Chapter 473 Pill Refiner

Chapter 473 – Pill Refiner

The atmosphere in the room immediately froze. Zuo Liang looked back and forth between Ye Zichen and the pill refining master, while keeping it mostly on the former.

This guy is actually a pill refining master?

Although Master Shao Qing did not say anything specifically, Zuo Liang could already tell from his expression that Ye Zichen was a pill refiner.

There were four grades of pill refiners: spiritual, earth, human and sky (celestial) ; and each grade was then further split into tiers of beginner, adept, master, maestro…

The symbols on their robes indicated their grades. The moon represented their grades, while the number of stars represented their tiers, but if a pill refiner was to become a sky grade pill refining maestro, then the symbol would be a sun instead!

What’s more, it was not hard for Zuo Liang to tell from Shao Qing’s way of addressing Ye Zichen that the kid wasn’t just a bit better than Shao Qing.

Those in the pill refining circles generally addressed each other as daoist friends so as long as they are of the same grade.

They would only address someone of a higher grade as sire.

Doesn’t that mean that Ye Zichen is a pill refiner of at least the human grade!?

“Spring Returning Pill, it is a spiritual grade pill. However, the recovery amount is three times that of a normal one. Ex-Excuse me, are you a human grade maestro?” Shao Qing’s tone was filled with respect. Although pill refiners took a long time in polishing their skills…

He did not dare to directly refute the possibility of Ye Zichen being a human grade maestro due to his age.

When pill refiners reach a certain level, their appearance could not longer be used to judge them.

“Human grade maestro?” Ye Zichen revealed a look of disdain. The pills in the Treasure Shop should be refined by Old Lord Taishang, and he was definitely the best when it came to pill refining, so a human grade maestro was nothing. “Don’t worry about so much, I’m just asking you whether you guys are taking it in or not!?”

“Yes, yes, yes. We’ll take however much you have. I wonder if you have any other pills for sale?” Shao Qing felt a bit frantic. Judging from this sire’s expression, he doesn’t seem to only be a human grade maestro.

But… are there pill refiners above sky grade on the outskirts of the Immortal Region? Could this master have come from within the Immortal Region? Also, why is a sky grade pill refiner refining this sort of pill?


Ye Zichen took out Spirit Focusing Pill. It was also a pill that cost a hundred cultivation experience in the experience per pill.

Shao Qing carefully picked it up and put it into his mouth…

“Spirit Focusing Pill, the effects are also three times that of a normal one!”

“How much do you want to give me for the pills?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He wasn’t trying to show off. He only wanted to buy the Barrier Breaking Grass.

“Two thousand per pill. How many do you want to sell?” Shao Qing squinted his eyes and clenched his teeth.

The price he offered was already very high. Normally speaking, they would only use one thousand seven hundred or eight hundred. The reason he offered so much higher was to leave a higher impression for that lord.

“How much is needed for the Barrier Breaking Grass?” Ye Zichen turned around.

Zuo Liang licked his lips, his older sister had said that they can’t accept any no matter what. “About this…”

“Lil’ Liang, your sister wants to mess around, do you want to mess around as well!?” Shao Qing glared.

Zuo Liang quickly smiled and shrunk his neck, “I can’t decide, so I’ll have to go and ask my sister.”

With that, he quickly ran out, leaving Shao Qing in the room.

Shao Qing asked in a testing manner, “Sire, the reason that you are buying Barrier Breaking Grass…”

“Refine Barrier Breaking Pills!”

Shao Qing’s expression only became more respectful the moment Ye Zichen said that. Barrier Breaking Pill could only be refined by those above the adept sky grade, and even then, the success rate was extremely low.

“I can sell you guys one if this deal succeeds,” Ye Zichen wasn’t sure whether Zuo Mo would make it even more difficult for him. Since Shao Qing seemed to have a rather high status in Treasure Tower, if he could get this old man to help convince Zuo Mo, then selling them one after he gave the materials to Old Lord Taishang to refine wasn’t an issue.

“About this… Sire, let me just directly gift you the Barrier Breaking Grass as a representative of Treasure Tower. If you refine the Barrier Breaking Pill successfully, and there are extras, then do please sell Treasure Tower one. We will certainly buy it using a high price,” Shao Qing said excitedly. A Barrier Breaking Pill directly meant the production of a Sky Immortal. Just what grade is this sire…

He finally accepted everything. Previously, he was actually wondering why someone of the sire’s grade was actually buying Barrier Breaking Grass by selling Pills, and now… Even what the sire said was a lie and he can’t refine a pill, but he definitely has someone backing him since he could take out all those pills. Thus, Shao Qing decided take the bet.

Ten strands of Barrier Breaking Grass was truly nothing compared to a Barrier Breaking Pill.

“That’s rather awkward, but since you said that, I can’t refuse you. Of course, I won’t rip you off…”


Two thousand jade vials suddenly appeared in the room.

“Here is a thousand Spring Returning Pills and a thousand Spirit Focusing Pills. Also, if I get extra Barrier Breaking Pills, then I’ll gift them to the Treasure Tower.”

“Sire, thank you so much!” Shao Qing answered gratefully.

Meanwhile, Zuo Liang hurriedly ran to the auction stage.

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows when she saw her little brother’s hurried expression, “How was it? You sent him away?”

“Sis, there’s an issue,” Zuo Liang gulped, then said. “That guy is a pill refiner, and seems to be of an extremely high grade. Even Master Shao Qing called him sire!”

“Impossible!” Zuo Liang was shocked. How can a pill refiner be so young, and actually be called sire by Shao Qing, that’s too ridiculous!

What’s more, if he really is a pill refiner above the human grade, then why does he need to exchange items to buy a strand of Barrier Breaking Grass!

“Bring me over!”


The door to the secret room opened, and when Zuo Mo entered, she immediately saw that the room was filled with jade vials.

“Where’s Ye Zichen!?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows.

Shao Qing, who was sitting on the chair, stood up, “Zuo Mo, gift those ten strands of Barrier Breaking Grass to that sire when the auction ends.”

“Why?” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows in confusion.

Shao Qing’s expression immediately turned gloomy. “Don’t care about the reason that much. Alright, continue hosting the auction!”

With that, he left he room with a wave of his sleeve.

Zuo Mo bit her lips hatefully, “This really pisses me off!”

To nobody’s surprise, the Barrier Breaking Grass was no longer auctioned.

Noticing that, the bearded man beside Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “Bro the Barrier Breaking Grass is in your hands, right?”

“It’s a secret!” Ye Zichen smiled, while he replied with a joyous tone. All he had to do to get the Barrier Breaking Grass was just to wait until the auction ends.

As time passed, the auction continued on.

During this period of time, Ye Zichen, who had nothing better to do, calculated the transaction amount of the entire auction, and found that it really was as the bearded man said.

The amount truly surpassed ten billion.

After the final item, the auction finally reached a close. Everyone waited for the staff to bring them their treasures, and that naturally included Ye Zichen.

However, at that very moment…


A huge hole suddenly appeared in the ceiling of the auction house.

“Zeze, this time… I seem to have caught a huge fish!”

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