Chapter 465 City

Chapter 465 – City

Ye Zichen yawned sleepily in the carriage. Ever since he had arrived in the Three Realms, he was never once able to sleep properly.

This day was no different as Stone and co. woke him up before the sun even rose.

“Sleep, sleep, sleep. Are you a pig? Why are you always sleepy?” Lil’ Yu glared at him angrily in the carriage.

However, Ye Zichen merely rolled his eyes at her without saying anything.

Do you think I want to be like this? If it wasn’t because that girl Xue Lan troubling me so much last night… Ahem, don’t take that wrong, we didn’t do anything. It was just that girl continuously asking whether I’m that mysterious master.

How can a person’s nose be so good? Xuan-Yuan Xiang was clearly in her spiritual form, yet the girl was still able to track Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s position using only her scent. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head when he recalled the situation from the previous night.

I even activated the Fiery Eyes of Truth to judge whether the girl was even human, but what I saw was that she was just a normal human, and was at the body tempering level.

Of course, that girl was only able to smell where Xuan-Yuan Xiang was, and not see her.

Thus, Ye Zichen naturally used his lying skills, and repeatedly denied the fact that he was the master. Despite that, Ye Zichen could still tell from Xue Lan’s gaze when she left that she didn’t quite believe him.

“Village chief, we’re here!” shouted the villager driving the carriage.

Ye Zichen’s group immediately dismounted the carriage.

“You’ve worked hard. Hurry on back!”

“Okay,” the villager drove the carriage away and left.

Only then did they look up, and when they saw the glorious city sprawling out in front of them…

“Zeze, this is rather spectacular.”

Ye Zichen had seen a lot in the Modern Realm. Although the city itself seemed rather spectacular, in the mind of someone like Ye Zichen, who had watched a lot of historical dramas… Is it even possible for it to be more spectacular than the palaces in the Modern Realm!?


“Holy, just how many times is this the size of our village?” On the other hand, Stone acted like a bumpkin who had entered a city for the first time.

Xue Qi immediately patted Stone’s shoulder and indicated him to not talk so loud.

Actually, it was Xue Qi’s first time in the city, so he was astounded by the grand structure in front of him as well.

“How many?” the guard, wearing an armor made out of black iron, at the city gate asked.

Lil’ Yu smiled, “Four!”

“Do you have a residence permit?”

“No!” Lil’ Yu shook her head, then took out two silver coins from a pouch, which she then handed to the guard. “We would like temporary residential permits for seven days!”

“Mm!” the guard nodded, when four tokens suddenly appeared in his hands. “The tokens will disappear after seven days, at which time you guys will be automatically teleported out!”

“Understood!” Lil’ Yu received the tokens and gave them out to Ye Zichen and the others.

After they finally entered the city, Stone opened his eyes wide, “Staying here needs money as well? Twenty celeste[1] for seven days? That is just too expensive!”

“That was just to enter town, it’s even more expensive if we’re going to stay in an inn,” Lil’ Yu smiled.

At that moment, Xue Qi raised his eyebrows, “The spiritual energy here…”

“You feel that? The cities are enchanted by formations, causing the spiritual energy here to be absorbed by the people easily. That’s why strong people will normally choose to stay within cities. Of course, if you can buy a property here, then you will be able to stay here permanently. If our villagers could live here, then can you even imagine how much better they will develop?” Lil’ Yu squinted her eyes and smiled. Since she was always out, she knew a lot more than Xue Qi and co., and it was because she knew what the cities were like that she encouraged Xue Qi to move the villagers to the cities…

“This is truly a good place. It would definitely be amazing if we can get all the villagers to stay here,” Xue Qi was moved as well. In the short period of time that they had entered the city, he felt as if his strength had improved. It really would be amazing if our villagers could stay here permanently.

“But… we needed a token each for us to enter. Do our villagers also…”

“Of course not. If we purchase a manor here, we can apply to be a faction or a family. The scribe in the city lord’s manor will record that down, allowing us to freely move about in the city. The scribe will also know as soon as possible when a baby is born, and its name will be automatically added onto the record.”

“So amazing,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he heard Lil’ Yu’s words. He had thought that the residential permits in the city would like the modern realm, where the children would have to be recorded down the moment they are born…

I didn’t expect it all to be fully automated. That’s so amazing.

“The abilities of a Sky Immortal are not as simple as you can imagine,” Lil’ Yu giggled.

“But… this is all based upon us being able to sell the black crystal, right?” Xue Qi intentionally lowered his voice. “We are foreign here, where are we supposed to sell them?”

“About this…” Lil’ Yu revealed a troubled expression. She was more knowledgeable, but that did not mean that she had a way to sell the black crystals. “I do know of a black market, but the people there… I’m worried that they would attempt to directly take it from us!”

“F*ck, didn’t I just owe you guys several tens celeste? Is there a need to treat your Lord Fatty like this? Did Lord Fatty spend very little at your place before? You really have no conscience!” At that moment, a fatty in a blue robe put his hands on his hips and cursed loudly in front of a restaurant near Ye Zichen and co.

Seven or eight muscular fighters stood in front of him alongside a flamboyantly dressed woman.

“Our restaurant does not allow our customers to owe us money. Your previous spending are in the past, and you spent that willingly. You actually dare to come and spend at our place even when you have no money. Do you think our girls are easily bullied?”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen thought to himself… Why did the way she put it make it sound less like a restaurant and more like a brothel?

“Look at you, isn’t it only several tens of celeste? I, Lord Fatty, finally realized it. You really think that your Lord Fatty has no money, here…”


Fatty took out a small jade bead from his pocket and threw it over.

“No need for change. Treat it as Lord Fatty’s tip, but don’t even think about Lord Fatty visiting your place in the future. Also, Lord Fatty will remember your humiliation of Lord Fatty. In this city… You seriously don’t know Lord Fatty’s strength. Your shitty place, and just wait to be closed down!”

With those fierce words, Fatty turned around and left with a cold chuckle.

However, the flamboyantly dressed woman did not take his words seriously at all, she immediately picked up the bed. “Lesser Spiritual Bead, it’s worth a thousand celeste. It seems I got lucky.”

Meanwhile, Fatty felt his heart bleed after throwing out the spiritual bead. F*ck, I didn’t actually want to throw that spiritual bead. Ugh, it was a huge loss.


At that moment, Fatty, who was walking with his head down, bumped into someone.

“Are you f*cking blind!?”

The person the fatty bumped into was Ye Zichen, who had intentionally walked over to let the fatty bump into him. At the same time, both Lil’ Yu and Xue Qi yanked his arm, and told him that he should be more careful in the city.

However, Ye Zichen merely raised his eyebrows with a chuckle, “Fatty Yin, it seems like you aren’t doing so well in the Three Realms!”

  1. Celeste was the currency used.

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