Chapter 457 Lil’ Yu

Chapter 457 – Lil’ Yu

Ye Zichen hesitated for a moment, then nodded after sensing the apologetic meaning and anticipation through Xue Qi’s words.

Since he asked me not to reveal my identity, then I’ll keep it quiet. It’s not like it’ll affect me much anyways.

Xie Qi patted his shoulder thankfully, then began to work with the rest of the villagers until the evening.

“Are you sure that Xue Qi really has an ascender in the village?” an elder with white hair and a hooked nose knitted his eyebrows as he looked at Zhou Zhenhe, who stood in front of him.

“I’m not,” Zhou Zhenhe shook his head. “But there are rumors about the Royal List Guards sending one to Spiritual Breeze Village. That coupled with his certain attitude caused me to begin suspecting it to be the truth.

The room turned silent.

After a long while, the white-haired old man with a hooked nose slammed down on the table and stood up, “Don’t offend Spiritual Breeze in the near future. Find some time to invite the Royal List Guards to a meal at our place!”

Meanwhile, the entirety of the Spiritual Breeze Village was filled with lights.

Everyone in the villager chatted, danced and drank happily together. They truly felt very proud of themselves this time, since they were actually able to make the people from Victorious Village look bad.

Ye Zichen maintained a faint smile the entire time as he looked at the villagers messing around. At that moment, Stone walked over, and put his arm on Ye Zichen’s shoulder.

“Bro, I've got to give a toast to you.”

Ye Zichen smiled, then knocked his bowl with Stone’s, then downed the liquor in one go. The texture of the liquor wasn’t very nice, and it was very intense…

The liquor burnt like flames as it traveled down Ye Zichen’s throat, while his body begun to heat up, making him feel very warm.

“Hahaha, that was swift! You are becoming more and more to my liking. Just follow me from now on,” Stone also down the liquor and laughed. Then he glanced over at Xue Qi, who was laughing along with the other men in the village. “This incident finally released his suppressed feelings.”

In everyone’s perspective, Xue Qi was a person who was extremely well versed in hiding his emotions. He would remain calm and collected all the time, but this time… He was unable to hold back.

Those grandsons from Victorious Village submitted. Those grandsons who suppressed us for so long submitted.

“Who allowed you guys to drink like this? Do you not want to live anymore?” An angry shout suddenly sounded out in the village.

Everyone looked over, and saw a cool looking woman.

Seeing her, Xue Qi walked over with a tipsy smile, “Lil’ Yu, you’re back.”

“You stink of alcohol. Stay away from me,” the man frowned and pushed Xue Qi with a snort. “As the village chief, you’re actually setting such a bad example.”

“Lil’ Yu, don’t be so by the books. It’s just us brothers in the village drinking together!” At that moment, Stone also walked over.

The woman raised her eyebrows, “The same goes for you. As the vice village chief, you’re actually not supporting Xue Qi, and instead messing around with him as well. When I came back just now, there was actually no one on guard. What would you guys do if other villages attacks?”

“…” Neither Xue Qi nor Stone dared to reply. Seeing that, Ye Zichen was completely shocked.

This woman is so amazing!

“Lil’ Yu-jiejie,” Xue Lan skipped over, then looked at her two older brothers who were apologizing with their heads. She pursed her lips with a smile, “Big sis, don’t get angry at them anymore!”

“I’m not angry, I’m worried! Spiritual Breeze Village has… Never mind, I won’t say anymore. Hurry up and put out this bonfire, then send a few people out for security.”

“Alright, I’ll sort it out right now,” Xue Qi nodded.

Ye Zichen blinked and looked around for a bit, before returning to his room.

As he began to leave, Lil’ Yu glanced over at him, “Who is he? I’ve never seen him in the village before.”

“Him? He is…” Xue Lan explained to Lil’ Yu with a whisper.

Lil’ Yu nodded, “Ascender? He’s actually so weak.”

“Big sis, he’s very pitiful!” Xue Lan told her Ye Zichen’s story.

However, Lil’ Yu merely shook her head and laughed, “Don’t believe those words that are just trying to get someone else’s pity. Lil’ Lan, you haven’t seen much of the world. Be careful of that guy from now on.”

Ye Zichen naturally did not know of the conversation, since he laid on the wooden bed and held the phone he had placed on the bedside shelf.

The phone was already shut down. However, Ye Zichen did not give up. He thought back to Erlang Shen’s way of charging his phone, and tried to use his own spiritual energy to charge the phone, and turn it on.


Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh when he heard he familiar ring, but when he saw the time displayed…

Has it already been so long?

He clearly remembers that it was the ninth when apocalypse befell the Modern Realm, but his phone showed that it was already the sixteenth.

A week has already passed.

“I wonder how they are,” Ye ZIchen let out a sigh, then clenched his fist tightly. His life was stable after coming to the Three Realms, but he was worried about his family and friends…

Are they going to be frozen in the Modern Realm, or have they come to the Three Realms.

It would be fine if they are frozen, but if they appear in the Three Realms…

“You miss them?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled and sat down.

Ye Zichen nodded, then looked at the crescent moon outside, “I’m really worried about them.”

“Actually, I wanted to tell you when you woke up. Some of the people around you did ascend to the Three Realms with you, but you guys landed in different places. I detected their positions then, but could only vaguely feel their existence!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang replied softly.

Ye Zichen’s shoulders trembled when he heard that…

They actually did ascend as well.

“Is it possible for me to go and find them right now?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang shook her head with a smile, “How is that possible? You are very safe here. What you have to do right now is to raise your strength calmly right now. If you want to go around the Three Realms, then you would need to be at least a complete stage Human Immortal. As for your friends, don’t worry about them. According to what I sensed, they should have been taken away by the various large organizations, so they are in better spots than you.”

“Alright,” Ye Zichen sighed helplessly, then glanced at the place which showed the network connection on his phone…

It was a wave.

From his experience in the Underworld, a wave meant that he was connected to the internet.

He clicked open Red Packet Server. The members of the group did not seem to know about the situation of the Modern Realm, but they still chit chatted in the group. However, it was always about Yang Jian and Nezha.

God of Thunder: It shouldn’t be too large of a problem. No matter what, the two of them are great deities.

Mother of Lightning: Agreed.

God of Fortune: But the problem isn’t whether they are great deities or not. It’s not like you guys didn’t notice just how angry the Jade Emperor was.

Yue Lao: Their command over the army might be taken away, but that should be it.

Monkey King: He dares!? If that geezer Jade Emperor dares to do anything to do them, then I, Old Sun, doesn’t care anymore. I’ll wreak havoc in his Heavenly Court.

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