Chapter 477 Confusing Incident

Chapter 477 – Confusing Incident

Stone, with a mysterious air, pulled Ye Zichen to a place without anyone else. When Ye Zichen saw how carefully Stone acted, even he begun to feel rather intrigued by Stone’s gossip.

“You might not believe me if I tell you, but Treasure Tower’s auction house was robbed! But, then again, as expected of the Tower that’s ranked number one, the thief didn’t succeed. I heard that the person who tried it was the Divine Thief Shi Qian. It seems like Treasure Tower is rather amazing… But Shi Qian was also very daring to dare to rob the Treasure Tower’s auction!” Stone exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen was shocked.

That’s the huge gossip?

I was right there, at the Treasure Tower’s auction. I suppose this sort of rare situation really is something worth gossiping about for normal people.

But… if I tell Stone that the only reason Treasure Tower could get all the treasures back was because of me…

I wonder how this guy would think of me.

Of course, he wasn’t going to say it to prevent unnecessary trouble, and even if he did, Stone might not believe him.

“That really is a piece of huge gossip!” Ye Zichen smiled.

Stone’s expression instantly changed when he saw Ye Zichen’s plain expression, “Tch, that’s not a good reaction at all. If Lil’ Lan was here, she definitely would be shocked to the point of leaving her mouth open. Aye, Lil’ Lan is actually getting married, I really am reluctant to part with her.”

“That’s a good thing. I heard that her groom is someone from the Six Pavilions, right? That’s a pretty good marriage,” Ye Zichen smiled comfortingly.

“Yeah, but Lil’ Lan has never even seen that guy once. Even I haven’t seen him. I heard from Xue Qi that it was an engagement set while the previous village chief was still around. I’m just worried that Lil’ Lan would get bullied after marrying over,” Stone said, in a slightly worried tone. “He’s a disciple of the Six Pavilions and we’re just normal villagers. We really can’t compare up to them!”

“Can’t you think on the positive side as her big brother?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then raised his eyebrows. “Hmm, how about I tell you a huge gossip?”

“What gossip do you know? Tell me!” Stone, who was worried about his little sister, immediately changed his expression.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, then raised his eyebrows, “Do you remember those people riding horses?”

“Of course,” Stone raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t you bump into them today? Oh yeah, you still need to tell me what you did today!”

“My gossip is about them,” Ye Zichen smiled mysteriously, then whispered a few words into Stone’s ear.

Not long later, he waved and walked back towards his room.

Stone was completely stunned, and only after a while, he exclaimed with eyes like saucers, “What!? Woman!?”

Due to Ye Zichen having dispersed his spiritual energy while he was breaking through previously, he was unable to break through into the Human Immortal level by himself. That was why he didn’t go and cultivate in the Dragon God’s sub dimension.

He had thought that he would be able to have a nice sleep, but he had the nightmare that tortured him continuously once again.

“It’s all my fault!” Thus, Ye Zichen could only sit by the window dejectedly, and look out into the peaceful sky for the entire night.

Bang bang bang.

Very early the next day, Ye Zichen was woken up from his own world by urgent knocking at his door. He rubbed his bloodshot eyes, then walked to the door, only to find Stone looking at him in a stunned manner.

“What happened?”

“Bro, what exactly did you do yesterday?”

Ye Zichen answered in confusion when he heard Stone’s strange words, “I didn’t do anything?”

“Nothing!?” Stone glared, then pointed outside. “Then explain to me what exactly is this!?”

Ye Zichen cleaned himself up simply, then was yanked by Stone into the courtyard.

“What the hell!?”

At that moment, the entire manor was filled with people, and all of them held items such as weapons and spiritual herbs as they walked around the manor.

A middle-aged man Ye Zichen did not recognize also stood in the martial courtyard, which was supposed to be a place for the Spiritual Breeze Villagers to cultivate.

The man had his hands behind his back like a teacher and continuously spoke, while the villagers sitting in front of him all held a secret scripture each as they nodded.

“What’s going on?” Ye Zichen blinked in confusion. “Who won the lottery? Just… What is going on?”

“You’re asking me? I’m the one asking you right now!” Stone glared back. “Someone came very early in the morning to ask whether Ye Zichen lived here. I merely nodded, and it ended up like this!”

“Put it down carefully, these spiritual treasures are very expensive. Squad Two, did you finish planting all of the spiritual plants? Don’t plant them too densely together. The people here aren’t too strong, so they won’t be able to get used to overly dense spiritual energy…” a young man holding a notebook continuously called out in the center of the courtyard.

Ye Zichen looked at Stone in confusion, then scratched his head before walking towards the young man, “Bro!”

“You are?” the young man asked in slight confusion.

“He’s Ye Zichen. Kid, didn’t you ask whether Ye Zichen live here? What? You don’t know him!?” Stone glared as he replied. He was truly confused by everything the people were doing. Even though Stone knew that what they were doing seems to be beneficial towards the village, he still couldn’t help but get angry.

“So you’re Mr. Ye,” the young man quickly put down his notebook and smiled warmly. “Our Young Lady asked us to come over.”

Stone immediately smiled meaningfully, then bumped Ye Zichen with his shoulder, “Wow kid! You’re normally pretty lifeless, and you actually went out and snagged a rich lady! Just look at how generous she is. I was wondering how you were supposed to get a girl before, but zezeze, you proactively made a move!”

At that moment, Stone saw Lil’ Yu look over with her hands across her chest. He quickly called out, “Lil’ Yu, don’t worry, Ye Zichen’s girl gave it to us!”

“Heh!” Lil’ Yu merely turned and left with a cold snort. However, that was not before she glanced fiercely towards Ye Zichen.

“What’s going on!?” Ye Zichen was truly confused.

However, the young man had already picked up the notebook to read once again, while calling out for the other people to be careful.

Young Lady!

Which family’s Young Lady!?

“Kid, stop giving orders here,” Ye Zichen yanked the young man over.

The young man immediately said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, what are your orders?”

“No, I’m kind of confused right now. You said your family’s young lady asked you to come over?”


“But I don’t know any rich ladies. You might not know, but we came from a village, so it’s impossible for us to be involved with a huge clan like you guys. Did you make a mistake?”

“Impossible, it’s clearly written here!” the young man handed the notebook over.

Ye Zichen took a glance…

What beautiful handwriting!

Tsk, that’s not the point. The point is that it really is written very clearly here!

“Just who is your family’s young lady?”

Ye Zichen was truly confused. Even now, he was still unable to understand who those people were.

However, a timely laugh sounded out from behind his back. “Who else? Of course it’s me!”

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