Chapter 459 Making Things Difficult


Just as Ye Zichen was about to sleep, he heard the phone beside him ring. He immediately rolled over and picked up the phone and looked at the news.

System Notification: Done!

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then clicked into the group, and found that both Yang Jian and Nezha spoke up within the group.

Erlang Shen: Hahaha, this great lord is out!

Third Prince Nezha: Hahaha, this little lord is out!

These two kids… It seems like they’re in a pretty good mood after leaving the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

Monkey King: Oh wow, you guys came out. How was it? That geezer Jade Emperor didn’t make it difficult for you guys, right?

Yue Lao: It’s good that you’re out. It really good that you’re out!

God of Thunder: What happened.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: Shitty brat, what are you getting hyped in the group for? Hurry up and screw off back home. Just watch me beat you up.

Third Prince Nezha: You can’t beat me in a fight.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: <insert a black face emoji>

Erlang Shen: Friends, thank you for your care. We only went over to the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches as part of the procedure. We still have our control over the armies, our wages remain the same, and we’re still free!

God of Thunder: … Seriously?

Erlang Shen: Hehe, why would I lie to you? Ask Nezha if you don’t believe me.

Third Prince Nezha: What Big Brother Yang Jian said is true.

Everyone in the group were completely shocked. All of them saw how dark the Jade Emperor’s expression was, he looked like he was about to rip Yang Jian and Nezha apart.

However, they actually returned to the group said that nothing happened, and they didn’t get punished at all…

All of a sudden, they thought of what Sky Sovereign Nameless said earlier.

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign is truly a capable person.

Mother of Lightning: Agreed!

God of Fortune: Agreed!

Yue Lao: Agreed!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Agreed!

A huge group of deities replied just like that.

Seeing that, Yang Jian couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in confusion.

Erlang Shen: What did my bro do?

Monkey King: It seems like I, Old Sun, was wrong again. Amazing, truly amazing. The reason you could actually come out was thanks to your bro.

While the deities in the group spammed the chat, Ye Zichen’s worried heart was finally able to rest when he saw Yang Jian and Nezha come out.


System Notification: Welcome. Remember, you owe me a promise.

Ye Zichen nodded, and the system notification said no more. As Ye Zichen watched the system notifications gradually disappear, Ye Zichen’s eyes were filled with confusion.

He could actually persuade the Jade Emperor. Then that clearly means that he’s someone of the same level or even higher.

But he said that he can’t order the Six Realms Patroller around, so could he… be someone from the Upper Three Realms?

Ye Zichen shook his head, then put his phone aside before laying down on the bed to rest.

On the next morning, when the sky just turned bright, Ye Zichen, who would be sleeping soundly in the Modern Realm, was dragged up by someone else.

He yawned tiredly. He had drunk plenty of strong alcohol and had stayed up very late to deal with the Heavenly Court’s matters.

He only slept for a total of less than four hours, which was far too little compared to the ten-odd hours he used to sleep before…

It would be strange if he wasn’t sleepy.

“Kid, it seems like you’re a lazy-ass as well,” Stone carried a huge axe on his shoulder and chuckled. "I like to sleep in as well, so I was not very used to it when I just started working, but look… Right now, I already went around and hunted a few animals first before coming to get you.”

“Alright,” Ye Zichen yawned again, then blinked. “It’s so early, where are you taking me to?”

“Of course it’s to work,” Stone raised his eyebrows. “Kid, if you don’t work hard, then how can you get married.”

“Alright!” Ye Zichen nodded lifelessly.

“Kid, you know too little since you just arrived in our village. You need to work to earn money in order to eat, drink and feed your wife. Also, the house you’re living in belongs to Old’ Xue. You can’t live there after he gets married. So work more, then buy a piece of land in the village and build a house there.”

“Understood,” Ye Zichen smiled. For some reason, he felt like the village seemed to give of the feeling of an ancient tribe. However, he felt like that was pretty nice too, since the people that worked harder lives better. It was very fair.

“Oh yeah, Big Brother Stone, where are you taking me to work?”

“Ha, Big Brother Stone naturally has to take care of you. This big brother is taking you to that lode,” Stone chuckled. “Xue Qi said it already. The first ten kilograms we harvest will all be handed over to the village, after that, thirty percent will be for yourself, sixty percent for the village’s construction and development, and the last ten percent for the discoverer… Let me tell you, this is a good job, and the quotas are limited. Big brother spent a lot of effort in getting this spot for you.”

“Thank you Big Brother Stone,” Ye Zichen smiled sincerely, while he praised Xue Qi silently in his heart. It seems like this village chief is rather capable.

The two of them finally arrived at the lobe about an hour later.

Ye Zichen originally thought that they were already over there very early, but when he finally arrived, he noticed that many men were already there and were waving their pickaxes around.

Some of them would also occasionally shout out how much they mined, making it a very lively scene.

“You see that? There are plenty of hard workers in our village. If you don’t work hard, then all of the girls will be taken. Our village does have plenty of nice girls.”

“I get it, I get it.”

This Big Brother Stone is funny, everything he talks about revolves around girls… But then again, I suppose getting married with a girl is very important for this village’s development.

“Why did he come as well?” At that moment, a woman in a plain long dress walked out form the mine.

Ye Zichen looked up and saw that it was Lil’ Yu, who he had met yesterday.

“I got a spot for this kid. He’s new, so we naturally have to take care of him!” Stone was clearly very scared of the woman, so he didn’t even dare speak up about what he normally talked about.

“Mhmm, then let him go, don’t say I don’t take care of new people. You guys see that place on the right without anyone else? The stuff there should be black iron ores. Let him go over there… Those will definitely sell a good price,” Lil’ Yu replied as she hugged her shoulders.

Hearing that, Stone squinted his eyes, “Lil’ Yu, that’s a bit too much! Black Iron Ores are extremely dense, even Spiritual Body leveled experts take a lot of effort in excavating them, and he’s just of the body tempering levell.”

Stone has checked before that the person beside him was only around level seven or eight of the body tempering level.

“Aren’t you just making things difficult for him? Those bronze ores over there seems nice. Little bro, go over there,” Stone stuffed the pickaxe into Ye Zichen’s hand and pushed him over.

Lil’ Yu smiled, then blocked him off with a shake of her head, “No. Xue Qi said that I’m in charge of organizing work here. He must go over there!”

“Lil’ Yu!” Stone glared at her.

However, Ye Zichen shook his head and grabbed Stone’s shoulder, “Big Brother Stone, I’ll go!”

With that, Ye Zichen walked over.

Spiritual Body leveled people can’t mine it, but would I, an Earth Immortal, be unable to?

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