Chapter 46 Huge Scene!

Chapter 46 – Huge Scene!

Differences settled.

Ye Zichen walked back to the barbeque store shoulder to shoulder with Su Yan. Old Man Su sat on the chair and swept his gaze playfully on the two of them.

“The couple got back together?”

Although Ye Zichen knew that Old Man Su wanted to get him and Su Yan together, he didn’t think that he would say something that was so very obvious.

More importantly, why did Old Man Su want to do that?

Purely for the monkey wine?

If it’s like that, then Su Yan’s was truly too little.

Thankfully the person that offered the monkey wine was him. If it was anyone else, he would definitely cry in the bathroom.

On the other hand, Su Yan’s beautiful face was completely red. She bit her lips and pouted as she slammed the table.

“If you say anything like that again, then I won’t sneak you out anymore.”

“Aigo, grandpa spoke to much.”

Old Man Su chuckled.

After eating for another half an hour or so, Old Man Su was also satisfied, so they prepared to leave.

“Big bro, that brat seems to be the Ye Zichen that Young Master Fu talked about!”

A red-hair underling pointed towards Ye Zichen, while five or six young man immediately came over.

“Hey, you don’t say. It really is.”

The bald big bro touched his shining bald head, and revealed a savage smile.

“Our fortune is pretty good, we actually directly met the business we were looking for.”

“Hey, you damn scoundrel, they’re looking for you!” Liu Qing, who was floating in midair, shouted.

“Lil’ Ye, they are looking for you?” Old Man Su also frowned slightly.

Although Su Yan didn’t speak up, it was obvious that there was more worry for Ye Zichen in her eyes than anyone else.

“Brat, you are Ye Zichen, right?”

The baldie touched the thick golden chain on his neck, opened his mouth full of yellow teeth and walked towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen stood his ground without moving. It seemed like Fu Chengming had tasked these people with the job of dealing with him.

He didn’t think that Fu Chengming would have acted this quick!

“I am.”

Ye Zichen replied indifferently.

“Alright, not bad, you dare to admit it,” the baldie touched his bold head and said. “Young Master Fu wants us to break one of your legs, look…”

“Young man, this is a lawful society. Aren’t you afraid of the law punishing you?”

Old Man Su couldn’t quite accept it, and spoke up. When the baldie heard this, he laughed maniacally.

“Old fellow, you actually dared to speak about the law with me? I’m telling you, I am the law around here. What I say is the same as the emperor’s orders. Hold that brat!”

“You can’t do this, otherwise, we’ll call the police.”

Su Yan immediately jumped out due to her being worried for Ye Zichen’s safety. When the baldie saw Su Yan, his gaze sharpened.

“I never would have thought that there’s a girlie here. What, this gigolo is your man? You’re worried about him?”

The baldie reached out his hand to touch Su Yan’s cheeks. Seeing that, Ye Zichen, who was unmoving during all this, took out a beer bottle on the table.


And directly slammed it on his head.

“Do you not believe that I will break your four limbs if you dare to touch her!

“Brat, you are seeking death!”

“It seems like you don’t believe it.”

Ye Zichen had smiled kindly, but soon, it turned extremely sharp.

He raised his leg and kicked the baldie’s stomach. F*ck, this grandson actually wanted to touch Su Yan.

Su Yan is his woman, he will murder anyone who dared to touch her.

“What are you blanking out for? Go.”

The baldie, who slammed onto the lamppost, roared angrily at his underlings. Ye Zichen picked up the beer bottle that was smashed, as a golden light arose from his eyes, and snorted coldly at the baldie’s underlings.

“Stand still if you don’t want to die.”

When they saw Ye Zichen’s faint golden eyes, the underlings instantly dumbed out on spot.

“Did you know that the thing you shouldn't have done most was to touch her?”

Ye Zichen stabbed the shattered parts of the beer bottle into the positon of the baldie’s collar bone.

“Actually I didn’t want to use violence in front of Elder Su and Su Yan, but why did you have to touch her.”


Ye Zichen swung a fist on the baldie’s face, instantly transforming the right half of his face.

“Oh yeah, I said that I will break your four limbs…”


Ye Zichen stepped heavily onto the baldie’s left arm, resulting a clear crack of the bones to be heard.

That pitiful smile caused everyone to be shocked.

“Hurry up and call the police, a death might happen later.”

The customers in the barbeque started to call the police.

At the same time, Old Man Su had a call.

“Dad, why did you sneak out again, and you even left your security behind. Where are you now, I’ll come and get you.”

“Heh, where am I? I’m being surrounded by a group of delinquents. Just now, that delinquent leader also nearly took advantage of my darling granddaughter. Su Qihu, do as you see fit.”


Elder Su furiously hung up the phone, then sat down and looked towards Ye Zichen’s position.

For some reason, he had started to like Ye Zichen a bit more.

He was harsh and merciless enough when he moved. He was truly talented!

It seems like he had to find a way to trick him to his side, that sort of talented person would only have a good future ahead him!

All of a sudden, Elder Su looked towards Su Yan.

When he saw Su Yan’s nervous expression…

Elder Su instantly felt like it was all set.


A loud police siren rang out.

“Don’t move, put your hands up.”

A clear voice sounded out behind Ye Zichen, causing him to casually throw the baldie, who was half dead, onto the floor.

Ye Zichen turned around, and couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile when he saw the female officer with a gun.

 “Officer Lin, we really are destined to meet each other.”

He counted the number of police cars that had been driven over. There was eight.

They really did think highly of him.

“It’s you again, I knew we would meet again,” Officer Lin smiled coldly and waved towards the police behind her, signaling them to arrest Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen smiled, indicating that they needn’t be in such a hurry.

Officer Lin frowned, then yelled.

“What sort of tricks do you want to play now?”

Ye Zichen walked a few steps backwards with a smile, and arrived beside the baldie.

The baldie’s eyes became filled with terror when he saw that Ye Zichen had returned.

“Don’t you still have a leg that’s not broken? Don’t worry, I’ll break it for you now!”


“Ye Zichen! Put your hands up, otherwise, I’m going to shoot!”

Officer Lin roared.

“Don’t worry, he won’t die.”

“You actually dare to assault the victim in front of me. I guess you were looking down on me.”

“Don’t take it so seriously, it hurts your feelings, aren’t I right?” The corner of Ye Zichen’s mouth rose as he pointed at the baldie on the floor. “I said that I will break his four limbs from the start. A person has to keep his promise, and break it when I say so. Otherwise, how am I supposed to go around if I left a leg for him?”

“This is truly too much. Arrest him!”

Officer Lin roared. However, Elder Su, who has been sitting on the chair stood up and snorted.

“I want to see who dares.”

At that moment!

Ten odd military keeps stopped outside the barbeque store, while men wearing military uniforms walked down from the car with a stern expression and ran in front of Old Man Su and lined up in an orderly manner.

“Report! The guard company has assembled!” 

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