally let out a sigh of relief when he saw Lil’ Lan with Ye Zichen.

“Shh!’ Ye Zichen indicated for them to be quiet, then put Lil’ Lan softly on the bed before indicating them to leave the room with him.

“Xue Qi, what exactly happened!?” Ye Zichen frowned the moment they walked out of the door.

Stone nodded, “Yeah, why did you guys come back?”

“Actually, I didn’t want to tell you guys,” Xue Qi’s expression darkened. “Originally I was just going to send Lil’ Lan over, but I found out that brat Luo Zhi had already gotten married. I instantly lost my temper and asked him why. However, he told me to let Lil’ Lan be the mistress. I immediately broke off the engagement and brought Lil’ Lan back.”

Xue Qi’s temper rose once again while he spoke again. It was clear at that point that the situation back then was not as simple as he made it out to be.

“F*ck, this brat actually tried to make Lil’ Lan his mistress!” Stone cursed with a glare. “That bastard, he is seriously sick of living. Old Xue, why didn’t you slap him a few times then?”

“Do you think I didn’t want to? But would I dare?” Xue Qi clenched his fist tightly. How could he not get angry as the older brother when his little sister was treated like that. He wanted to take revenge for his little sister as well. However, even disregarding the fact that Luo Zhi should be of the completely stage Spiritual Body level, the people around him would not allow him to just get beaten!

Stone also turned silent. Although he was stubborn, it didn’t mean that it was brainless. Xue Qi and Xue Lan were on the other party’s land, and they were one of the Six Pavilions as well. So it was impossible for Xue Qi to hit the guy!

“Never mind, just treat it as seeing a person for who he really is. I’ve seen people social climbers a lot of these twenty something years. The only reason he could become an inner disciple is because his wife is an elder’s daughter. Heh, he thinks that he’s having a good life, but he will suffer in the future,” Xue Qi snickered, then raised his eyebrows. “What I’m rather troubled about is that me cancelling the engagement verbally was not of any use. That brat, Luo Zhi, said that he will come in person to cancel the engagement. A girl, who had her engagement broken off…”

“Why are we letting him do it?” Ye Zichen suddenly interrupted Xue Qi. “Why can’t we do it?”

“Do you think I don’t want to!?” Xue Qi replied angrily. He wanted to as well… But the other party is of the Six Pavilions, just how was he supposed to do anything!?

“I’m helping Lil’ Lan cancel this engagement for sure. Six Pavilions? The shit is that!” Ye Zichen’s eyes suddenly darkened, causing the surrounding people to be stunned.

“Ye-zi, I know you’re doing this for Lil’ Lan, but we…” Xue Qi wanted to speak, but stopped himself.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and snorted, “Don’t overestimate the Six Pavilions, and underestimate us. People are equal in this world. Why are they of a higher status than us? Do they have wings or something? You guys might not know, but Lil’ Lan actually knows that brat called Luo Zhi!”

“Knows him? So that’s why!” While everyone raised their eyebrows in shock, Xue Qi nodded understandingly.

“I’m saying it right now. This engagement must be broken off by our Lil’ Lan.”

After Lil’ Yu picked Xue Lan up and left with the others, Ye Zichen laid on his bed and looked at the ceiling. It seems like I have to start a wave of cancelling engagements, but I wonder if I’ll create a Xiao Yan [1].

But from what he’s like, and the fact that he needs a woman to help him climb up, it’s impossible for him to become like that.

The Six Pavilions definitely had sufficient power as one of the top powers here.

It was impossible for Ye Zichen to directly break through their doors. If a Sky Immortal comes out due to that and instantly destroys him, then that would be very awkward.

Thus, Ye Zichen needed to prepare thoroughly, and one of those preparations was gaining allies.

From the people he knows around here, it seems like only that woman is able to cause the Six Pavilions to have no desire of resistance.

Zuo Mo!

If it isn’t for Lil’ Lan, he really didn’t want to get into contact with her.

Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth, activate!

Target: Zuo Mo, lockon!


A smoky scene instantly appeared in front of Ye Zichen’s eyes. When he took a closer look… Ahem, it seems like the timing was a bit bad.

At that moment, Zuo Mo was bathing, thus, Ye Zichen decided to deactivate the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth.


Suddenly, Zuo Mo grabbed a towel to cover her body, then looked around with knitted eyebrows.

It can’t be, she actually noticed?

Ye Zichen’s expression changed drastically. Only the Jade Emperor has detected it before, this woman…

“Say it, who exactly are you! You actually dare to peak at this lady bathing. Don’t think that you’ll be fine if you don’t say anything. The power of the Tower is beyond your imagination. If this lady catches you, then I’ll rip your eyes out of your sockets!” Zuo Mo grabbed the towel tightly and yelled in anger.

Ye Zichen scratched his nose and muttered, “So vicious!”

However, the moment he said that, Zuo Mo snickered, “Ye Zichen, so it’s you. Not bad, this is rather fancy.”

  1. This is referring to Xiao Yan (萧炎), the main character of Battle Through the Heavens (斗破苍穹), and how Nalan Yanran cancelled her engagement with him.

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