Chapter 471 Yang Jian’s Breakthrough

Chapter 471 – Yang Jian’s Breakthrough

Ye Zichen nodded in understanding when he found out that Zuo Mo was a woman. No wonder I felt so disgusted by her actions earlier. Those would have been fairly normal if she was a girl.

But what does that have to do with me? I only came to see if there is any Barrier Breaking Grass.

“The warm up has ended. I think that everyone is still unsatisfied, right? No worries, the auctions those of us from the Treasure Tower hosts in person will never disappoint any customers. Here, there are only things you have never thought of, there is nothing that we, the Treasure Tower, cannot get,” Zuo Mo’s pitch was higher, but it was extremely lively.

The atmosphere reached a new height with a mere few sentences. The normal customers on the seventh floor began to shout while disregarding the people around them, and even some of the rich people on the eighth floor also disregarded their identity and opened the windows to whistle.

“Let the auction begin. The first item is the famous saber – Warring Sky. This saber was crafted by the item refining grandmaster Zhan Hai. Most of the materials used were materials between earth grade and celestial grade. It is a human grade spiritual artifact, and has the ice attribute, a mutated water attribute, for its attack. It also has the ability, Water Curtain, which can create a screen of water in front of the user for defense! The starting price is ten million celeste…”

The gazes of everyone, including Ye Zichen, were drawn in the moment the saber appeared.

The blade itself was very thin, giving off a katana-like feel. A faint hint of moisture surrounded its surface, and a frosty temperature was produced in the hall the moment it appeared.

It truly was like Zuo Mo introduced. Ice attribute…

“Why are you looking at it like that? It’s miles off in comparison to me,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang twitched her mouth slightly jealously.

Seeing her envious gaze, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head. “I was just taking a look. Everyone knows that you’re the number one divine artifact since primordial times. Who would dare to compare themselves with you?”

“That’s more like it,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang snorted in satisfaction, then returned into his arm. At that moment, the saber’s price had already reached a height of thirty million…

Ye Zichen looked at the blade with interest. Although it looked great, and it was a good weapon…

But I have no money.

“Seriously, the treasures from this auction seem like they’ll total to over a hundred million celeste…” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but mutter quietly.

At that moment, a long-bearded man sitting beside him suddenly chuckled, “Hundred million? Little bro, you are underestimating the Treasure Tower’s ability way too much. Since Lady Zuo Mo came to host the auction in person, then it is impossible for it not to reach ten billion.”

“Ten billion?”

I suppose no top company can compare up to this auction in the Modern Realm…

Doesn’t this mean that they f*cking earned half of Taobao’s worth just with a commission of five percent?

“No one dares to come and rob an auction with such huge transaction amounts?” Ye Zichen asked evilly.

Hearing his words, the bearded man immediately covered Ye Zichen’s mouth.

“What!?” Ye ZIchen was not interested in men, nor did he like having any bodily contact with men.

“Do you want to die? Daring to mention robbery at the Treasure Tower’s auction house? Some people do want to, but who would dare? Treasure Tower is one of the peak forces of the outer area of the Immortal Region, do you think that they’re useless? I estimate there to be no less than ten complete stage Human Immortal experts here! There might even be Sky Immortals here!” the bearded man answered carefully.

Ye Zichen merely shrugged casually.

He was just asking, and even if anyone robs the place, it has nothing to do with him.

Ye Zichen shrugged towards the bearded man. Sensing Ye Zichen’s disinterest in chatting, the man turned his gaze back towards the famous saber on the stage with a heated gaze.


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone in his pocket rang.

He looked around to ensure that the surrounding people were all looking at the stage before stealthily taking his phone out, then saw that the message sender was Yang Jian.

“Bro, Old Lord Taishang told me that you need a Barrier Breaking Pill?”

“He told you?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “But didn’t you take that pill? So never mind, I’ll get Barrier Breaking Grass from somewhere, then get him to refine one for me.”

“Ha, I can’t give it to you even if you wanted it.”

“I don’t want it even if you gave yours to me. What is it? You breakthrough?”


At that moment, Yang Jian sat proudly on a vine chair in the courtyard of the True Lord Manor, while a faint golden aura surrounded him.

Yes, he broke through.

The Barrier Breaking Pill combined with three days of closed cultivation allowed him to finally step from the Human Immortal level into the early stage of the Sky Immortal level.

At that moment, he felt extremely proud. If it wasn’t because Old Lord Taishang told him that Ye Zichen needed a Barrier Breaking Pill, then he was going to fight the monkey.

“Not bad, not bad. If you’ve become strong, then you can help me get even when I get beaten up in the future,” Ye Zichen replied with a chuckle.

Seeing that message, Yang Jian immediately laughed.

“No problem!”

The moment he sent the message, he suddenly remembered that Old Lord Taishang was not the only one that contacted him, so he sent another message to Ye Zichen.

“You with Taibai?”


Ever since Ye Zichen arrived in the Three Realms, he didn’t use too much effort to contact people, mainly because he was unsure whether the others have come with him to the Three Realms.

However, Yang Jian’s words did make him remember that Taibai Jinxing would definitely come.

“Taibai sent me a message just now. He said that the Modern Realm is already frozen. He’s currently near the Immortal Region, so he wanted me to go and find him.”

Ye Zichen was slightly shocked upon seeing the news, but he quickly replied.

“I’m near the Immortal Region too.”

“That’s great. We couldn’t meet often while you were in the Modern Realm. I’ll come down from the Heavenly Court to meet Taibai, then we’ll come find you together. Tell me where in the Immortal Region you are!”

That troubled Ye Zichen.

Thus, he could only lick his lips, then turned around and patted the bearded man’s shoulder carefully.

“Bro, where in the Immortal Region are we right now?”

The bearded man was clearly surprised. He could not understand why the person beside him would ask such a stupid question, but he still replied, “Maple City.”

“Thank you, thank you. If someone came to cause trouble later, I’ll definitely protect you.”

The bearded man nodded without paying it much mind, but he muttered in his heart. This brat didn’t come to rob the Treasure Tower, right?

Otherwise, why else would he keep talking about that? But his strength…

“Maple City.”

After Ye Zichen sent Yang Jian his location, Yang Jian merely said “See you later” before disappearing.

At that moment, Ye Zichen also looked up, then noticed that the bearded man was staring at a spot on the eighth floor. The reason was because the auction for the saber had ended, and the saber seems to have ended up in the descendant of a rich family.

At the same time, the second item Zuo Mo was in charge of auctioning was brought onto the stage as well.

“Okay. The second item for the auction is Barrier Breaking Grass,” Zuo Mo said with a smile the moment the item was brought up.

Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide…

F*ck, there really is Barrier Breaking Grass up for auction!

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