Chapter 464 Who is the Master?

Chapter 464 – Who is the master?

“Divine artifact! You’re the artifact spirit of a sword-type divine artifact!” Meng Da’s eyes were filled with shock. He never expected to meet a divine-artifact wielding master in a place like this puny village.

Judging from the artifact spirit’s attack, she is at the late-stage Human Immortal level.

He didn’t even dare to imagine how strong the master of the divine artifact would be.

He was merely a False Earth Immortal. If he was to use his esteemed master’s words, then his strength was merely that of a beginner’s in the world.

His esteemed master was a Human Immortal, and that was a height that he couldn’t even begin to look up to.

“Sorry, I’ve disturbed my lord. I’ll leave immediately.” Meng Da immediately turned around and left without any sign of hesitation.

The Zhou family wanted to speak, but were stopped by his fierce gaze.

All of a sudden, Zhou Zhenhe felt chilled to the core.

We, the Zhou family, rely completely on Meng Da. Why does Spiritual Breeze Village have such a powerful person protecting them?

“Let’s go!” Zhou Zhenhe sullenly led the Zhou family members away. However, at that very moment, Xuan-Yuan Xiang leaped over and blocked his path…

“Sorry, my master gave his orders. Since you hit a Spiritual Breeze Villager, you must accept payback.”


Xuan-Yuan Xiang punched Zhou Zhenhe, causing him to spit out a large amount of blood.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s punch directly broke his meridian, if he was unable to find some sort miraculous pill…

Then he could only be a normal person for the rest of his life.


“Leave, leave, leave!” Zhou Zhenhe’s father quickly told other people to carry his son as they frantically left.

The Spiritual Breeze Villagers all watched on with shock, but they soon began to cheer joyously.

“Thank you for your aid,” Spiritual Breeze Village’s leading figures all walked over.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang shrugged with a smile, “Don’t thank me, these were things that my master told me to do.”

“I wonder if that master could come out? We are willing to present all of our black crystals as thanks,” Xue Qi raised his eyebrows. Spiritual Breeze Village was still too weak, and they needed someone who can protect their village.

Since this master clearly has good feeling towards our village, then maybe…

“Never mind that. My master already has me, so do you think he would need those black crystals?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled. “Oh yeah, my master told me to pass along a message to you.”

“Please say it!”

“Try to leave this place as soon as possible if you can. Trees can’t survive frequent migration, but people can. The Zhou family and that Meng kiddie definitely will not give up so easily… Since your village has black crystals, then you will only develop better inside cities. That’s it. Take care!”


With that, Xuan-Yuan Xiang disappeared from their sight.

Xue Qi looked dejectedly at the village once again. The village was a piece of land that their entire village has lived on for over a thousand years. Do we have to just leave like this?

“Old Xue, is that person our village’s ascender? She’s so damn strong! But why does she have a master… Didn’t she just get ascended? But that ascender is so beautiful!”

Stone walked over with open eyes. Even then, he still did not realize that Xuan-Yuan Xiang was actually an artifact spirit.

He was just simple-minded, and if others do not spend a lot of effort into explaining a mistaken view he has, then he would never understand.

Xue Qi, who had lived with him since they were young, understood him to always be like that, so he merely rolled his eyes in response, then glanced towards Ye Zichen.

“So amazing, how can that woman be so beautiful and so amazing? Doesn’t that mean her master is even more amazing?” Ye Zichen repeatedly muttered.

Stone chuckled, then wrapped his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder. “Kid, don’t be down. If you work hard, then you might not find someone stronger than that woman, but you can find a girl prettier than her.”

Seriously… Why did I suspect him of being the master?

Xue Qi shook his head with a sigh. He had already checked Ye Zichen out when the latter arrived, Ye Zichen didn’t even reach the False Spiritual Body level. Meanwhile, that master is definitely terrifyingly strong, so he definitely couldn’t be Ye Zichen.

Seriously, too many things happened recently, so I can’t even think clearly.

“Stone, Lil’ Yu, come with me to the ancestral hall… Everyone else, just go on back!”

At Spiritual Breeze Village’s ancestral hall.

After Xue Qi and the others respectfully lit a few incense sticks for Yang Jian, they sat down on the straw cushions.

Lil’ Yu bit her lips and looked towards Xue Qi, “That master told us to leave as well. What do you think?”

“I’m not certain,” Xue Qi sighed. “The villagers have lived here for so long, if we tell them to leave…”

“This is all for a brighter future,” Lil’ Yu advised. She definitely agreed with the village moving. Since the news had already been leaked, then only more and more people would come to cause trouble for their village!

Although they had a master protecting them this time, they couldn’t count on the master every single time.

If they don’t want to get bullied, then the best way was to strengthen themselves. If a few Earth Immortals could arise from Spiritual Breeze Village, then nobody would dare to bully them.

“Never mind, let’s get Ye Zichen tomorrow and sell all the black crystals in a nearby city, then buy our village a manor.”

“Mm, but do be careful then. The city is even more chaotic.”

“I know,” Xue Qi replied plainly.

Lil’ Yu instantly rolled her eyes. “I was talking to Stone, he’s too simple-minded, I’m worried that he would cause trouble.”

“Hey, girlie! How the hell am I simple-minded!?” Stone knitted his eyebrows in annoyance.

Lil’ Yu merely shrugged in response. At the same time, Xue Qi also raised his eyebrows.

“Alright, calm down,” after Xue Qi calmed Stone down, he turned back towards Lil’ Yu. “Do you think it’s possible that the master is…”

“Are you talking about him?” Lil’ Yu shook his head. “I feel like that’s impossible. Yes, he is very mysterious, but someone with a divine artifact that has an artifact spirit has to be an expert of at least the Sky Immortal level! Do you think that’s him?”

“As expected, I thought about it too much,” Xue Qi shook his head with a wry smile, then stood up from the straw cushion. “Let’s end it at this. Let’s go to the city tomorrow!”

“No, what are you guys talking about? Why didn’t I get anything!?”

“You don’t need to understand, hurry up and go back home and sleep with your wife!” Lil’ Yu rolled her eyes speechlessly, then left the ancestral hall.

“Is that girl bleeding? Why is she acting as if she has something against me?” Stone raised his eyebrows in annoyance.

“You idiot,” with that, Xue Qi rolled his eyes and left as well.

Thus, only Stone was left behind as he scratched his head, “Old Xue is bleeding as well? Why haven't I bled before!?”

“Why did you make me do it just now? Wouldn’t it have been better if you came out yourself?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang dangled her legs and asked.

Ye Zichen smiled after doing two sets of sit-ups, “I feel like it’s pretty good like this. If I tell them my identity, then do you think they would still treat me like this?”

“Definitely not,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang answered without thinking.

Ye Zichen was not surprised by her answer at all, “Exactly. I don’t want to catch people’s attention. Being a little miner in the village is pretty nice.”


At that moment, the door to his room was pushed open. Xue Lan stuck her head through the gap and walked in, then began smelling around the room.

Not long later, she walked in front of Ye Zichen.

“Big Brother Zichen, the really amazing person is actually you, right?”

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