Chapter 474 Shi Qian the Thief

Chapter 474 – Shi Qian the Thief

See that? There really was someone that came to rob the auction!

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but to roll his eyes. He really didn’t care about it that much, the thief could go and rob whoever he wanted. Ye Zichen just wanted to quickly leave with his Barrier Breaking Grass.

The person who dared to rob the auction house was definitely not any normal person. Ye Zichen was not interested in fighting that guy at all.

“Stop blanking out. Hurry up and give me the Barrier Breaking Grass. I’m leaving after getting that,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and said to the staff in front of him.

Meanwhile, everyone from Treasure Tower was shocked. After all, something like a wrecking an auction has never happened in several thousand years.

“Someone really came to rob the auction,” the person who exclaimed was no other than the bearded man sitting beside Ye Zichen. He glanced over at Ye Zichen in shock…

“Don’t look at me. I’m not part of such a group,” Ye Zichen shrugged, then immediately hurried the staff members again to hand the Barrier Breaking Grass over.

However, at that very moment, the Barrier Breaking Grass in the staff’s plate flew up uncontrollably, while the auction items that other staff held did the same.

Ye Zichen looked up, then saw a man holding a rucksack, which the auction items flew towards. on the ceiling.

“You dare!?” the bearded man suddenly scolded the thief loudly. Then, he, who was originally of the Spiritual Body level, instantly released spiritual pressure above a Human Immortal’s. “You’ve truly got guts for daring to rob the Treasure Tower.”

With that, he flew over to the man. This change of events shocked Ye Zichen as well. I truly never expected the bearded guy beside me was one of the Treasure Tower’s experts.

“Ha, there is no treasure that I, Shi Qian, fails to get if I’m interested in it,” the man on the ceiling smiled evilly.

Ye Zichen felt rather speechless when he heard the name. Shi Qian, what a familiar name.

I seem to recall that the master thief from the 108 outlaws in Water Margin was called Shi Qian!

“Shi Qian, it’s actually him!?”

Zuo Liang and Zuo Mo suddenly appeared beside Ye Zichen. The person who spoke up was Zuo Mo. At that moment, her eyebrows knitted tightly together, revealing the worry in her heart clearly.

“I don’t care about Shi Qian or whoever he is. That brat took the Barrier Breaking Grass, so shouldn’t the auction house compensate me ten strands?” Ye Zichen replied shamelessly.

Zuo Mo immediately rolled her eyes, “Why should I? Your item was a gift from Elder Shao, and you actually want us to compensate you for it? Just wait. If you can snatch it back, then snatch it. If you can’t, then there’s nothing I can do!” Zuo Mo shrugged and put on an expression as if she wasn’t able to do anything.

Ye Zichen was completely speechless when he heard her reply.

So the Tower actually works like this!

Women are truly the creatures you should definitely not offend in this world. I merely ignored her before, is there a need to go against me in everything?”

“Zuo Liang, go and contact the rest of security. Since Shi Qian has acted, then A’lei himself will not be enough to stop him.”

It was as Zuo Mo had said. The bearded man was not able to do anything to Shi Qian at all. The other party was as agile as a monkey and directly nullified all attacks made against him.

Meanwhile, the auctioned items from Treasure Tower also continuously flew into his rucksack.

“There truly is someone not afraid of death. It seems like our old bones are going to have to move a little,” thee more old men appeared in the sky. Judging from the spiritual pressure they released from their bodies, they seemed like experts of at least the Human Immortal level.

“You are bullying me with numbers? Grandpa isn’t going to play with you anymore,”

By that moment, the majority of the auctioned items had already entered his rucksack. When he saw that more and more people came to capture him, he finally judged it the time to retreat, so he tied the rucksack up, and got ready to run.

“My Barrier Breaking Grass!” Ye Zichen stomped his feet anxiously.

At that very moment, Yang Jian and Taibai Jinxing, who dressed in plain clothes suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Bro, long time no see,” Yang Jian immediately bear hugged him.

Meanwhile, Taibai Jinxing also nodded with a soft smile, “You actually came to the Three Realms as well.”

“You finally came!” Ye Zichen finally saw his savior in Yang Jian.

The thief who stole his Barrier Breaking Grass was also a Human Immortal. However, he was very agile, and was actually able to not let his enemies get the upper hand even when ganged up upon by four or five Human Immortals.

Seeing that Shi Qian was about to run away with the treasures, Ye Zichen hurriedly said, “Yang Jian, you see that suspicious looking guy? Go and snatch his bag. He stole my Barrier Breaking Grass.”

“Barrier Breaking Grass!” Yang Jian was stunned, then he immediately revealed an angry look. “He truly doesn’t want to live anymore. He actually stole my brother’s treasure!”


The spiritual pressure of a Sky Immortal instantly radiated out from his body, causing Shi Qian and the Treasure Tower members, who were fighting, to raise their eyebrows when they felt it.

Sky Immortal?

He’s not from our Treasure Tower, could it be this thief’s…

Shi Qian also felt it, causing an anxious look to surface on his face. I can mess with Human Immortal level people, but I really can’t beat a Sky Immortal.

Running is the best choice out of the thirty-six stratagems!

Shi Qian took out a few smoke bombs from his pocket and threw it out, before beginning to run.

“You want to run?” a huge pair of hands suddenly appeared out of the air, and directly captured Shi Qian. At this moment, Yang Jian also walked over with squinted eyes and snorted. “Trying to run from this lord? You really are not taking this lord seriously!”

“Ahh, my lord, just what are you saying?” Shi Qiann forced a smile. “How could I not dare to take you seriously? You are from the Treasure Tower? Ha, I was just kidding with you guys, don’t mind it too much.”

“Treasure Tower?”

“You aren’t from Treasure Tower?” Shi Qian’s eyes instantly lit up. “Then you just want to make a fortune, right? What a coincidence, me too. Look, how about we split the things half-half?”

Shi Qian took a look at Yang Jian’s expression. He doesn’t seem that satisfied…

“Eighty-twenty. Eighty for you, twenty for me!”

Still not satisfied!

“Ninety-ten. Everyone came to make a fortune. I, the little brother, did plenty of work as well, so just treat it like payment for hard work!”

“Stop bullshitting with me. Give the bag in your hands to me,” Yang Jian frowned. That was what Ye Zichen had asked for. After all, the bag seemed like a good treasure, and Yang Jian definitely couldn’t have acted for nothing, so he chose the bag.

Shi Qian instantly wanted to cry when he heard that. Not only did the treasures he came to steal get taken, his treasured bag had to be given away too.

Since the difference between Yang Jian’s and his strength was far too great, he didn’t dare to refuse either, so he bit his lips and handed the bag over to Yang Jian.

“Alright now, scram!”

Shi Qian quickly ran away dejectedly.

At that moment, Yang Jian also waved the bag in his hands proudly.

It was at that moment that the guards Zuo Liang went to call finally arrived. When they saw Yang Jian alone in the skies while holding the bag, which had grabbed the treasures, they immediately branded him as the thief.

“Put down the bag in your hands. Otherwise, die!” the guards said coldly.

Yang Jian immediately got angry when he heard that.

He squinted his eyes and scanned the ten-odd guards around him, then snorted, “Just with you guys?”

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