Chapter 470 Protect My Daisy

Meet Xiao Yumei!

Chapter 470 – Protect My Daisy

Zuo Liang put on an expression as if he was watching a show, while he snickered stealthily on the side.

The chance to see Zuo Mo getting stuffed was too addicting. It’s his fault that he keeps on bullying at me at home. It’s great, now he has met his match.

Zuo Mo also frowned, dissatisfied. He had never met a man who treated him like that.

However, this sort of person only triggered his curiosity, causing him to want to speak more with that man. “I don’t want to do anything!”

“If you don’t want to do anything, then move aside. Otherwise, laozi’s going to beat you up!” Ye Zichen glared.

Zuo Mo twitched his mouth and smiled, “You…?”

His eyes were filled with disdain as a spiritual aura no weaker than a Human Immortal’s was released from his body. “You want to beat me up?”

Damn it, why does is a sissy so strong? Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, even though that level of spiritual pressure was of no threat to him. “Stop showing off. If you have something to say, then speak. If you don’t, then leave!”

Both Zuo Mo and Zuo Liang raised their eyebrows in shock when they saw that he was completely fine.

This person is hiding his strength.

They had both detected Ye Zichen’s strength to be around that of a False Spiritual Body. When Zuo Liang said that he was strong, they both thought that Ye Zichen was genius at body cultivation. Only now did they realize that he was intentionally hiding his strength!


All of a sudden, Zuo Mo only got more interested in him.

He squinted his eyes, and stopped releasing the spiritual pressure, “I wonder which of the Six Pavilions or Three Gates you are from?”

“The places you spoke of are too high-leveled. I’m just a small miner from Spiritual Breeze Village,” Ye Zichen replied straightforwardly.

“Miner? Alright, then are you interested in following me? I can give you a wage of a thousand celeste per day. How about that?” Zuo Mo smiled.

Ye Zichen scratched his head, and twitched his mouth, “I refuse!”

“Too little?” Zuo Mo raised his eyebrows. “Then ten thousand!”

“Even if you give me a million, I am not interested,” Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly.

“Can you tell me the reason?” Zuo Mo smiled.

“I’m worried that you have an abnormal sexual preference. If I follow you, then my daisy that I’ve protected for twenty something years will have to bloom with you. I have to protect my daisy!”

“You…” Zuo Mo bit his lips softly, while his face flushed as red as an apple.

Meanwhile, Zuo Liang couldn’t help but laugh loudly on the side as he slapped his thigh. After a while, he raised his eyebrows, “Bro, actually, he…”

“Shut up!” Zuo Mo glared at Zuo Liang angrily. Then he turned back towards Ye Zichen. “Wow. I’ve remembered you now!”

“Stop thinking about my flower. Even if you think about it all the time, this flower wouldn’t be yours!” Ye Zichen replied indifferently.

Zuo Liang laughed even harder, and nearly fainted. After a long while, he finally came back to his senses, then put his hand on Zuo Mo’s shoulder, “Let’s go. No matter what you say, this bro isn’t going to leave with you. Or, you could try and strip?”

“F*ck off!” Zuo Mo cursed.

“Haha, alright. The auction’s about to start. Don’t forget our reason for coming here!”

“Seriously…” Zuo Mo bit his lips once again, then stomped his feet like a girl before snorting. “Let’s leave!”

After the Zuo brothers left, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and looked at the direction they left in. Auction? That sort of place should have plenty of treasures!

Perhaps I can find the Barrier Breaking Grass there!

However, Ye Zichen immediately felt uncomfortable when he remembered that Zuo Mo would be there as well.

Never mind, I’ll be more careful so he won’t see me. I’ll go over and take a look to see if there is any Barrier Breaking Grass!

Ye Zichen was able to enter the auction without any issues.

The auction house was split into nine floors. The first six were the normal trading areas, where various shopkeepers sold things like different ores, spiritual herbs etc.

Meanwhile, the seventh to ninth floor were for the auction. The seventh floor was the normal area, while the eighth and ninth floor were the VIP areas that only people with an impressive background could stay in.

Ye Zichen naturally sat down in the normal area on the seventh floor.

After he entered the auction house, Ye Zichen had acquired a lot of new information. The auction house itself was actually established by the Treasure Tower, and the coming auction as going to be hosted by the Treasure Tower’s people.

Rumors said that the Treasure Tower only had rare or valuable items.

Actually, those who sat on the seventh floor were mostly just there to see the show and learn something, while the ones who could afford to put up a price in the auction sat on the eighth and ninth floors.

Of course, it wasn’t like all of the seventh floor’s customers would not be able to, since the phrase “experts are amongst civilians” did not come from nowhere.

“Everyone, thank you very much for attending the Treasure Tower’s Auction. We, the Treasure Tower, have always kept pointless chatter to the minimum, so let us now begin the auction for the first item!”

Two servants brought up a plate covered in a red cloth onto the stage, then flipped the cloth over, revealing a lance…

“Earth Grade Spiritual Treasure – The Wind Shattering Lance! This spiritual treasure was crafted by the item refining expert Bai Ling. The artifact itself carries a fire attribute attack, so friends with a fire attribute spiritual energy, you can start bidding. Of course, I won’t stop friends with spiritual energy of a different attribute to bid if you would like to collect it…” The host smiled on the stage, while the people begun to bid maniacally.

However, Ye Zichen was stunned.

Isn’t that Zuo Liang?

F*ck, doesn’t that mean that sissy and him are both people of the Treasure Tower!?

No wonder they could offer ten thousand celeste per day to me. The Treasure Tower’s people are truly rich!

But what the hell are they talking about? Earth grade spiritual artifact, fire attribute attack, item refining expert…

Although Ye Zichen was completely dumbfounded by everything, he did notice that the final price of the weapon was nine hundred celeste…

This should be really expensive, right?

I do remember that the most expensive weapons from what I saw on the sixth floor was a hundred something thousand…

“Nice, Wind Shattering Lance is sold for nine hundred thousand celeste. Congratulations to the lucky gentleman. Our staff will contact you shortly. Now, let us start revealing the second item.”

Thus, the bidding for twenty items occurred without any break in between. All of them were sold at a price between five hundred thousand to two million. Ye Zichen did a rough calculation, and the auction house had gotten nearly thirty million in about half an hour…

This is truly a crazily profitable industry if I assume that they take a five percent commission.

However, Zuo Liang immediately left the stage after auctioning the twenty items. Yet, the customers did not show any strange expressions, and instead put on more heated and anticipatory gazes.


A long-haired lady walked out from behind the curtains.

Screams sounded out though the auction house the moment she appeared.

“Shh,” the lady put her finger on her lips with a smile, causing the entire place to suddenly turn quiet.

However, Ye Zichen was even more quiet…

My god, am I a f*cking retard? Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort, then shook his head with a speechless expression as he looked at the woman on the stage. So this Zuo Mo was actually a girl!

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