Chapter 463 The Tower, The Clan, The Three Gates and the Six Pavilions

Chapter 463 – The Tower, The Clan, The Three Gates and the Six Pavilions

Zhou Zhenhe’s expression grew dark. He had never seen anyone who acted that cockily. He actually dares to act cocky with me when he hasn’t even reached the False Spiritual Body level.

No wonder the Royal List Guards said that the ascender they took over to Spiritual Breeze Village is an idiot. He truly is an idiot.

“Brat, do you even know who you are speaking to?”

“You’ve said that more than ten times already. Aren’t you sick of asking that question? Fine, I’ll tell you, I’m talking to my grandson!” Ye Zichen mocked Zhou Zhenhe.

Zhou Zhenhe wanted to speak, but Xue Qi walked over with a frown after designating someone to treat Erdan. “Zhou Zhenhe, what exactly do you want from us?”

Xue Qi’s face clearly showed his rage, while he clenched his fist tightly. The fact that they hit his villager in front of him was clearly showing how little they thought of him.

However, the Zhou family was strong, and there was that False Earth Immortal backing them. The identity of our ascender has already been exposed, if that False Earth Immortal comes…

There’s no helping it. I can only endure this.

“Xue Qi, I think that you are a smart person, right? Of course we came here for the ore,” Zhou Zhenhe smiled faintly, while he played with the jade buddhist pearl on his wrist with his fingers.

Xue Qi’s expression instantly turned even darker when he heard Zhou Zhenhe’s meaningful words. They truly did come for the black crystal ore.

Xue Qi looked backwards towards his villagers. He did not want to admit even to himself that someone had intentionally leaked the news.

But… If nobody leaked the news, then where could the Zhou family have gotten it from?

If it was the harvesting that was leaked, then the ones here shouldn’t just be the Victorious Village. Even the large clans from the nearby cities would swarm over with the importance of the black crystal ore within the Three Realms.

“Zhou, dude, you want to take our village’s treasure with so few people? Aren’t you overestimating yourselves?” Stone snorted. If they were to disregard the False Earth Immortal expert, then the strength of the two villages were rather equal.

“Truly a brute. Do you think that I would do something that I have no confidence in like you?” With that, Zhou Zhenhe turned his head back, then bowed with a smile. “Brother-in-law, if you please.”

The expression of the people on Xue Qi’s side drastically changed. Not long later, a middle-aged man wearing a long black robe decorated with the image of a burning cloud on the back appeared behind them.

“Like I said before, I want half of the black crystals.”

“Of course. Half of the black crystals are naturally yours. Half of the harvest from the lodes will be yours as well,” Zhou Zhenhe smiled subserviently. Although he called the man brother-in-law, he truly had no status in front of the man at all.

What was even more funny was that Zhou Zhenhe’s father was clearly the man’s father-in-law, but he could only smile dryly without daring to say anything against the man.

“This sovereign understands,” the man nodded, then stepped forward. The False Earth Immortal’s spiritual energy instantly swirled around the air, causing the people from the Spiritual Breeze Village to find it hard to even breathe.

“Xue family’s brat, just give us the black crystal ore. This sovereign does not want to kill, but if you don’t obey…”


This is truly too much.

Xue Qi glared at the man.

At that moment, Xue Lan was unable to withstand the pressure anymore, and fell towards the ground.

Ye Zichen immediately turned around and held her, while stealthily passing a bit of spiritual energy to her.

“Big Brother Zichen,” At that moment her face was already stark white, but that was unable to hide her beauty at all.

The False Earth Immortal man on the other side was moved. He slowly took a few steps forward.

“What a beautiful girl. She should be the Xue family’s daughter, right? I never expected her to become so pretty after these past few years. This sovereign has changed his mind. Let the girl be my mistress, and I’ll take half of the black crystal ore. Then, I’ll leave the rest for Spiritual Breeze Village, and hand the harvest rights of the lode to you guys as well. How about that?” Although the man phrased it like a question, his tone did not allow for any refusal.

With his absolutely strength, he definitely had more right than everyone else to decide upon things. If the Spiritual Breeze Village wanted to continue developing, then they could only make the choice of accepting his demands.

However, the Zhou family’s expression had turned for the worse. They did not call him over here for a result like he proposed.


“Hmm?” The man instantly looked back and squinted his eyes, causing everyone form the Zhou family to lower their heads without daring to even breathe.

“Our family’s little sister has had an engagement with an outer disciple of the Azure Sky Pavilion since she was young. Meng Da, do you want to challenge the authority of the Azure Sky Pavilion?” Xue Qi knitted his eyebrows and said solemnly.

The man smiled, then replied with disdain, “An outer disciple of the Azure Sky Pavilion. Ignoring whether the Azure Sky Pavilion would back up a puny outer disciple, is the Azure Sky Pavilion stronger than my Fire Cloud Gate?”

“Fire Cloud Gate!”

Even Lil’ Yu was shocked!

The Three Realms were split very clearly with the Heavenly Court in the sky, the Underworld underneath the ground, and the Rogue Immortal’s Immortal Region and the Endless Beast Region in the middle.

Putting the Beast Region aside, the Spiritual Breeze Village laid to the east of the area surrounding the Immortal Region.

In that region, the factions were split into the Tower, the Clan, the Three Gates, and the Six Pavilions.

The Six Pavilions were already at a status where people like the villagers had to look up to them. They did not even dare to think about the Three Gates.

“Heh, you know the Fire Cloud Gate? You do have some knowledge. Now, stop wasting this sovereign’s time. Choose!”

“What’s to be so proud of when it’s just the Fire Cloud Gate?” Suddenly, a faint laughter sounded out in the sky.

The sudden voice caused everyone to immediately look around.

“It would have been already something if you were part of the Tower or the Clan, but Fire Cloud Gate. Hehe! This sovereign will protect Spiritual Breeze Village. If you don’t want to die, then… scram!” The final word shot straight into Meng Da’s consciousness, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood.

He looked up into the sky in shock, “Who is hiding in the shadows, away from my sight. Do you dare to show yourself!?”

“If this sovereign comes out, then do you think you will still even have the right to speak?” an indifferent laughter sounded out in the sky once again. Not long later, Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who had materialized in front of everyone, played with her hair and chuckled as she looked at Meng Da. “Don’t piss off my master. His temper is not very good.”

“Who are you!?” Meng Da glared at her.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang shrugged, then swiped her finger softly, causing a few wind blades to shoot towards him.


Meng Da quickly took out the blade behind him and poured his spiritual energy into it the moment the wind blades appeared.


His blade was immediately shattered the moment it collided with the wind blades. Meng Da quickly moved his body aside, but the sharp wind blades still made a cut on his cheek.

As blood flowed down his face, his heart became filled with shock.

My Esteemed Master had refined that sword for me, even Human Immortal leveled experts would have found it difficult to break it.

At the same time, Xuan-Yuan Xiang begun to play with her hair again, “Hurry up and scram before my master decides to kill you all!”

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