Chapter 479 Yue Lao’s Visit.

Chapter 479 – Yue Lao’s Visit.

System Notification: Hello.

Ye Zichen walked to secluded place and looked at his phone. When he saw the system greeting him, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. What’s wrong with this guy, why’s he spouting English now?

“What do you want now!?” Ye Zichen said in annoyance towards his phone.

After a while, his phone buzzed again.

System Notification: Don’t be like that. I will feel depressed if you treat me like this.

“I really want to punch you,” Ye Zichen was seriously annoyed by the system.

System Notification: Alright, then I’ll speak to you in a normal way. Actually, there is a mission I want to issue to you. However, I wanted to ask you for your opinion on it before assigning it.

“Is there something wrong with you? When have you become so caring!?”

The previous missions had all been random, and he would be fine if he completed them. If he didn’t, then he would’ve been killed.

He’s actually asking me for my opinion now. This is seriously strange.

System Notification: Times are changing, and so must I. This mission is actually pretty simple. How about picking up that girl called Zuo Mo?

“There’s something wrong with you!” Ye Zichen immediately cursed the system the moment he saw the message. “Seriously, I think that something wrong with your brain. Why are you acting dumb now? Picking up Zuo Mo? Do you want me to die? Or are you unhappy about me being alive? If that’s the case, then just directly kill me.”

System Notification: Why are you throwing such a tantrum, isn’t Zuo Mo a really nice girl? She’s the future controller of the Treasure Tower. Her ability, looks, personality and talent are all top-notch. So many people are interested in this girl, and you aren’t?

“If you are going to continue being like that, then let our chat end here!” With that, Ye Zichen decided to quit WeChat and walk off again.

System Notification: Don’t. Look, that’s why I’m asking. If you disagree, then let’s not pick her up. But I still suggest for you to get on good terms with her even if we don’t pick her up. There are many things in the future she can help you with in the Three Realms.

“I don’t like purposefully getting close to anyone. If we can get on good terms, then great. If we can’t, then so what? No need to force it!”

System Notification: You really are young! Whatever, let’s go according to your plan!

That was not what Ye Zichen was expecting. He never even expected the system to actually submit to him. This is way too different from the strong-arm way it acted before. Am I actually dreaming…?

System Notification: Since you have already arrived in the Three Realms, then you must think before you act. Don’t act impulsively. Alright, that’s it. If Yue Lao comes to find you later, then you can tell him to start all the other factories… Ignore the Demon Realm’s actions, and ignore whether they will make a move on the Three Realms. What you need to do is earn intimacy level in the Heavenly Court. It’s still the same as before, the more the better.


Ten-odd minutes after the messages appeared, they all disappeared from Ye Zichen screen once again.

Ye Zichen shrugged after seeing it, then couldn’t help but retort, “It’s not worried that I didn’t see the messages.”

There does seem to be some deeper meaning behind the system’s words. Ignore the Demon Realm’s actions, and ignore whether they will make a move on the Three Realms, merely earn intimacy level in the Heavenly Court…

Of course I will earn more intimacy levels with the Heavenly Court, but this isn’t the first time he has reminded me of doing that.

What a strange fellow.

Just as he put away the phone, one of the Spiritual Breeze villagers ran over to him.

“Lil’ Ye, someone’s looking for you.”

An extremely excited old man stood outside the entrance to the manor. He was Yue Lao of the Heavenly Court. At that moment, he was repeatedly tidying up his clothes. Although he had talked with Ye Zichen through his phone for a long time, it was going to be his first face-to-face meeting with Ye Zichen.

This Sky Sovereign is my boss, I have to leave a good impression.

“You are?”

Yue Lao didn’t recognize Ye Zichen, and nor did Ye Zichen recognize Yue Lao.

That was the reason why Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner when he saw the old man standing in front of the gate.

“You are Sky Sovereign Nameless, right?” Yue Lao also replied in a testing manner.

Ye Zichen was momentarily shocked, before he remembered what the system said earlier, “You’re Yue Lao?”

I’ve seen Yue Lao using the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth, but this isn’t what I remember him looking like…

The old man in front of Ye Zichen could be described as a white-haired man with a youthful appearance. He also seemed to be taller than Ye Zichen remembered. More importantly, his face is so shiny that he looks like he’s in some sort of cosmetic essence ad…

What’s going on? This geezer actually put on makeup before coming here?

“Yes, yes, yes. That’s me!” Yue Lao nodded repeatedly with a smile. “Sky Sovereign, we have only chatted in the groups before, and now we’ve finally had the chance to meet. Honestly, you are as handsome as I thought you are, and look full of might.”

Ye Zichen forced a smile, “Alright, it’s not our first time talking, so no need for the courteous words. It’s tiring for you to say, and annoying for me to hear. Did you to find me because Yang Jian told you to?”

“Yes!” Yue Lao nodded with a smile.

“Then, I have a question for you.”

It was a question that pondered Ye Zichen for a long time. He had always been worried that he wouldn’t get the answer he wanted, so he didn’t dare to ask the question to Yue Lao over the phone.

“Please ask away.”

“Would a marriage string break if one person dies?”

Ye Zichen’s entire body trembled slightly when he asked the question. He stared straight at Yue Lao with clenched fists…


The existence of the marriage strings link two people. If one of them dies, then the marriage string will naturally break.

“If the marriage string didn’t break, then does that mean that neither person died?”

“Of course!” Yue Lao continued to answer with certainty.


The moment Ye Zichen heard that, he lost all strength in his legs, causing him to lean back against the wall as he took out his phone and opened up the Treasure Chest.

The first row of the Treasure Chest was filled with marriage strings. Su Yan’s, Xia Keke’s…

And Xiao Yumei’s.

Xiao Yumei’s marriage string still laid within Ye Zichen’s Treasure Chest and had not disappeared.

“Not dead… She’s not dead!” Ye Zichen’s eyes turned red as he muttered to himself. When Xiao Yumei had suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes in the Modern Realm, Ye Zichen assumed that she had died since it was in that sort of circumstance.

It was only after he got to the Three Realms that he noticed Xiao Yumei’s marriage string with him still remained in his Treasure Chest when he was reorganizing it.

From that moment onwards, Ye Zichen had pondered about that question. He wanted to ask it, but he didn’t dare. This time, he finally mustered up enough courage to ask the question, and…

“Not dead!” Ye Zichen looked up into the sky and laughed. It had been on his mind the entire time… However, Yue Lao’s reply made Ye Zichen loosen up a lot.

“Sky Sovereign?” Yue Lao stood on the side, his face showing his confusion.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled, before wiping away the tears from the corners of his eye, “What happened?”

“Nothing,” Yue Lao shook his head.

At that moment, Ye Zichen was still submerged within his joy.

Since the marriage string didn’t break, then it meant that Xiao Yumei was still alive. That also meant that Xiao Yumei was current living somewhere in an unknown realm.

“This is great,” Ye Zichen smiled in comfort.

After a long while, when he finally calmed himself down, he turned towards Yue Lao, “What did you come seek me out for?”

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