Chapter 467 Buying a Property

Chapter 467 – Buying a Property

“Ye Zichen!” the youth squinted his eyes with a smile.

The men following him also walked over at this moment, “Young Master, it’s nearly our meeting time with the city lord…”

“Tell him to wait, I’m rather interested in that guy just now. Follow them.” With that, the handsome youth immediately started to get on his horse. However, he suddenly recalled Ye Zichen’s words when he was about to get on. “Store them away somewhere, we’ll walk!”

Meanwhile, Lil’ Yu continuously blabbered beside Ye Zichen’s ear.

During the journey, even Stone got sick of hearing it, “Woman, why are you so long-winded, it was just a tiny thing, is there a need for you to talk about it for so long?”

“What do you mean by tiny matter? Thank god that person’s personality was good, if he was an arrogant once, do you know how dangerous it would be?” Lil’ Yu glared.

Ye Zichen scratched his head and raised his eyebrows, “Fine, fine, I was wrong. Please stop scolding me. I won’t dare to do the same thing anymore.”

At that moment, they also arrived at the real estate center. It was only then that Lil’ Yu finally stopped talking.

The real estate center in the city felt rather similar to the Modern Realm’s despite their differences, and there were small models of the properties for other to see.

“Hello, we want that manor which costs seven million.”

“Hmm, just pay directly,” the real estate agent replied plainly.

Xue Qi and co. did not feel anything wrong with that, and merely looked towards Ye Zichen and had him pay.

After paying the money, the sales clerk handed him a key…

“Lil’ Li, is the Peony Garden I chose the other day still here? I’m going to buy it this time!” An armor-wearing middle-aged man suddenly appeared at the cashier.

Seeing him, the real estate agent’s expression changed, “Of course, Captain Liu, please wait a moment.”

With that, she went over to flip the record of the real estate sales.

Lil’ Yu blinked, then raised her eyebrows, “It seems like the one we bought just now was Peony Garden.”

Xue Qi took a look at the badge that came with the key, then turned to the real estate agent, “You already sold Peony Garden to us just now.”

“Sold it to you guys?” the real estate agent frowned.

Captain Liu immediately frowned on the side, “What’s going on? Didn’t I tell you to save it for me for a few days? Why did you sell it?”

“Captain Liu, don’t worry,” the real estate agent forced a smile, then poured out the seven million celeste Ye Zichen had paid her earlier from her spatial pouch… “I’m giving you back the money, so return the key and badge to me.”

“You can do that when we’ve already bought a house from you?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

The real estate agent snorted, “Why not? Captain Liu needs this garden, if you’re smart, then you better give the garden over to him.”

“Seriously…” Ye Zichen had never encountered anything that caused him to be so speechless. With his temper, he really wanted to slap the real estate clerk, and of course, that Captain Liu wasn’t any kind of nice person either.

However, Lil’ Yu shook her head. They were foreign there, so it would be better for them if they try to minimize trouble. “Just return it to them. I saw plenty of decent gardens elsewhere.”

“Here!” Ye Zichen slapped the key and badge back onto the table.

The real estate clerk put on a smug smile, then picked it up, before handing it over to Captain Liu.


Suddenly, a token shot through the air and buried itself into the wall.

“I’m taking all of the thirteen gardens near the city lord’s manor in the eastern region.”

“Who dares to act so outrageously on my turf!?” Captain Liu frowned, but when he turned around and saw the people who arrived, his expression drastically changed… “You…”

“Hmm? Is there an issue?” An indifferent tone that did not allow for objection rang out.

Ye Zichen and co. also looked back and saw that it was the handsome youth who they met on the way over.

“N-No!” The extremely cocky Captain Liu answered while trembling.

The handsome youth squinted his eyes with a smile, “Leave the badge behind and leave.”

Captain Liu immediately placed the badge on the table without any hesitation, then left. The handsome youth reached out towards his token stuck in the wall, causing it to automatically return to his hand.

During so, Ye Zichen intentionally took a glance at the token.

There seemed to be an “Earth” character on it, but he wasn’t sure, as the token flew over too quickly.

“Ye Zichen, so we meet again,” the handsome youth walked over with a smile, while the young man behind him also nodded towards Ye Zichen with a smile.

“We want Longevity Garden,” Ye Zichen ignored him.

The handsome youth did not get mad, and instead walked over with a smile, “I’m taking all the gardens in the eastern region, and Longevity Garden seems to be one of those as well. But if you want to buy Peony Garden again, I can let you have it.”

“Say, it’s one thing that a guy like you looks so sissy, but why are you so terrible at stuff as well!?” Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows in annoyance. “Fine, we’re not buying any of the gardens in the eastern region. We’ll give them all to you, okay!?”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes once again, then decided upon a garden in the western region with the rest before paying up and departing.

The handsome youth caressed his chin with his slender fingers and raised his eyebrows with interest, “He said that I looked like a sissy.”

“I already told you not to dress like this, and you didn’t believe me. You do look a bit sissy-like this,” the handsome youth’s little brother twitched his mouth speechlessly.

The youth smacked his head, “Don’t add your commentary to everything.”

With that, he turned to one of the men behind them to buy the rest of the gardens in the eastern area. “C’mon, let’s follow him. I don’t believe that I would be unable to speak less than ten sentences with him!”

Just as he was about to follow Ye Zichen, a group of people appeared at the entrance to the real estate center. The one in the lead was a muscular man with a square face…

“City lord!” the people in the real estate center all bowed.

The handsome youth’s little brother also raised his eyebrows, “Zeze, it seems like we won’t be able to catch up. But then again, this city lord is truly impatient!”

The handsome youth patted his forehead speechlessly, then walked towards the city lord with a smile on his face.

The garden in the western area was slightly smaller than the gardens in the east, but the price was naturally quite a bit cheaper. However, it was still more than enough for Spiritual Breeze Village.

What’s more, the remaining celeste could be used to purchase food and necessary items for cultivation.

“Ye Zichen, you stay here. We’re going back to bring all the villagers over.”

“Sure, I don’t want to run around either,” Ye Zichen nodded and watched the other three leave.

When he saw that they had finally left, he sat down in the pavilion within the garden and took out his phone.

His WeChat showed that there were ten-odd messages, and when he clicked open, he noticed that…

The person who sent the messages was… Su Yan!

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