Chapter 458 The System Makes a Move

Chapter 458 – The System Makes a Move

The heart of Ye Zichen, who was reading the screen, jumped. Great Sage actually wants to wreak havoc in the Heavenly Court. Then he combined that with the other messages in the group. Command, Jade Emperor…

Was Yang Jian and Nezha captured by the Jade Emperor?

“Who can tell me the specifics?”

The moment Ye Zichen appeared, all of the other members in the group immediately began to yammer.

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign, where did you go for so long?

Immortality Peach Fairy: Ge, why didn’t you appear recently.

Yue Lao: Have you dealt with the situation in the Modern Realm?

Old Lord Taishang: …

The group instantly filled up with messages, but no one talked about their earlier topic.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

“Just what happened at the Heavenly Court? What happened to Yang Jian and Nezha?”

God of Thunder: About this…

Mother of Lightning: Sky Sovereign, just don’t mind it.

Yue Lao: It’s not something we can stick a hand in.

Old Lord Taishang: Agreed.

God of Fortune: Mhmm.

“Hurry up and tell me, did Yang Jian and Nezha get captured by the Jade Emperor?”

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows closely together. Not long after that, Sun Wukong immediately replied in the group.

Monkey King: Yeah. The geezer Jade Emperor arrested them. I, Old Sun, am about to lead my army and wreak havoc in the Heavenly Court, you coming?

God of Thunder: @Monkey King. Great Sage, don’t do that.

Yue Lao: Yeah, let’s chat peacefully. The verdict isn’t out yet.

Immortality Peach Fairy: I like to watch flame wars, not actual fights.

So they really did get captured by the Jade Emperor, and the reason is obvious. It was because of them leading their armies out to slay demons.

Seriously, this Jade Emperor. Slaying demons is a good thing, he’s actually arresting them to punish them.

This was all because of me. I definitely cannot just allow the Jade Emperor to take away their command over the army.

“@Monkey King, don’t act too recklessly. Wait for my news.”

With that, Ye Zichen left the chat group and shouted in the room, “You can hear me speak, right? System, you can hear me, right!?”

System Notification: Mhmm, what is it kid? You aren’t used to the Three Realms, so you need me to tell you a bedtime story so that you can fall asleep?

The system notification popped up almost immediately, causing Xuan-Yuan Xiang to be completely shocked.

At that moment, Ye Zichen replied, “Stop making fun of me. I didn’t get back at you for the Modern Realm yet.”

If the system had notified me of what would happen in the Modern Realm, then the situation might not have turned out that badly.

Xiao Yumei wouldn’t have…

Yang Jian and Nezha wouldn’t have been arrested by the Jade Emperor to be denounced. This was all linked, and the origin is this system.

System Notification: The Modern Realm was destined for this trouble. That was not something my words could have changed. What’s more, I can’t exactly go against the Heavens, right? This was all meant to be.

“Hehe, then you were really put on the spot.”

System Notification: You can interpret it like that.

If it isn’t because I’m weak, and can’t figure out where the guy sending the system notifications is, I would definitely grab him and punch him.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then raised his eyebrows, “Never mind. I don’t want to waste my breath with you. Yang Jian and Nezha were arrested by the Jade Emperor, who wants to strip them of their commands over the military. You should have a way to stop it, right?”

System Notification: Smart! But why should I help you?

“I won’t get angry with you about the Modern Realm!”

System Notification: So what if you get angry with me about it? That isn’t enough to make me help you.


This guy…

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth tightly, then snorted as he looked at the message the system sent, “Then what do you want?”

System Notification: I’m haven’t thought of it yet. How about this, just treat it as you owe me a favor. Then, just return the favor to me when I need you to.


Ye Zichen nodded without any hesitation.

The, the system sent another notification of “wait for my news” before ending the conversation.

Ye Zichen put his phone aside, then laid on the bed.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang blinked and asked, “You were chatting with the phone just now?”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen nodded. “But this isn’t a normal phone. It should be under someone’s control.”

“And he can persuade the Jade Emperor?”

“Probably!” Ye Zichen wasn’t completely confident, but since the system had replied with so much certainty, Ye Zichen felt like the person should be capable of it.

At the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

The Jade Emperor sat on top of his throne in a robe decorated with images on dragons. He knitted his eyebrows darkly as he looked at Yang Jian and Nezha, who were below him.

Only the three of them were within the palace. They had already been there for a week, and none of them had even taken a step out of the palace.

“Yang Jian, Nezha… This sovereign has already heard everything you guys have to say, but those still cannot be reasons for you guys to descend with your troops in private.”

“Slaying demons and defending justice is my duty. What was wrong with that?” Yang Jian argued.

However, the Jade Emperor shook his head with a smile, “No need to say anymore. Hand over your command seals!”

“Jade Emperor,” Just as the Jade Emperor was about to collect their command seals, he suddenly heard a chuckle in his mind. “I feel like you can let them go.”

“Who are you!?” The Jade Emperor answered in his sea of consciousness, while he spread out his spiritual consciousness to find the person who was transmitting sound into his mind.

“Stop searching. You won’t be able to find me. I’m someone above you!”

The Jade Emperor trembled. After a while, he finally replied after suppressing the shock in his heart, “Sire, I wonder…”

“A friend asked me to come and plead for Erlang Shen and Nezha. Both of them are very loyal people. I feel like leaving them with their command over the military is pretty nice. If you strip of them that, then you might regret that in the future.”

The Jade Emperor’s expression drastically changed the moment the voice in his sea of consciousness answered.

He shouldn’t be saying that without any basis. If I think deeper into his words, doesn’t that mean he’s telling me that there will be a revolution in this realm in the future?

Also, Yang Jian and Nezha are actually on my side, but if I strip them of their command over the armies…

All of a sudden, the Jade Emperor did not dare to think any further.

“Sire, can you speak clearly?”

“The fates should not be shared,” the voice of a man in the Jade Emperor’s mind answered once more. “I’ll leave it at that. Everything will be up to you!”

“Sire, then would it be possible for you to tell me who your friend…”

“Only Idealism!”

The voice no said no more after that.

The Jade Emperor knitted his eyebrows tightly, and pondered about the final words of the master in his sea of consciousness.

Only Idealism!

What a deep reply? Only following one’s ideals… Is he telling me to follow my heart, or is he telling me that the other person’s name is Only Idealism?

The Jade Emperor shook his head in confusion. When he returned to his senses, he saw that both Yang Jian and Nezha had already handed their command seals over.

“Never mind, I’ll leave the command seals with you. Remember, do not make anymore mistakes.”


The Jade Emperor returned the command seals back to Yang Jian and Nezha, before burying himself in the meaning of “Only Idealism”.

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