Chapter 478 Confirm Something

Chapter 478 – Confirm Something

“Young Lady!” the notebook-holding young man quickly nodded upon seeing her. Ye Zichen turned around and saw that…

Zuo Mo, who was dressed in a pale blue dress and had a colorful flower hairpin in her hair, waved towards him with a smile.

“Why is it you!?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly.

Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows and shrugged, “Then were you waiting for someone else? You have great luck with women? As I thought, a pill refin…”

Ye Zichen immediately blocked her mouth off with his hand. If the woman voiced out his identity as a pill refiner, then he won’t be able to stay in the Spiritual Breeze Village’s manor anymore.

Of course, the Spiritual Breeze Villagers would already look at him in a weird way after seeing the current situation.

“MMMM…” Zuo Mo pushed him aside, then frowned. “Hey, who allowed you to touch me!?”

“We’ll both find it better if you can control your shitty mouth!”

“Oh?” A meaningful smile flashed across Zup Mo’s eyes, but she no longer tried to mention “pill refiner”.

Stone looked at her for a long while, then gulped and raised her eyebrows, “Kid, where did you trick her away from? She looks really good.”

“What do you mean? She’s the one I was talking to you about yesterday…” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

Stone blanked out for a moment, then pointed towards Zuo Mo with a stare, “You-You-You…”

“It’s not polite to point at a girl, right?” Zuo Mo smiled.

However, Stone snorted, “What? I can’t point at you? I’m telling you, don’t think about bullying my bro with me here!”

“You really know how to make a joke. Bully him? I’m happy with him not bullying me,” Zuo Mo put on a weak appearance.

Worrying that things would just get dragged on endlessly, Ye Zichen immediately asked Stone to leave, before raising his eyebrows, “What exactly do you want?”

Zuo Mo also asked the young man with the notebook to leave, then walked to Ye Zichen’s side with a smile.

A jasmine fragrance immediately wafted over. Ye Zichen took a few steps back subconsciously, then heard Zuo Mo’s laugh, “Why are you so scared of me? Do you think that I could actually eat you?”

“I’m not afraid of you eating me. I am just very confused about your actions,” Ye Zichen maintained at a suitable distance, then pointed at the people in the courtyard, which she sent over. “Why?”

“Is it very hard to guess?” Zuo Mo shrugged with a smile. “Pill refiners are people worshipped by all the realms. Isn’t it very normal if we, the Treasure Tower, want to get more intimate with you?”

“Do you believe that?”

“Believe what?” Zuo Mo giggled.

“Don’t play dumb. That gramps Shao Qing is old, so he can’t think fast enough. It’s one thing that he believes me to be a pill refiner, but do you believe that? Chief auctioneer of the Treasure Tower, I feel like you aren’t that pure, right!?” Ye Zichen snickered. Although he didn’t come into contact with the woman for a long time, Ye Zichen could feel that she was definitely a terrifyingly smart woman.

“I am this pure. Do you think I’m impure?” Zuo Mo twirled around like a little girl. Seeing Ye Zichen twitch his mouth and ignore her, she spoke up once again. “Alright, I feel like I am quite a distance away from being pure. But from what you said just now, can I interpret that as you not being a pill refiner?”

“Your understanding is correct!” Ye Zichen nodded slightly.

Zuo Mo’s beautiful smile instantly turned into an ice-cold expression, “If that’s the case, then you’re lying to the Treasure Tower. As the Tower, we don’t like dishonest people!”

The sudden change in tone shocked Ye Zichen completely.

After a while, Zuo Mo smiled once again, “I’m kidding. Being able to trick us means that you’re capable. I never thought that you actually aren’t a pill refiner. This is way too disappointing, I invested way too much…”

“You can just take it all away,” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“What a joke. I, Zuo Mo, never take back something I gifted away. Regardless of you being a pill refiner or not, I am willing to be friends with you. What’s more, your villagers are too weak. Don’t you want them to become stronger? Do you want to see your villagers bullied in this world where it is the survival of the fittest?” Zuo Mo smiled.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and shrugged, “Alright, your words have moved me. Say it, just what is your purpose for coming over. I don’t believe that you spent so much effort purely to confirm whether I am a pill refiner.”

“It seems like you thought too much into it,” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes with a smile. “I really didn’t come here for anything special. I merely came to confirm something!”

“Confirm what?”

“I can’t tell you, but I’ve already confirmed it,” with that, Zuo Mo turned around and slowly left.

“What exactly did this strange woman come to do!?” Ye Zichen frowned, then looked towards the notebook-holding young man. “Come over here, let me see just how much money’s worth of treasure did your family’s young lady send me!”

Meanwhile, the moment Zuo Mo left the front door, a middle-aged man within an earth-dragon carriage, which parked at the door, opened the curtains, “How was it?”

“I didn’t sense anything,” Zuo Mo got into the carriage and smiled. “But I still believe that this guy is someone from the Sacred Lands.”

“My daughter, just why do you care so much about this young man? Don’t forget that you’re the leader of the Treasure Tower in the future. It isn’t the time for you to be thinking about romance. What’s more, you have already an engagement with someone!” The middle-aged man sighed with a soft gaze.

Zuo Mo smiled, “What about it? I’m still doing what I should be doing. As for the engagement, he’s not worthy of me. I’ve already gotten ready to break off the engagement with him after my forces are more stabilized!”

“A woman breaking off the engagement. Very brave indeed,” the middle-aged man surprisingly did not reveal any intentions of stopping her. “You’re grown up. Father will not interfere with what you’re doing too much. Remember, no matter what you do, father will support you unconditionally. But you have to be careful, your second uncle…”

“Everything is under control,” Zuo Mo smiled faintly. “This little bit of trouble is something I’m unable to control!”

Then, the earth-dragon carriage slowly left manor.

It was at the same time that Ye Zichen walked over to the martial court.

Zuo Mo was truly one of the Tower. She was extremely generous to the point of the value of all the weapons, secret scripture and spiritual items added to over a hundred million.

What’s more, she had asked the four Human Immortal-level teachers to remain behind and chat with the villagers.

It seems like they will remain here in the future as well.

This is extremely beneficial towards both the villagers’ cultivation, and the safety of the manor.

But I just wonder what is Zuo Mo’s intention for doing all this. Those who are unaccountably solicitous are hiding ulterior motives. Since she chose to invest in me like this, then it’s definitely to gain even greater profit.

Businessmen never make deals which makes them lose money, and Zuo Mo was a smart one amongst businessmen…


However, just as Ye Zichen was getting all confused, his phone rang.

It was a message from the system.

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