Chapter 475 Return

Chapter 475 – Return

Yang Jian was definitely one who enjoyed fights, otherwise, he couldn’t have possibly became the leading general in the Heavenly Court.

Since he just broken through to the Sky Immortal realm, he thirsted for a chance to test his abilities. Thus, his gaze merely showed excitement when he saw such a huge group of people come to cause trouble for him.

“You are directly challenging the Treasure Tower’s authority.”

“Authority my ass,” Yang Jian rolled his eyes and snorted. “What Treasure Chest? I've never heard of it. If you want to fight, then come. If you aren’t going to fight, then f*ck off. Don’t blabber when you can use violence, got it!?”

Although he said that, he only anticipated silently in his heart…

C’mon, hit me!

Where they were was still part of the Immortal Region’s territory. If he proactively caused trouble, then he might actually cause those antique-leveled people to come out.

However, it was different if he was just defending himself. Then, even if those antiques question him, he can say that the other people attacked him first.

“Say that again if you dare!?”

Many of them were foolishly loyal towards Treasure Tower, so when they heard someone actually insult the Treasure Tower, they couldn’t take it anymore.

“So what if I have to say it ten thousand times? I’m still going to say the same thing, don’t blabber when you can use violence!” Yang Jian smiled with a snort.

The some of the Human Immortals around him immediately begun to circulate their spiritual energy and stepped forward.

Yang Jian revealed an excited gaze, and hooked his finger at them.

“Ahh, you got the wrong person.”

At that intense moment, the bearded man hurriedly ran over, and whispered into the guard leader’s ear.

“Are you speaking the truth?” the round-faced middle-aged man in a blue robe was stunned, then looked at Yang Jian, who stood in front of them in confusion.

So we made a mistake, and the culprit isn’t this person. However, when he thought of how that guy actually insulted Treasure Tower…

“Heh, who cares if he’s a criminal or not. Since he insulted the Treasure Tower, then he deserves to die!” the middle-aged man snorted coldly, then glanced towards the guards who surrounded Yang Jian. “Establish the Dragon Lockdown Formation!”

The team of guards was made up of twelve members, all of whom were of the Human Immortal level. As the name suggested, the Dragon Lockdown formation was able to trap a dragon within, showing that the round-faced man only wanted to trap Yang Jian and force him to apologize.

Normally speaking, even the normal Sky Immortals found it very difficult to escape from the Dragon Lockdown Formation established by twelve Human Immortals.


“Shatter,” Yang Jian called out softly, and directly broke apart the Dragon Lockdown Formation that could trap an early stage Sky Immortal.

The twelve guards immediately flew out, while Yang Jian put his hands on his hip and laughed cockily, “Weak. You actually wanted to trap grandpa!?”

Then, Yang Jian walked away from the round-faced man. Meanwhile, the latter’s heart was already filled with shock.

Mid stage Sky Immortal?

Actually, he was wrong. Yang Jian was merely an early stage Sky Immortal, however, the enhancement of belief, caused him to be a lot stronger than normal early stage Sky Immortals.

That was also an advantage of entering the Three Sacred Lands. Since the outside had plenty of Human Immortal leveled experts…

There was no way the Three Sacred lands could become the Three Sacred Lands if they were not more dominatingly powerful!

Just as Yang Jian returned to where Ye Zichen stood with a proud look, he noticed that Ye Zichen and Taibai Jinxing had already disappeared.

Yang Jian took out his phone, then saw the message Ye Zichen left him.

“Bring back the Barrier Breaking Grass and the bag, then return the rest to a woman called Zuo Mo!’

“Oh,” Yang Jian nodded, then shouted in the auction hall. “Zuo Mo, is there anyone called Zuo Mo?”

“That’s me!”

Zuo Mo slowly walked in front of Yang Jian against everyone else’s objection.

Yang Jian was completely stunned when he saw this woman. Then, he couldn’t help but retort.

Why are the women around my bro all so pretty!?

Yang Jian rolled his eyes, then opened the bag and poured out all of the treasures within the bag under the shocked gazes of Zuo Mo and the others.

After that, he took out the Barrier Breaking Grass and turned to Zuo Mo, “Here!”

“Uhm…” Zuo Mo was rather confused. This guy actually returned all the treasures. She licked her lips in surprise, then stopped Yang Jian, who was about to leave. “Please wait!”

“Is something up?” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows.

Zuo Mo quickly shook her head, and took out a token, which she handed to Yang Jian. “I’m not sure of how to repay you for your aid. With this token, you can command the people from any of the areas where the Treasure Tower is active in. You can also use it to make the Treasure Tower satisfy a single request. As long as it is not outrageous, then we will do everything we can!”

“Err… Alright,” Yang Jian put the token away, then disappeared from the auction house.

At that moment, Zuo Liang also walked out, “Sis, why did you give him the token, aren’t you worried that he…”

“He should be someone from one of the Three Sacred Lands!” A smiled flashed across Zuo Mo’s face. “He probably acted because someone else asked him to. I wonder if you noticed it, the thing he just took away…”

“Barrier Breaking Grass!” Zuo Liang was momentarily stunned before he raised his eyebrows. “Are you trying to say that Ye Zichen told him to help?”

Zuo Mo smirked, then shrugged, “I never said anything like that. Just… pretend like you didn’t hear anything! Alright, the clown fiesta’s over. Hurry up and send the items to our customers’ manors and apologize. Remember to be sincere when doing that… Got it?”

“Alright, I’ll immediately set the right people on it!” Zuo Liang hurried left.

At that moment, Zuo Mo also curled her lips slightly.

Pill refiner, relationships with the Three Sacred Lands… I’m even more curious about you now!

“Bro, is this thingy Barrier Breaking Grass?” Yang Jian hurried over to the designated meeting place, while holding a few strands of celery-like grass.

“That’s it!” Ye Zichen nodded excitedly. With the Barrier Breaking Grass, he would be able to enter the Human immortal level. However, in the future, he will have to consider what he should do to break through to the Sky Immortal level!

“Oh yeah, that woman called Zuo Mo also gave me a token. She said that with this token, the something tower will satisfy any request of yours,” Yang Jian took out the token and chucked it to Ye Zichen. “I didn’t want it initially, but then I remembered that you might find it useful.”

The token was rather cool, and the golden character “Tower” was imprinted on it. If I am not mistaken, then this token should have been the one Zuo Mo used to hurry Captain Liu away at the real estate center.

I didn’t expect that girl to actually gift this out. But I suppose keeping it isn’t bad, I might actually need it in the future.

Of course, the most important thing for me right now is to send the Barrier Breaking Grass over to Old Lord Taishang.


I really am in a hurry for that!

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