Chapter 472 Zuo Mo Making Things Difficult

Chapter 472 – Zuo Mo Making Things Difficult

Truthfully speaking, Ye Zichen merely went to the auction house to test his luck.

He never expected to actually get lucky. I wonder how high the price is. The famous saber had already costed several tens of millions, then this Barrier Breaking Grass…

Would it be more expensive?

“Barrier Breaking Grass. I’m sure everyone knows its effects. It is suitable for those under the complete stage of the Human Immortal level. After ingesting, there is a ten percent chance of breakthrough. This is of extreme importance to everyone who is stuck at the breakthrough point. There are ten strands of Barrier Breaking Grass this time…”

Only those under the complete stage of the Human Immortal level?

Ten percent chance of breakthrough?

It seems like there are some differences with the Barrier Breaking Pill that Old Lord Taishang can refine, but then again, that is normal. Zuo Mo should be talking about directly ingesting the grass itself, while Old Lord Taishang’s refining it into a pill.

However, Ye Zichen felt rather troubled by her saying that there was ten strands…

Zuo Mo did not say whether they were going to be auctioned one by one or together, and no one in the hall asked.

The main reason was that the customers on the seventh floor did not even dare to think of using such a luxurious item to breakthrough, while the rich people on the eighth and ninth floor did not lack that bit of celeste.

“Ahem, excuse me…” In order to ensure that he could reach the Human Immortal level, Ye Zichen forced himself to raise his hand and stand up.

Everyone in the auction hall instantly glanced over at him. Zuo Mo, who was hosting the auction, also looked over in confusion. When she saw it was Ye Zichen, the smile on her face instantly changed.

“Mm, this gentleman over here, what question do you have?” Even though she continued to smile, Ye Zichen was certain that it was definitely a murderous smile, and in his mind, Zuo Mo was very likely to be pondering how to mess with him.


There was nothing he could do!

“I just want to ask whether your Barrier Breaking Grass will be sold strand by strand, or all together!”

“Sir, would you like to buy them individually or all together?” Zuo Mo answered with a smile, causing many dandies on the eighth floor to chatter their teeth angrily.

Our goddess is actually speaking to someone on the seventh floor, what’s more… she’s speaking with a smile.

“Of course I want to buy them individually!” Ye Zichen actually wanted to buy them all together. The more things like Barrier Breaking Grass, the better it is. After Old Lord Taishang refines Barrier Breaking Pills using them, even if he didn’t need them, he can still give some pills to the people around him!

“Oh,” Zuo Mo smiled. “Then I’m very sorry. We are selling it all together!”


Zuo Liang, who stood underneath the stage, couldn’t help but laugh out loud. My sister truly has a grudge with this bro.

The Barrier Breaking Grass was actually supposed to be sold one strand at a time, since it was easier to get a better price that way.

However, Zuo Mo actually changed her due to a single sentence from Ye Zichen.

Sigh, she’s the only one that can do it. I don’t think anyone else in the Treasure Tower has this right!

At the same time, the dandies on the eighth floor also cheered silently. As expected of the goddess, she will never treat this sort of loser well.

As for Ye Zichen…

“Good, very good,” he forced himself to maintain his smile as he nodded towards Zuo Mo. He finally understood, the woman was intentionally making things difficult for him.

Her earlier words were just to test him…

She was going to sell it as a batch if he wanted to buy them individually, and if he wanted to buy them all, then she would have sold them individually. No matter what, she was dead set on not letting him have a good time.

“Sir, do you have any more questions” Zuo Mo continued to smile.

Ye Zichen replied, “I have one more question.”


“If I don’t have enough money, then can I use items to exchange for items?” Ye Zichen licked his lips. He definitely had to get the Barrier Breaking Grass because only god knows when he would be able to bump into something like that again.

He had to enter the Human Immortal level, since he can’t just be stuck at his current level!

“Of course, but the Treasure Tower does not accept common items, you…”

“Things from me are naturally not common items,” Ye Zichen replied with a glare.

At that moment, Zuo Mo nodded with a smile, “Then, naturally. I’ll send someone to receive you right now. Just give him the treasure you want to get appraised.”

With that, Zuo Mo turned towards Zuo Liang and gave him a cue, “Say that we are not accepting it no matter what it is. Got it?”

“Sis, is there a need to mess with him like that? We, the Treasure Shop, have always welcomed business. Since he asked in this sort of place and sort those sort of things, he might truly need this Barrier Breaking Grass!”

“Tsk, it’s his fault that he treated me like that. As for the Barrier Breaking Grass, it’s not like it’s a rare item for the Treasure Tower. If he really needs it, then I’ll just gift him one strand.”

“It can’t be!” Zuo Liang opened his eyes wide. “Sis, are you still the older sister I know? You actually are gifting something to someone… Wow, you can’t have fallen for that guy, right!?”

“Tsk, it’s not like you can say anything useful. Hurry up and go!” Zuo Mo rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Zuo Liang immediately ran over.

At the same time, Zuo Mo smiled towards everyone else, “Sorry, the auction will have to be put on hold for now. A gentleman wants to exchange using items, so we, the Treasure Tower, have to appraise its value first.”

“Bro, come with me!” At that moment, Zuo Liang had already walked over to Ye Zichen with a strange gaze.

“Mm!” Ye Zichen answered plainly, then followed Zuo Liang to a secret room behind the auction hall.

The moment they entered the room, Zuo Liang looked at Ye Zichen with interested eyes…

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m really worried!” Ye Zichen subconsciously took a few steps back.

Zuo Liang hurriedly waved his hand with a smile, “Don’t misunderstand, I’m not interested in men, either. Didn’t you say you have items you want to exchange. Hurry up and show me what kind of treasures they are,” Zuo Liang robbed his hands in excitement. The things people in their line of work loved to do most was appraise treasures.

“How much in celeste can you offer for this?” Spring-Returning Pill was a spiritual grade pill that cost a hundred cultivation experience per bottle within the Treasure Shop. That was the only good thing that Ye Zichen could offer. If that wouldn’t work, then he would have to start try using secret scriptures.

Zuo Liang, who was about to take a look at the treasure and refuse to accept it, was stunned. He looked at the jade vial in front of him in shock, then carefully uncorked it…

“P-Pill! You are a pill refiner!” Zuo Liang opened his eyes wide as if he saw a ghost, then quickly ran out.

Not long later, a white-haired elder wearing a faint red robe with the image of a moon and three stars on it in the middle, entered the room with him.

“I can’t appraise pills. This is Shao Qing, our Treasure Tower’s earth grade pill refining master!”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen continued to nod plainly.

The old man also nodded, then took the pill out and sniffed it.

A surprised look quickly surfaced on his face as he raised his eyebrows, “Sire, I wonder if I can taste it? Of course, it will be treated as if we, the Treasure Tower, purchased it.”

“Sure,” Ye Zichen finally stopped worrying when he saw the elder’s expression. It seems like pill refiners have a very high status in the Three Realms, since this pill seems to have shocked them a lot.

As I thought, the Heavenly Court has no common items.

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