Chapter 460 The Troublesome Black Crystal Ores

Chapter 460 – The Troublesome Black Crystal Ores

Ye Zichen slowly walked in front of the black iron ores, while Lil’ Yu smiled coldly as she watched from the side.

She was already imagining Ye Zichen’s dejected face when he failed to deal with the black iron ores.

When Ye Zichen moved closer, he noticed that the side of the lode was completely black, while it remained semi-transparent like a crystal.

“Zeze, the little girl over there was wrong. These aren’t black iron ores at all, there are clearly black crystal ores,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang twitched her mouth and shook her head.

However, Ye Zichen did not mind that they were two different things, from his point of view…

All of the ores were the same, since he didn’t know any of their uses at all.

He slowly sent celestial spiritual energy into his pickaxe and swung it down.


The clear sound of an impact was heard. However, there wasn’t even so much as a crack on the face of the lode.

“What’s going on?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then used more spiritual energy as he brought the pickaxe down again.


The counter force on his arms caused him to let go of the pickaxe. Ye Zichen looked at the ores in front of him in shock. I literally used all of my spiritual energy just now.

I, who am a mere step away from the Human Immortal level and had the enhancement of the Dragon Race’s Secret Manual…

Am actually unable to leave a mark on this lode?

Lil’ Yu smiled in satisfaction. Someone who hasn’t even reached the puny False Spiritual Body level actually wanted to work black iron ores.

Lil’ Yu smiled mockingly. Who told this guy to make up a lie to trick Lil’ Lan…

I’ll definitely make fun of him properly when he comes over.

“Bro, stop wasting time with it. With your current strength, it is impossible for you to mine it,” Stone comforted him.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, then picked up his pickaxe…

“Zeze, so stubborn,” Lil’ Yu sneered behind them.

Stone glared fiercely at her, “Seriously, there’s something wrong with you sick woman. Where did Lil’ bro piss you off? He’d just arrived, and is very nice. Do you know how we got this lode? A part of it was due to him.”

“None of your business,” Lil’ Yu twitched her mouth, then snorted coldly in her heart. All lying men are terrible!

Ye Zichen stood in front of the lode and scratched his head, then looked over towards Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who floated in midair.

“You said that this was black crystal ore or something?”

“Yeah, you really are impatient, and wouldn’t even wait for me to finish. Black crystal ore is a rather high-leveled ore in the Three Realms, it is very difficult to mine even for a complete stage Human Immortal,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang answered.

Ye Zichen was rather stunned after hearing that, “Then what should I do? Am I supposed to just leave it here and submit?”

I swore to myself with such confidence that I would slap that woman’s face. If I submit, then wouldn’t that be slapping myself in the face instead?

“How is this submitting? Tell that girl to come over here, she can’t do anything to the ore either,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang shrugged.

Although that’s true… But Ye Zichen couldn’t accept it…

Ye Zichen sat his lips and sat cross-legged on the floor, then brought his phone out.

Ignoring whether he could mine it or not, even if he could, it would waste too much time if he just used his spiritual energy to scratch it bit by bit. Work… should be efficient.

Ye Zichen opened WeChat, and clicked on Yue Lao’s profile to send a message.

“Yue Lao!”

The industrial factories Ye Zichen had sent to the Heavenly Court were already started running, and naturally, Yue Lao was the person in charge.

Not only did the factories displease the Jade Emperor, it actually caused Yue Lao to be praised.

The factories solved many of the Heavenly Court’s unemployment issues, so the workers in the factories all worked very hard…

Of course, only the food processing plants had been started due to Ye Zichen’s decision.


Yue Lao’s phone buzzed.

Yue Lao, who was currently inspecting the factory, immediately walked over to an area without anyone else and replied when he saw who the message was from.

“Sky Sovereign!”

“Mhmm. Our factories have already started up, right?”

“Yep,” Yue Lao smiled as he looked over at the busy workers. “According to what you have said, only the food processing plant has started up.”

“Good,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, then raised his eyebrows. “Go and take a look at the manufacturing guide I gave you and find the chemical industry section. See if there is something on explosives.”


Yue Lao raised his eyebrows in confusion, then took out the manufacturing guide and flipped over to the chemical industry section.

Not long after, he replied once again.



Ye Zichen smiled when he saw Yue Lao’s reply, then typed out his response.

“Find a few technical workers to produce some explosives for me. I have an urgent use for them.”

“No problem,” with that, Yue Lao immediately hurried over to find a few technical workers.

At the same time Yue Lao’s message came through, Lil’ Yu appeared behind Ye Zichen and snorted. “Do you think that the ores will jump out by themselves when you just sit here?”

Ye Zichen immediately frowned unhappily when he felt the hostility in her words.

I don’t remember ever offending this woman. Why is she speaking like that and picking on me?

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then stood up from the ground and patted the dust off his pants with a shrug, “No need for you to worry. How I’m going to work is my problem.”

“But you not working is affecting our village’s mining progress,” Lil’ Yu continued to snort. “Don’t forget, you guys have a mission target of ten kilograms. If you can’t even reach that, then you won’t even get dinner.”

“I told you already. No need for you to worry. Just go back to being an overseer, alright?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Lil’ Yu then ignored her.

Lil’ Yu frowned, then snatched the pickaxe from Ye Zichen’s hand while he was off-guard, then swung it down to the black crystal ore.


She had wanted to make Ye Zichen feel ashamed, but…

No reaction.

You deserve it!

Ye Zichen laughed coldly in his heart, but did not reveal any special reaction. He then snatched the pickaxe back and sneered, “Overseer, can you stop messing around here!?”

Lil’ Yu was extremely confused right now. That shouldn’t have happened. I am on the complete stage Spiritual Body level, and am the strongest in the village.

Although black iron ores are rather dense, it should not affect people of my level from mining it.

Did I apply my force too quickly? Lil’ Yu thought to herself. Even at that very moment, she still thought the lode was a black iron lode, mainly because she doesn’t even dare to imagine it being a black crystal lode…

If those were black crystal ores, then it was no longer an issue of whether the Spiritual Breeze Village could mine it. They might even face extermination if they dared to claim it.

Lil’ Yu turned around and walked off.

At the same time, Ye Zichen’s phone buzzed again.

“Sky Sovereign, the explosives have been produced. Should I send them over to you right now?”

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