Chapter 48 Liu Qing’s strangeness

Chapter 48 – Liu Qing’s strangeness

Ye Zichen had a naughty smile as he stared into Officer Lin’s eye without avoiding her gaze.

All of a sudden, a hint of skin attracted his vision. He subconsciously looked down…


To be honest, Officer Lin’s slap didn’t hurt Ye Zichen at all.

He touched his cheeks, then returned onto the chair and crossed his legs, while he raised his eyebrows.

“It wasn’t intentional, it was a pure subconscious reaction. To be fair, it’s your fault, since it’s an interrogation, why didn’t you button up your collar?”


“You what? Don’t you know that I’m still a university student, and am in the middle of the innocent puberty? Isn’t this clearly forcing me to commit a crime?” Ye Zichen retorted. Then, a naughty smile surfaced on his face. “I get it now, no wonder you come back yourself every time you interrogate me and shut the door so tightly. Do you have ill intentions towards me?”

“Shao Yang!”

Officer Lin was so angry due to Ye Zichen that her lips turned pale, thus, she roared towards outside the door. Not long later, the door to the interrogation room was pushed open and an officer ran in frantically.

“Take him away.”

Shao Yang glanced at Ye Zichen, who crossed his legs like he didn’t care, and placed the phone in his hand onto Officer Lin’s table.

“Captain, take the call first. Our chief called.”

Officer Lin’s expression changed. Last time, Ye Zichen had managed to leave just because she took the call!

This time, he took way too much advantage of her, if she lets him leave…

“Lil’ Lin!”

A voice from the phone sounded out. Officer Lin bit her lips, then glared at Ye Zichen fiercely before listening to the call.

“Yes, in my hands!”


“He hurt a person in front of me!”

“Alright, I understand.”


After a few simple conversations, Officer Lin furiously hung up and walked in front of Ye Zichen front the interrogation desk.

“I can leave now, right?”

Ye Zichen smiled, then unrulily stretched in front of Officer Lin.

A piercing cold light filled Officer Lin as she said.

“You’re pretty amazing, there’s always someone to help you.”

“How do you know whether I’m amazing? You’ve never tried it,” Ye Zichen smiled playfully, causing Officer Lin to raise her hand in an attempt to hit him.

“Hey, a police officer can’t hit people,” Ye Zichen raised his hands to stop Officer Lin’s action, then walked out of the door with his eyebrows raised.

Right when he was about to go out of the door, he suddenly stopped, swept his gaze over Officer Lin’s body, before finally stopping at the place that stood out.

“Don’t just develop there, develop your brain as well!”

The, he turned around and waved towards Officer Lin, before leaving the interrogation room at a moderate pace.


Officer Lin, who was standing within the interrogation room, clenched her fist. The officer behind shrunk his neck when he saw this and quickly ran out from the interrogation room.

“Ye Zichen, I have truly remembered you.”

When Ye Zichen walked out of the interrogation room, he saw Su Yan waiting outside the entrance to the police station.

Elder Su and the guard company were also beside her. At the same time, there was also a square-faced man that he has never seen before.

The man was expressionless, and clearly not a person that was good at speaking. Ye Zichen felt a very uncomfortable chilling aura from him.

“Lil’ Ye, they didn’t trouble you, right?”

Elder Su was the first to walk up to him, while Su Yan’s expression also relaxed slightly.

Only the square-faced man was still looking at him using a judging gaze.

“Who is this person?”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and commented silently, but he still chuckled casually on the surface.

“How would they dare to do anything to me? It’s pretty good when I don’t do anything to them!”

“Ye Zichen, it’s great they you’re fine.”

After Su Yan looked at the expression of the square-faced man a few times, she stepped forward.


Your affability level with Su Yan increased by 100. Current affability level: 150.

Although a hero saving a beauty was cliché, it was this sort of cliché plot that was able to capture the hearts of countless beauties.

Su Yan was no exception.

The moment Ye Zichen stood up for her, she felt that all of his negative points before turned good.

“Ye Zichen, right? Thank you for helping my daughter, Su Yan, and my father.”

At this moment, that square-faced man, who hadn’t said a word till now, spoke up. However, Ye Zichen was unable to feel that he was being thanked from the tone.

Yet, Ye Zichen did find something else out.

This guy was Su Yan’s father!

Ye Zichen felt a bit frantic meeting with his father-in-law so soon!

Ye Zichen smiled embarrassedly, scratched his head and replied humbly, “It’s no big deal.”

Su Yan’s father did not say anything else to him. He merely reached out his hand to call the car over and signaled Su Yan and Old Man Su to get in.

“Dad, I want to go back to school!”

“Get in the car!”

There was no doubt in Su Yan’s father’s voice. Su Yan bit her lips, then after hesitating for a brief moment, she walked into the car without saying anything against him.

“Ye Zichen, take care.”

Su Yan rolled down the window and shouted towards Ye Zichen right before the car left.

Ye Zichen smiled with a nod, and waved towards Su Yan. However, he smiled wryly in his heart.

That father-in-law seemed hard to deal with!

“Zeze, it seems like your girlfriend’s dad doesn’t think much of you!”

Liu Qing floated down from the sky and smiled playfully. Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her, then took out his phone to dial Chief Liu’s number.

However, he did not notice that when he flipped to Chief Liu’s number, the expression of Liu Qing, who was in midair, suddenly changed.

“Thank you, Liu-ge.”

Ye Zichen already sent a message to Chief Liu before arriving at the police department.

It was clear that Chief Liu had did something behind the scenes for him to escape the demonic claws of Officer Lin so quickly.

“Welcome, this is a small issue. Even if I didn’t do anything, you would still be fine.”

Ye Zichen clearly knew that Chief Liu was talking about Elder Su, but since Chief Liu had helped, he still needed to thank him.

“Still, thank you, Liu-ge.”

“Don’t be so courteous with Liu-ge. Oh yeah, Liu-ge has a small request.”

“What is it?”

“Come over to Liu-ge’s home when you have time. My wife has some troubles, and recently her body isn’t so great, so I wanted to ask you to come and have a look.”

“No problem.”

After Chief Liu ended the call, Ye Zichen returned the phone to his pocket.

When he lifted his head, he saw that Liu Qing’s expression as very weird.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?”

Hearing that, Liu Qing shuddered, and replied with an natural smile on her face.

“Nothing, who were you calling just now?”

“A friend, he’s kind of an old bro,” Ye Zichen chuckled.

“Then what did you guys talk about?” After saying this, Liu Qing’s eyes flashed with a clear interest.

“Just a few simple words, and I thanked him. The old bro told me that his wife’s condition isn’t so good, then asked me to go and have a look when I have time,” Ye Zichen didn’t think so much into it. He merely told her about the contents of the call. When he finished speaking, he raised his eyebrows, “I’ve never seen you get so interested before, why are you so mindful of it this time?”

“Nothing, nothing. Then go and have a look sooner rather than later. No matter what, Chief Liu helped you out.”

“We’ll see when we have time.”

Ye Zichen shrugged. He doesn’t possess any medical skills, nor is he a psychologist. He only saves people purely with the Great Recovery Pills he has.

Old Lord Taishang doesn’t appear often. The Great Recovery Pills were all from the salaries of the heavenly soldiers.

A day in heaven was a year on earth.

God knows when Old Lord Taishang will give out Great Recovery Pills again, and Ye Zichen still had to save some for him and his mother in case of emergencies!

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