Chapter 461 The Work of the Explosives

Chapter 461 – The Work of the Explosives

The people in the Heavenly Court truly work efficiently. They actually already finished manufacturing the explosives.

“Send them over!”


Not long later, a red packet appeared on Ye Zichen’s chat with Yue Lao.


You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Bomb x10.

Ye Zichen clicked open the Treasure Chest, then saw a black cannonball-like sphere with a fuse sitting within it.

Bomb: A dangerous item. It has an extremely large area of effect and has super strong destructive powers! Use with caution!

Ye Zichen scratched his head, then withdraw the bombs. When it appeared in his sights, he noticed that it was just a cannonball!

I never expected that the explosive Heavenly Court produced to be a war product. Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and put the bomb beside the black crystal ores, then took out a lighter from his pocket.


As the fire slowly burned down the fuse, Ye Zichen hurriedly enhanced himself with everything he could, then continuously ran backwards.


The huge explosion caused plenty of people around the lode to look over, and saw a fiery light shoot up into the sky, eventually leaving a trail of dense smoke behind.

“What happened?” Lil’ Yu, who had stood at a distance, hurried over first. The power of the explosion was terrifying, and if it was an attack, then that explosion should be about as strong as the explosion from a complete stage Human Immortal.

Stone raised his eyebrows when he saw the location of the explosion as well, then he put down his pickaxe and hurried over.

“How did such a huge commotion occur?” Lil’ Yu frowned. The smoke in front of her was truly too dense, so she couldn’t walk over at all. Meanwhile, Stone also frowned beside her and muttered in his heart. Please tell me nothing bad happened…

The dense smoke only began to disperse after a good fifteen minutes.

Lil’ Yu and Stone walked forward and used their spiritual energy to blow away the smoke in front of them. When they arrived at the center of the explosion, they noticed a black-skinned man with smoking hair picking up the black crystals from the ground.

“What kind of shitty stuff is this? This is so heavy,” the man’s mutter rang out in the smoke.

Hearing that, Stone raised his eyebrows and walked over slightly hesitantly, “Brother Lil’ Ye?”

“Hey, Big Brother Stone,” Ye Zichen smiled. Since he did not calculate the other places that the explosion would effect, he ended up getting dragged in as well.

However, since his Unbreakable Body was already level 2, and he had the defensive prowess of the dragon race, he was able to keep safe.

“It really is you,” Stone was shocked, then he looked over at the lode. “Bro, you actually managed to mine it?”

“How’s that of any difficulty?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and smiled, while he occasionally glanced towards Lil’ Yu.

You like to make things difficult for me, right? That bomb directly caused a huge hole in the lode.

“Was that commotion just now really produced by you?” Lil’ Yu knitted her eyebrows tightly together, while she looked towards Ye Zichen in confusion…

It shouldn’t be, he hasn’t even reached the level of a False Spiritual Body according to my detection.

Then how did he release such a powerful energy attack just now? Could he have been hiding his strength?

If he really is an ascender, then he should be rather strong, so it wouldn’t be impossible for him to have caused such a commotion.

But why is he hiding his strength? I can’t think of any reason for him to do that.

Shouldn’t ascenders display their strength after ascending, then try to get into the great sects to cultivate, and finally go and take up official positions in the Three Realms?

“No, why are you looking at me like that?” Ye Zichen tilted his head. He really disliked people looking at him with a judging gaze. He rolled his eyes at the woman, and just as he was about to continue working…

“F*ck, it’s black crystal!” Stone picked up a palm-sized black crystal from the ground, but he only did it with a lot of difficulty despite it being a tiny piece.

“What? Black crystal?” Lil’ Yu was stunned as well. She quickly reached over and took the piece of rock from Stone’s hand.


This density combined with this texture…

It really is black crystal.

Previously, she had merely thought that it was some black iron ores, which were only a bit more rare than bronze. She never expected the lode to be a black crystal lode.

“How did you mine out these black crystals? Were you hiding your strength from the start!?” Lil’ Yu suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Zichen. Those who could mine out black crystal ores were normally just the experts from the large families, or the elders of various sects…

Could this ascender truly have the strength of a Human Immortal?

If he does, then we, the Spiritual Breeze Village, might have the strength to guard this black crystal lode. If he doesn’t…

“I didn’t hide my strength. I could only mine it due to this!” Ye Zichen pointed at the bomb in his hand. “This is something developed from where I used to live. It is very powerful. I used it to make the lode explode.

“Then how many more do you have?” Lil’ Yu asked with knitted eyebrows.


Yue Lao had sent him ten in total, and after using one earlier, Ye Zichen only had nine left.

“Then use these nine to explode out as much black crystal as you can. After that, get everyone from Spiritual Breeze Village away from this lode. We’re giving it up!”

“Why?” Stone raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“I’ll tell you the details later. Ignoring the fact that black crystals are so much more valuable than stuff like bronze on the market, if what I predict to happen, will happen. Then it is no longer a problem of whether we want to keep the lode, it’s whether we dare to keep it,” Lil’ Yu bit her lips, then bowed deeply towards Ye Zichen. “Please.”




Shocking explosions repeatedly sounded out in the mountains behind Spiritual Village, and countless black crystals accompanied the explosions.

These black crystals were naturally put away by Ye Zichen using his phone, but it wasn’t because he wanted it all for himself…

The main reason was because the Spiritual Breeze Villagers couldn’t move them at all. Moving a palm-sized piece required at least four men, and that affected the efficiency way too much.

However, the disappearance of the black crystals merely caused Lil’ Yu to look at Ye Zichen meaningfully without saying anything.

It seems like this ascender isn’t nearly as simple as I thought.

He has a way to mine black crystals, and possesses an extremely rare spatial divine item. If he is truly of the False Spiritual Body level, then he definitely has a huge family supporting him.

If he doesn’t, then… This guy has been hiding his strength the entire time.

Lil’ Yu clenched her fist, then squinted her eyes and stared at Ye Zichen’s back.

If you’re going to pretend, then keep pretending, but don’t you dare let me catch your tail!

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