Chapter 480 Breaking Through into the Human Immortal Realm

Chapter 480 – Breaking Through into the Human Immortal Realm

The information about Xiao Yumei improved Ye Zichen’s mood greatly. Thus, he immediately went out to a restaurant with Yue Lao and ordered an entire table of food.

“You said you want to start up all the other factories?”

Ye Zichen picked up a piece of the restaurant’s signature duck liver. The food over in the Three Realms were cooked without as many condiments as the Modern Realm, so the texture was far worse than he was used to.

“Mhmm, even if we don’t start everything up, at least let me open up the clothing factory!” Yue Lao rubbed his eyes and they flashed with a businessman’s light. “Everybody loves beauty. The initial customers of the clothes won’t be just the women of the Heavenly Court, even the men would buy it too.”

“You simplified it a bit too much!” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. According to his experience in the Modern Realm, in terms of clothing, most of the customers were going to be women and children. “But how about this, let’s do mostly as you thought, and start up all the other factories except the chemical plant and the electronic appliances one.”

“Okay, I will hurry back to do so,” Yue Lao nodded with visible excitement. Ever since he came into contact with Ye Zichen, this old man begun to feel that doing business was an obsession-inducing industry.

It is so much better than linking red strings together.

“Oh yeah, does the Heavenly Court have any entertainment facilities?”

“Entertainment facilities?”

Yue Lao was a bit confused. He didn’t quite understand what Ye Zichen truly meant. If we’re purely talking about playing around, then we will play cards in our free time…

“Never mind, you definitely won’t understand even if I tell you, so let’s leave that topic for later. After you go back to the Heavenly Court, go and find Stone Fairy, and tell her to find some time to come down. I have some things I want to speak with her about in person.”

Yue Lao nodded, then picked up a piece of duck liver that Ye Zichen had tried before.

“Ugh, the condiments are definitely too terrible,” Yue Lao muttered as he put his chopsticks down.

Ye Zichen’s eyes immediately lit up, “Say, what do you think about exporting the snacks and other things from the Heavenly Court to here?”

After Yue Lao returned to the Heavenly Court, Ye Zichen didn’t know where he could go, so he leisurely walked back to the manor.

The moment he entered the courtyard, all of the pores on his body relaxed involuntarily when they felt the intense spiritual energy. This was all thanks to Zuo Mo’s work, since her funding aided all of the Spiritual Breeze Villagers.

I wonder how Xue Qi would feel after he sees how much the manor has changed.

“Smile, all you do is smile.”

Lil’ Yu walked over with a wrinkled nose at that very moment.

Ye Zichen subconsciously took a glance at her, and saw that she was glaring at him with a dark look.

This woman had a gloomy look starting from yesterday, and I don’t think I did anything to piss her off…

“Am I supposed to cry instead then? Big sis, are you going out?”

“Who’s your big sis? Am I that old?” Lil’ Yu glared at Ye Zichen with her hands on her hips.

Ye Zichen immediately understood that he said the wrong thing, so he quickly corrected himself, “Lil’ sis, are you going out…”

“Who’s your lil’ sis!?” Lil’ Yu interrupted him once again.

This time, Ye Zichen was rather speechless. He glanced at Lil’ Yu’s face, which showed a random look of anger, and raised his eyebrows, “You women are so hard to get. Just what do you want me to call you?”

“Don’t call me!” With that, Lil’ Yu left angrily.

“So random!” Ye Zichen shrugged, then returned to his room.

He laid on his bed and took out his phone. In less than ten seconds of him opening up WeChat, Old Lord Taishang had sent him a red packet.

Did the Barrier Breaking Pill arrive?

Ye Zichen quickly collected the red packet.

You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Barrier Breaking Pill x7.

Why is there only seven? I clearly gave him ten strands of grass… This geezer actually dares to act in a corrupted manner.

“Oh wow, you collected it pretty quick!” Old Lord Taishang sent him a message.

Ye Zichen chuckled, “So corrupted!”

“How am I corrupted!?” At that moment, Old Lord Taishang sat on a rocking chair, while the disciple beside him was cleaning up the pill refinement room.

“Why is there only seven? Shouldn’t there be ten?”

“Is there something wrong with your mind? Do you really think that my pill refinement success rate is a hundred percent? This is the Barrier Breaking Pill, there isn’t anyone in the Three Realms that has a success rate above fifty percent!” Old Lord Taishang rolled his eyes.

Ye Zichen chuckled, “Fine, I’ll believe you. Come down and find me when you have time. I’m underneath the Three Realm’s Heavenly Court right now. I won’t bother you any longer, I have to go and break through.”

“Ahhh, wait…”

Old Lord Taishang sent Ye Zichen another message, but at that moment, Ye Zichen had already taken a Barrier Breaking Pill and entered the old Dragon God’s sub dimension.

Ye Zichen sat cross-legged onto the floor.

The characters in the dragon race’s secret manual slid across Ye Zichen’s eyes like a slideshow. At the same time, the Barrier Breaking Pill started to take effect, generating torrents of spiritual energy to continuously aid Ye Zichen in breaking through the thin line between the Earth Immortal level and the Human Immortal level.

Is this seriously breaking through to the Human Immortal level? This is more like the Sky Immortal level! The old Dragon God couldn’t help but gasp when he felt the dense swirling spiritual energy around Ye Zichen.

The spiritual energy required to break through into the Human Immortal level was truly too great. Even if he cultivated using the dragon race’s secret manual, and is finding it more difficult than normal people to break through, he shouldn’t need this much spiritual energy, right?

Not long later, a whirlpool of spiritual energy surrounded Ye Zichen’s body…

The whirlpool furiously absorbed the spiritual energy in the sub dimension, as if it was about to suck the entire space dry. Seeing that, the old Dragon intentionally released a huge amount of spiritual energy from his own body, to prevent Ye Zichen from failing to breakthrough due to a lack of spiritual energy.

“Ha!” The surrounding spiritual energy rampaged even more with a shout from Ye zichen.


A ray of golden light shot up into the sky, while the spiritual energy whirlpool around him disappeared.

Then, Ye Zichen slowly opened his eyes.

A domineering aura was uncontrollably released from Ye Zichen’s body. He squinted his eyes and felt the power that the Human Immortal level gave him…

“Soon, Demon Realm, soon!”

Even though Ye Zichen clearly knew that Xiao Yumei was still alive, it was still impossible for him to let the demons go.

Their grudge ran far too deep, and there was no space for pacification.

“Kid, screw off if you successfully broke through. This old man needs to rest,” the old Dragon God cursed him.

Ye Zichen looked at him gratefully. During the breakthrough process, he never expected the need of so much spiritual energy after taking the Barrier Breaking Pill. Thus, he could only furiously absorb the surrounding spiritual energy. That was when he discovered the spiritual energy in his surroundings wasn’t quite enough.

He had gotten very worried, but he soon discovered a flow of spiritual energy towards him. If there was no surprise, then it was all the old Dragon God’s doing.

“Thanks. I will bring you back to the dragon race’s place as soon as possible.”

“Heh, hurry up and leave. Why am I so annoyed after seeing you?” the old Dragon God pushed Ye Zichen out with a wave of his sleeve.

At the same time, Ye Zichen opened his eyes as he laid down on the bed, and saw that the sky outside had only just begun to darken.

However, just as he was about to test the strength the breakthrough offered him, his room was pushed open.

“Zichen-gege, I’m back.”

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