Chapter 476 Vengeful Heart

Chapter 476 – Vengeful Heart

After Ye Zichen had sent the Barrier Breaking Grass over to Old Lord Taishang, he naturally got the old man’s retort in exchange. The gramps complained about all sorts of things, from not getting paid for his hard work and also being forced to do extra work on top of everything.

However, he still replied with absolute certainty that he would refine the Barrier Breaking Pills as quickly as possible.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen was rather confused. It seems like, to him, that from an unknown time, his relationship with Old Lord Taishang had already turned to that of old friends.

“Bro, what did Old Lord Taishang say?” Yang Jian handed a cold can of beer over, while things like peanuts, spicy gluten and other snacks covered the floor… Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sniffle when he saw the familiar snacks, and very nearly sobbed.

All of those had come from the Modern Realm, but that place had already long been frozen.

All of a sudden, he felt homesick. I really wonder when I can return to the place I grew up in.

“Bro!” Yang Jian bumped Ye Zichen with his shoulder.

Only then did Ye Zechen return to his senses and smile as he replied, “Old Lord Taishang said that he would refine it for me as soon as possible.”

“That’s good,” Yang Jian smiled. At that moment, the three of them were standing in Taibai Jinxing’s home. It had been bought by Taibai Jinxing many years prior when he descended from the Heavenly Court. The simple home with a decently-sized courtyard made it very suitable for someone of his age.

As all of them sat down on the floor, Yang Jian grabbed a handful of peanuts and popped them into his mouth, “Can you tell me what happened in the Modern Realm after we left? Why did you make us leave back then, and how the Modern Realm ended up frozen?”

“That’s…” Ye Zichen’s face froze, then for some reason, the nightmarish scene he would see in his dreams every night surfaced in his mind even though he was not dreaming.

Xiao Yumei...

That wonderful woman, who had always supported him behind his back, and even until the very end, she still considered everything for his best interests on his behalf!

But I…


Ye Zichen clenched his fists so tightly they creaked.

Yang Jian and Taibai Jinxing both noticed Ye Zichen’s expression. However, he quickly calmed himself down, then smiled, “The demons won, but I didn’t lose!”

The demons’ greatest failure laid in their not killing him. The seeds of hatred were already growing in Ye Zichen’s heart. It was as Su Yiyun had said, from that moment onwards, Ye Zichen had began to live a life of guilt and suffering.

However, he refused to allow himself to give up due to it. He will use the hatred they planted in him…

To become stronger! To defeat the demons once and for all!

Demons, just wait. One day, I will go and take my revenge.

Ye Zichen continuously repeated this mantra in his heart. Even if it was only for Xiao Yumei, he will wreak havoc amongst the demons.

“I see,” Yang Jian nodded plainly. “Then right now, the demons…”

“They should be preparing to attack the Three Realms,” Taibai Jinxing spoke up. “The Modern Realm is not suitable for the demons to live in at all, but the reason they still attacked it so impatiently might have been because something happened in the place they’re living in. Since the Modern Realm was frozen, they will naturally have to set their target as the Three Realms!”

“Heh, I’m just worried that they wouldn’t dare to come! If they come, then grandpa will teach them how to act!” Yang Jian laughed recklessly. He was someone that wasn’t afraid of anything, and rather used violence over his words.

Since he hadn’t yet reached the Sky Immortal level when he went to the Modern Realm, he didn’t actually fight the Twelve Demon Sovereigns.

However, if they dared to come, Yang Jian was definitely going to beat the crap out of them.

“Don’t be careless. As residents of one of the Upper Three Realms, the demons should not be underestimated,” Taibai Jinxing reminded Yang Jian kindly, but didn’t go into too much detail.

“No worries!” Yang Jian chuckled, then rubbed his hands excitedly and looked towards Ye Zichen. “Bro, let’s not talk about the situation over in the Modern Realm anymore. Since you came to the Three Realms, you’re no longer as busy as before, right?”

Ye Zichen nodded even though he didn’t understand what Yang Jian was hinting at, “Yeah, what’s up?”

“Makeup lessons! Didn’t you say that you are going to start a makeup lesson in the Heavenly Court ages ago? But the lessons still hasn’t started! Big Sister Stone also mentioned to me that plenty of the girls in the Heavenly Court are waiting for them,” Yang Jian knitted his eyebrows. “Also, Yue Lao wants to know when he can have the other factories start production. A lot of people are waiting for the kinky set!”

“Oh, so that’s what you wanted!” Ye Zichen suddenly understood. He had already gotten ready to do all that in the Modern Realm, but he had delayed it time and time again due to the demons’ attacks.

Currently, since he didn’t feel like he had anything to worry about in the Three Realms, it was time for him to deal with all that.

“No need to worry about that. Since I’ve already come to the Three Realms, it’s easy for us to meet as well. Tell Yue Lao to come and see me when he has time. I’ll tell him what to do in more detail.”

“We can just call him directly in the group,” Yang Jian immediately went to the group to mention Yue Lao.

Seeing the time, Ye Zichen quickly stopped Yang Jian, “Don’t, it’s getting late. The villagers might be waiting for me to return. I can’t stay here too long. Let’s chat again another time!”

“Seriously, you’re so troublesome!” Yang Jian sighed helplessly, then took out two cartons of cigarettes from his spatial artifact and placed them onto the ground. You aren’t in the Modern Realm anymore, so you won’t be able to smoke these anymore, that’s why I deliberately brought some for you. Since bro, you said next time, then let’s chat again next time. I have to hurry back to the Heavenly Court as well. Recently, that geezer Jade Emperor has been watching me very closely!”

“Alright, then hurry back!”

With that, Yang Jian called over a cloud and flew away.

Ye Zichen, who sat on the ground, immediately collected one carton of cigarettes into his phone and raised his eyebrows at Taibai Jinxing, “Do you know where Wei Chen is?”

“He is the Body Double of the White Tiger, so we don’t have to worry about him,” Taibai Jinxing replied calmly. “However, I sensed there to be at least ten people who ascended to the Three Realms. Perhaps… You might know some of them!”

“I know.”

Ye Zichen already felt like more of the people around him might have ascended due to Su Yan and Xia Keke’s situation. Disregarding others, there was already his mother…

He did not have a firm position in the Three Realms, and did not have any way of gathering news.

Thus, all he could do was silently pray for their safety, and quickly develop his own power.

“I’ll be living here in the near future. Do come around and chat when you have time. It’s pretty boring for this old man just to stay here alone.”

“No problem!”


It was already late at night when Ye Zichen returned to the village’s manor. What he did not expect was that both Stone and Lil’ Yu were looking around the entrance anxiously.

“Waiting for me?” Ye Zichen smiled and scratched his head.

Seeing that he was safe, Lil’ Yu immediately let out a sigh of relief, then rolled her eyes and left.

On the other hand, Stone wrapped his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder and snorted, “Kid, if you dare to return so late, then watch big brother take care of you.”

Even though he said that, Ye Zichen was still able to feel the care and sincerity in his voice.

“Mm, but since you came back, let big brother tell you some major gossip!”

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