Chapter 466 Small Trouble

The shopkeeper stood at the entrance and waved towards Ye Zichen and co. with a smile in front of a luxurious pawn shop. He was definitely in a great mood.

If he was to sell their hundred something pieces of black crystals, then he would definitely earn a lot of profit, while Ye Zichen and co. were also very happy to have saved themselves the trouble of finding people to buy the crystals.

“I welcome you to come cooperate with me again.”

“Ha, Lord Fatty isn’t going to come to your place next time, you black-hearted merchant,” Fatty Yin twitched his mouth. He felt like the price was a bit too low, but since Lil’ Yu, Xue Qi and Stone felt like an average price was alright, he couldn’t really argue. Since they wanted to hurriedly get rid of the trouble-causing issue, so he didn’t negotiate that much.

“Fatty, your words aren’t right. I’m a trustworthy merchant,” the pawn shop owner chuckled.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and waved to him, before leaving with the rest of his group.

“Thank god we met you here. Otherwise, we really wouldn’t know what to do,” Ye Zichen smiled. Black crystals were priced at fifty thousand celeste per unit, and a hundred something pieces sold for a bit more than eight million. It was not going to be too difficult for the group to buy a manor in the city.

Xue Qi and co. beamed with excitement, with so much celeste to buy a manor in the city…

They could already imagine how well the village was going to develop.

“Lord Fatty didn’t think that I would bump into you here,” Fatty Yin rolled his eyes. “Lord Fatty was rather surprised, why would you be sent to this sort of crappy place with your strength? Back in the Modern Realm, you already had the strength to enter the Three Realms, right?”

“Ahem…” Ye Zichen quickly coughed. He looked at Xue Qi and co., then only after seeing that they didn’t hear anything, he glared at Fatty Yin and indicated for him not to talk about stuff recklessly.

“Tsk, you’re still pretending to be mysterious,” Fatty Yin twitched his mouth then shrugged. “You guys can go and buy the manor yourselves. I, Lord Fatty, will not go with you guys. Don’t be too worried about hiding the money though, I’ve been in the city for so many years, and have never seen anyone who would dare attempt a robbery.”

“You’re not coming with us?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Since he finally met a person he knew in the Three Realms, he did not want Fatty Yin to leave so quickly.

“The heck use is going with you guys? You paying me or what? Go and busy yourselves. I, Lord Fatty, will know if you guys get into any trouble. That’s that, see ya,” with that, Fatty Yin walked away.

Seeing him depart, Xue Qi and co. asked, “Why did he leave?”

“Who knows what the fatty’s thinking. Ignore him, let’s just go and buy the manor,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

At that moment, Stone wrapped his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder, “Lil’ bro, I'm truly getting curious about you. You have a spatial artifact, and can meet an acquaintance with a sales channel in the city. You can’t be the child of a large family, right!?”

The moment Stone spoke, Xue Qi and Lil’ Yu also looked at Ye Zichen with a confused look.

This ascender was truly too mysterious, and there was also that master who randomly helped them the other day. Xue Qi was very sure that the master definitely did not help them for him, or the village…

However, Ye Zichen was there. Could that master be wanting to protect him?

“Can you guys not look at me like that? Let’s hurry up and go and buy the manor, the villagers are still waiting,” Ye Zichen answered, while wearing a guilty face.

Lil’ Yu looked at him meaningfully for a moment, then nodded, “Let’s go and buy the manor.”

Ta ta ta…

At that moment, the sound of hurried hooves suddenly sounded out in the middle of the street. They turned around and saw a man wearing seven or eight men in official looking clothing speeding along the center of the streets.

“Who are they? I thought you can’t ride horses in this city?” Xue Qi raised his eyebrows in confusion.

Hearing that, Lil’ Yu twitched her mouth, “Isn’t it obvious? They’re definitely great people that normal people cannot afford to offend. Let’s not worry about so much and go and buy our manor.”

“You have a point,” Xue Qi nodded.

Just as they were about to leave, Ye Zichen noticed a woman holding a young boy standing in the middle of the road. Judging from the speed that the horses were racing at, they would be unable to get out of the way.


Ye Zichen immediately dashed over, and shielded the two, then reached out a hand and slapped towards the horse.

“Neighhhh…” the horse raised its front legs in fright, while the handsome young man also fell off the horse.

“Young master!” The people behind him all surrounded the young man.

At this moment, Ye Zichen turned around and patted the boy in the woman’s arm with a smile, “Hurry up and leave.”

“Thank you, thank you,” the woman repeatedly nodded in thanks, then hurried away.

At that moment, Xue Qi and co. who were going to buy the manor, also noticed Ye Zichen’s disappearance…

“Where did Ye Zichen run off to this time?”

“Look, is that him?” Stone raised his finger, and pointed at Ye ZIchen, who was facing off against the horse-riding people in the middle of the rode.

“This guy truly knows how to cause trouble,” Lil’ Yu bit her lips. These people are obviously people that we shouldn’t easily offend… “C’mon, let’s go over and take a look.”

The handsome youth on the horseback, who had a terrible fall, walked in front of Ye Zichen with the support of other people and asked, “The woman and child just now…”

“Left!” Ye Zichen replied plainly. “If they think that the two of them scared your horse, then no need to blame them. I scared your horse.”

“Just how are you speaking to my… my older brother!” the young man beside the handsome youth spoke up.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and ignored him. “This is a road for people to walk in the city, not a road for you guys to ride horses on. If you like riding horses, then go outside and ride them.”

“I’m so sorry. We were in a bit of a hurry… so…” the handsome youth answered apologetically.

Hearing his tone, Ye Zichen decided that the youth shouldn’t be an arrogant young master who enjoyed messing with peasants, so his cold face relaxed a little, “Even if you are in a hurry, you still have to watch out. Never mind, I’m in a hurry as well, so I won’t bullshit too much with you guys.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then saw Xue Qi and co. standing anxiously on the side and giving him a cue.

“Hey, do you know who we are? You dare to speak to us like that?” the handsome youth’s little brother raise his hand to block Ye Zichen’s way, but Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and knocked his arm aside as he walked towards Xue Qi and co.

“Wow, what terrifying strength,” the youth’s little brother swung his arm, as a bit of interest sparked in his eyes as he looked towards Ye Zichen.

The handsome youth also squinted his eyes, and looked at Ye Zichen with interest, “Hey, what are you called?”

After hearing Lil’ Yu and co.’s complaints about how he made them worry, Ye Zichen turned his head when he heard the youth’s question…

“Ye Zichen!”

With that, he directly left without any hesitation.

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